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October 27, 2007
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Tachii | 04-11-14, 1:53 PM
Oh my gah. Is that Judal with Sinbad?


MagicalGirlJodi | 04-09-14, 3:17 AM
I do that all the time aswell! :P

Aw I wish I could faceplant an animals tummy. I could try my mums dog but she'd rather be trying to sit on my head and licking my face haha.

Oh believe me I will! I'm gonna put Natsu on it as soon as it arrives since he's the funnier of the two! I wish I could put both on it but I doubt this will be fixed between them by the time it arrives. :(

DeadIEnd | 04-08-14, 8:23 AM
Lol, double the happy, double the thanks.

Thanks x2!

MagicalGirlJodi | 04-08-14, 5:02 AM
I know? I think we've just been really busy with work and I haven't been on tumblr alot recently aswell which is weird since we were texting then kinda stopped and ah I dunno haha.

Poke her belly for me. Oh they're fine still seperate ATM but we're gonna try and reintroduce them again soon since last time it failed. I ordered up that flying saucer wheel for them which should be hilarious :P

Becks | 04-07-14, 2:52 PM
I know lol It is nice to meet someone local rather than half way around the world :)

MagicalGirlJodi | 04-07-14, 1:44 PM
I feel like we haven't talked in forever! :( How are you? How is Kiri? Is she still a big derp? :P

DeathHormone | 03-31-14, 6:14 PM
awww :(

oooh is kill la kill anygood? I've been hearing lots of good things about it

DeathHormone | 03-31-14, 12:31 PM
ahh you was in wolvo the other day!?

MagicalGirlJodi | 03-29-14, 1:05 AM
Yeah I'm gonna pass after reading some reviews aswell it sounds terrible! Haha

DeathHormone | 03-28-14, 8:45 AM
Yeah the 2 main female characters are pretty weak and kinda annoying, Bianci isn't too bad though. That sucks about Tsuna, I was hoping he'd grow and stop being a whiny bitch all the time ¬_¬

DeathHormone | 03-28-14, 6:24 AM
ooo I just noticed you gave hitman a 6? I thought you liked it?

DeathHormone | 03-28-14, 6:23 AM
:O i know and i replied xD

MagicalGirlJodi | 03-27-14, 10:48 PM
I was thinking of watching Pupa then saw your rating of it. Yeah think I'll pass haha

RedArmyShogun | 03-27-14, 4:34 PM
Well I guess I'll do that then.

RedArmyShogun | 03-27-14, 4:09 PM
Did you draw that? *about me section image.*

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