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Favorite Anime
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann add
One Piece
One Piece add
Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa
Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa add
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011) add
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
SKET Dance
SKET Dance add
Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko no Basket add
Haikyuu!! add
Shiki add
Bakuman. 2
Bakuman. 2 add
Bounen no Xamdou
Bounen no Xamdou add
Pale Cocoon
Pale Cocoon add
Dennou Coil
Dennou Coil add
Future GPX Cyber Formula
Future GPX Cyber Formula add
ef: A Tale of Melodies.
ef: A Tale of Melodies. add
Cardfight!! Vanguard
Cardfight!! Vanguard add
Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei
Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei add
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt add
Hime-chan no Ribbon
Hime-chan no Ribbon add
Futari wa Precure
Futari wa Precure add

Favorite Manga
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic add
Pita-Ten add
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin add
Azumanga Daioh
Azumanga Daioh add
Under (xGround) Grand Hotel
Under (xGround) Grand Hotel add

Favorite Characters
Nome, Sheryl
Zoldyck, Killua
Portgas D., Ace
Kiyoshi, Teppei
Niizuma, Eiji
Sendou, Aichi
Caesar Anthonio
Zeppeli, Caesar Anthonio

Favorite People
An Cafe
An Cafe
Kobayashi, Yuu
Kobayashi, Yuu

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02-27-15, 8:13 AM
October 27, 2007
3,102 (Find All)
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 162.2
Watching 11
Completed 906
On Hold 32
Dropped 38
Plan to Watch 137
Total Entries 1124

Anime compatibility with Kuromii is:
Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 23.5
Reading 30
Completed 99
On Hold 5
Dropped 13
Plan to Read 52
Total Entries 199

Manga compatibility with Kuromii is:
Unknown :(

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To do list:
► Download Fairy Tail BD by tlacatlc6
► Back up externals to DVD
- current HDD: seagate expansion (1/5)
- series progress: 16/191 series
(not including OVAs/Movies)

Kuromii's Comments
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Juanjo576 | 02-16-15, 12:46 PM
The download stopped in 98.4%. Why?

MagicalGirlJodi | 01-29-15, 2:18 PM
Your watching GTO! Enjoy laughing your head off! :P

lanblade | 01-07-15, 6:38 PM
It's the price of a nice used car. You'd think a hobby like 'anime' would be cheap but hot a wow it's a cocktease.

I still burn my anime onto DVD-R's and put them into zippered disc binders (hold 100-200 discs) and those go onto a book shelf in the nice cold basement. Obviously BDs are burned onto BD-R's. And video games too, they get the same treatment. Oh boy, you never know when you get an itch to play Croc 2 on the PS1. ;)
The rest of the anime and all of the hentai sit on internal HDs between 2 computers. The old one has 6 drives that hold 5.2 TB total. The new one has 4 drives that hold 10 TB total. And I have WD media player coupled with an external drive just for Hollywood movies.
Keeping track of which release from who and where has been tossed out the window long ago. I have to manually flip through the binders or do a search computer request in the control panel to find old stuff. But since I never rewatch anime, it's never been an issue. Though if a newer release of an old show comes out, I'll do a control panel search just in case. Like D4 Princess on BakaBT as of late, I had the old one on the old computer so I just deleted that one and downloaded the new one.
Otherwise MAL is the only thing letting me know what I've got. If the show is 'completed' (or 'watching' with an ep amount) then I've got it somewhere. If a show is On Hold then it's downloading somewhere or finished downloading somewhere and it's still in the torrent program.
Once the server becomes possible and goes live I'd be able to see add every series from the discs and have it one place and fill out my AniDB account as I do it. Since they heavily focus on sub groups and individual files; their system already does the leg work for me. And I can set shows to following so I'd get a notification of some group redid a series and I could compare to what I have ASAP and replace if it's better. Like with the D4 Princess example, that'd take me 2 seconds on the server what took me to 8 minutes now.
I get multiple copies all the time by accidentally ctrl+c rather than ctrl+x when moving files. Twice a year I run PerfectDisk to show me duplicates and sweep through deleting crap. The worst was finding 4 BD copies of OreImo. BD!!! That shit was huge.

DeathHormone | 01-05-15, 5:59 AM
ugh my profile picture won't change after I uploaded the wrong one ;__;

ridojiri | 01-04-15, 9:33 PM
cute haikyuu pic
yeah i have about 13tb of anime too, and in very many cases are the tv broadcasts better than dvd

DeathHormone | 01-04-15, 10:51 AM
mhmm, it just didn't grip me. I don't want to waste too much time on a series if i'm still not enjoying it after 10 episode or so. I could just kinda tell i wasn't gonna like it. plus none of the character clicked with me...and nothing exciting really ever happened *shrugs* not for me i guess.

DeathHormone | 01-01-15, 12:53 PM
I was looking at games, and I saw this

I know the video may seem boring but I hear it's a good game to play online. Thought it'd be something you might enjoy maybe *shrugs*

moeanao | 12-31-14, 4:01 PM
No problem. Happy new year!

moeanao | 12-31-14, 2:11 PM
I watched it here (raw), along with these translations (not very good and they missed some parts but at least it's something).

DeathHormone | 12-30-14, 8:30 AM
My phone won't turn on for day now, It's got a battery fault so it keeps playing up. So if you need to talk, best to message me on here or fb

DeathHormone | 12-29-14, 2:33 PM
it kinda got lame after the first half? Plus Tsuna is a turd. Although I enjoyed some of the characters, but i stopped watching it ages ago. I tried watching an episode but just ended up turning it off lol.

DeathHormone | 12-28-14, 11:44 AM
I've had to resort to streaming Hunter X Hunter. It's taken so long to load up ;___;
Anything I should know about it before diving in? fillers etc?

Also I texted you, you silly pigeon. (remember when we both spelled it with a d? lol)

lanblade | 12-25-14, 8:16 PM
If typesetting/actual subtitles are an issue there is always the option of cracking open the mkv and pulling the sub file out and slapping into someone else's release. Granted it would only work if the video file was the same to prevent timing issues.

Occasionally, like maybe 10 a year will magically seed to completion. Bust out the good scotch and toast to hope that the others will turn around too. Though the worst ones are those fuckers that get to 98.5% and die. Sitting there mocking you.

You using external HDs with a walking pet? Playing a dangerous game there.
Happy Christmas to you too.

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