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04-21-14, 7:47 PM
February 15, 2013
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About KunoYuna
I HAVE INTERNET NOW. But still won't be as active because of school and exams. m(-_-)m
Also, I would like to apologize to anybody that I might've offended with my blog(s). I didn't want to be seen as a wannabe and looking back at it, I obviously wasn't thinking. And thank you Marxel for bringing it to my attention at the time.
Note: If you read any of my blogs/reviews, you'd probably know that I'm a major hypocrite.
So before you start calling me that, realize that I know I am one and that correcting me on every little thing is senseless.
I'm just a fairly opinionated female who reads a lot of manga. I will also rarely do any anime reviews just b/c I don't watch as much.

<> Thank you to those who have been reading my reviews/blogs, if any. Just starting out so please bare with me. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Please post it on my profile. As long as they're constructive, I will read them and reply to them. If they're not, I will delete them so please keep that in mind. <>

= How I Rate Manga =

[9] Read it.
[8] Pretty good.
[7] Decent enough.
[6] So close to being mediocre.
[5] Just made it through the manga.
[4] BARELY made it through.
[3] Good luck. :)
[2] ............
[1] Just... just no.

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Elom | 04-21-14, 2:08 PM
I meant, check your messages. I wrote one to you.

Elom | 04-21-14, 2:08 PM
I meant, check your messages. I wrote one to you.

Elom | 04-21-14, 1:52 PM
Who am I? It's Hammad; I changed my account.
I also have something to say to you. Check your mail.

Elom | 04-21-14, 1:51 PM
I'n sorry for saying that; I was just joking..

Elom | 04-05-14, 1:00 PM
Your black crack-whore mom.

Elom | 01-05-14, 10:18 PM
How's it going, Ylbremik?

DEMOLITION_D | 06-01-13, 4:10 PM
Just wanted to let you know that literally all four of your favorites anime battled it out on my own favorite anime section when I first joined and Mononoke won in the long run. It was such a tough decision to make. And now I come here and see them all there in one place and I'm just like IT COULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT

dwgsong | 06-01-13, 3:59 PM
Hey, saw your post on the forums and you seemed pretty damn cool so i wanted to drop by and introduce myself and to say welcome (even though you have technically been here longer than me)

Hi :) my names arron, and im pleased to meet you!! Welcome to MAL haha.... How are you?

Marxel | 05-27-13, 5:21 PM
I'm sorry, my comments got deleted and I lost all my friends. My sister deleted some of my friends.

Phraze | 05-15-13, 10:07 PM
Hm, well I look taller than my age. Once when I went out some passing girls were commenting that I was 18 but looked like 16, while I was in fact 17. Haha

Now that's something we have in common. Guess that's one of the best ways to learn a language. But I sort of decipher the lyrics while listening, like which English equivalent fits the word best.
Right, homework... Piano is nice, wish I could learn but we don't have any around. Drawing easily irritates me so I hardly draw.
What kind of talent will you be doing? And take your time to reply if you're busy.
I got none, unless it's playing games, reading manga or watching anime. LOL And listening to music. Maybe my latest would be club activities - card collecting and games - for a change.

Phraze | 05-12-13, 10:05 AM
That sounds like you're growing too fast. Oh, well... ^^

For me it's reading, then writing, speaking comes along the way. I mostly learn from reading song lyrics. Now I know what different things mean but not how to write them, just like how I am with Chinese. xD

What determination! LOL Oh, guess I watch them sometimes, but never to the end since the thing quickly gets boring. I think I saw a collision before...? Sports channels don't interest me, unless there's snooker. Guess snooker is fun since it's a sort of mathematics game. Anything you like to do besides reading? I like playing GBAs. Since I read lyrics it's also a given I listen to Japanese songs.

Phraze | 05-11-13, 5:58 AM
Heh. Oh, that sounds really bad.
That seems more of a fad than grammar problems. :p But guess it doesn't bother me since I never see them.
Yeah, maybe too homely. Our policy is "family first" so we're very close, usually to the point of no friends.
More or less. Slice of life-ish and all that. And funny too. xD

There's Kanji and Kana. Kana is a mix of Hiragana and Katakana. But I only know the technical points, not anything close to speaking yet.

So you dropped One Piece? I heard it was a wonderful series.

You watch stuff like that with popcorn? o.o
You did too! I saw but didn't remember the episodes. Haha...not familiar with NASCARs. xD

Phraze | 05-10-13, 3:17 AM
Finally?? I'm sure there's lots who think so too. :3 Mm, I saw the trailer and found it just weird, the girl singing "*something* from Maine~". Hehe, so you get your crushes...
I guess I haven't. Never heard of the movie or book, but Phantom of the Opera was another movie that I didn't watch. My parents have this thing about sappy romances - they ban it. I only saw the family kind of musicals, like Sound of Music. Haha, a poodle?!
Gosh, never heard of "swag" or "yolo" before!
Nope, I seem to have taken anime for entertainment nowadays. Only watched plenty of '90s movies and a bit here and there of modern films. But Cantonese dramas are still a daily thing since that's how we(family) spend time together.

Whoa, you have a lot of blood flowing through your veins. xD My bad, then. :p I know enough Japanese to read manga, light novels require more thinking since I don't know much kanji.

So that means you take any manga less than 1 volume? For me, if I start I never drop it unless there's a creepy monster or bug - just too creepy.
Oh no, Majutsushi Orphen doesn't have a live-action. I would be crying to no end if there was, fantasy can't succeed in a live-action. ^^;
That...sounds like something. LOL Geez, live-actions are fearsome~ I've also heard there was a Speed Racer live, did you watch that?

Phraze | 05-09-13, 7:24 AM
Not really, us children only know English but papa and mama communicate in Cantonese(native) and English. Haha, yup, Engrish. But most Malaysians are about the same too. ^^
Ahaha, I really admire him! Watched the film as a kid and got inspired to brush up my English - being a kid who's influenced by TV easily. Gosh, I also love all the songs~ I really love musicals...except High School Musical; I'll never ever watch it, sounds way too cheesy.
Ooh, I guess he'll say "You squashed cabbage leaf, you are a disgrace to the architecture of these columns, you incarnate insult to the English language." LOL Love that line. If he exists now...I imagine he's gonna start a grammer revolution!

Wow, you're a Vietnamese! It's fun to meet people of different races. ^w^ So you can speak Japanese? Great~ I only can read it, kinda know how things go here and there. Then again, my strength is in written speech, not spoken. Ah, if only I knew Chinese characters long ago.
Guess you're right. But nothing seem to go right anymore nowadays. Haha, no offense. ^^;

Why did you drop it? I'm sure it was interesting, wasn't it? And 20 chapters seems like a length I won't drop anything too...
Ha, Dragonball... I know it's awesome and all but I prefer straight dramas, like Majutsushi Orphen. Well, I've seen the Chinese adaption of Dragonball and it was cool. Don't mean to belittle it or anything, I know that Dragonball is very addictive, same as I love Majutsushi Orphen.
wow, that video was pretty bad~ Looks more like cosplay to me, ehe. Did you actually watch the movie?!

Phraze | 05-08-13, 3:06 AM
Nope, papa grew up when the English were still around so he learned a lot, plus he went to England to study. And since mama doesn't have good command of English she always improvises on it and forces us to too. Besides, I also watch/read stuff with good English in them - classics. Haha, America...mind if I show you this video?

Hmm, I'm only good at English though, being the only language I really know. Any other language you're good at out of English? I can imagine that since English is the only language I know I became good at it, so I'm sure you know more than just English(if I'm guessing right).
Well, America is a free nation so it's like that. Malaysia is more strict.

Haha, so you like pushing yourself on the bad stuff too. I like that, since I also read and watch them. :p Not in the name of downgrading them, but in the process of adjusting my acceptance of the ordinary.

Sure do, and that's also why it's a top anime until now. I don't like flashbacks too, if the story can help it. Love the mangaka's writing. Been wanting to read more of his work too, Bakuman in particular.
Ooh, any other live-actions or manga adaptions you've watched? I wonder why you avoid them so much, you must have seen tons.

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