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February 15, 2013
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I HAVE INTERNET NOW. But still won't be as active because of school and exams. m(-_-)m
I'm just a fairly opinionated female who read a lot of manga. I will also rarely do any anime reviews just b/c I don't watch as much.

<> Thank you to those who have been reading my reviews/blogs, if any. Just starting out so please bare with me. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Please post it on my profile. As long as they're constructive, I will read them and reply to them. If they're not, I will delete them so please keep that in mind. <>

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[3] Good luck. :)
[2] ............
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Rant on... - Vampire Knight (Manga Ending) *spoilers*
05-25-13, 4:02 AM Edited 05-25-13, 4:06 AM

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explicit707 | 02-16-13, 11:15 AM
About your Bleach Manga review, I completely agree with it getting "better." The second to last story arc which they shamelessly ended the anime on was a real let down. I wish they would have skipped that and had Ichigo come back in a different manner. Even in the current story arc it doesn't remotely touch on the abilities he supposedly has discovered in the previous arc.

My only complaint is his delivery. I think he spends too much time on other characters while taking too long of breaks from the main. When you read week to week it's difficult to be excited about supporting characters training/fighting for 3 or 4 weeks straight while wondering what the heck is happening where Ichigo is at. I lose interest from time to time. Going back and re-reading the arcs, the overall result is fine. I just wish he would at least tease a little each week even if for just 1 of his 20 pages. Thankfully though, he is redeeming the story at the end. Once completed I have a feeling it will be something amazing (at least I hope).

Good review, keep them coming. Cheers.

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