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California Republic
July 7, 2011
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MelPhic | Jun 4, 1:52 AM

Sapphire-san | May 22, 2:26 AM

katlee8225 | Jul 26, 2013 9:00 AM
Ohayo! Would you like to join our Humble Cafe? :D

h_malone16 | Aug 6, 2011 10:25 PM
gah. do you ever feel stuck up about your manga choices lol? -_-
i tried to start a new manga today and it had a super high rating on here, but after the second chapter it was like "aww, this isn't gonna work!"
maybe it's just called being impatient haha, but i get so irritated with mangas that take 10+ chapters to get to the main plot!
chapter 1 = here are some trees to look at
chapter 2 = oh, here's the school
chapter 3 = this is the main character
chapter 4 = here is the background on said character
etc, etc. lol

yes! it seems like none of the characters in the mangas i'm reading are getting together. i feel so bad for people who started reading Skip Beat over 8 years ago and the two main characters STILL haven't gotten even remotely close to getting together. :(
maybe it's the summer draggy season or something lol?

that's really neat! so do you draw sketches of the houses? or like the stuff we see on HGTV?

bahah, Kurosaki is one of a kind. they should make a worldwide contest for janitors that resemble Kurosaki. there might just be one out there..

h_malone16 | Aug 5, 2011 9:44 PM
they really are relaxing! it's nice to be able to read relaxing stories when you just want to take a break from everyday life. kind of like you get to live in the world of the story you're reading for a few chapters :)
especially since life can get SO repetitive at times!
no wonder people love to read lol.

haha and i totally understand--like 10 chapters is too long to wait for a confession or some progress, but 2 chapters isn't long enough?
so i'd go with 5-7 chapters! :)

and wow, interior design? :o
that sounds like a lot of fun haha--do you enjoy it?
i'm currently a secretary..which i'm glad is only a temporary job.
sitting at a desk all day does get a little boring at times..i'm def a get out and do stuff kind of person!

oh! i saw that you've been reading Dengeki Daisy!
how do you like it?
it's probably my favorite manga ever.
it's relaxing, but dramatic, but funny, but sweet--all at the same time :)
plus, what janitor is as hot as kurosaki?

h_malone16 | Aug 1, 2011 8:47 AM
being picky with your manga / anime isn't a bad thing haha--i know when i first started reading / watching, i didn't really care what it was. but once you read enough and see enough, you get a feel for what you really like and enjoy watching. like peach girl for example lol--it was like the second anime i'd ever watched and if i were to watch it today, i probably would have dropped it by the third episode. has that happened with you before?
it seems like it happens a lot with "seasoned anime watchers / manga readers"

exactly! kou had that innocent, quiet and kind personality as a kid. just like ren :)
but yeah, they're both gorgeous as older guys...like, really really gorgeous.
i think that's part of why ao haru ride and strobe edge are so great--the art, that is.
when you read them, they're almost peaceful and relaxing in a way if that makes sense lol?
well that's how i felt when i read strobe edge and now ao haru ride too :)
i hope futaba is real with her feelings too!
i hate when it takes 10+ chapters for them to realize "ohh, i like them."
and then another 10+ chapters to admit it to the person lol.

true! and originality is always a plus, right?
i just suck at art. like..drawing stick people is a challenge haha--but i've always admired people who are artists.
floorplans? is that for work i'm guessing?

h_malone16 | Jul 30, 2011 10:54 PM
ugh, you're telling me haha--that's why it helps to read at least 5-10 other mangas at the same time so you can keep yourself busy with them while you wait for your favorites to come out :D (i do that at least--it helps pass the time between new chapters)

kou reminds me of ren a little bit..maybe just in his looks? their personalities are so different though :)
i'm hoping futaba and kou get lost in the woods together in the next chapter, you know?
but i'm a sucker for those kinds of scenes

and making your own sounds like a great idea--
are you good at art or with like photoshop type stuff?
i know i looked at a bunch of other people's profile pics here and kinda got an idea of what i wanted and that helped a lot--so maybe if you run out of ideas, you could start there?

h_malone16 | Jul 30, 2011 9:47 PM
i know what you mean!
it's just hard to wait for the next chapter to come out so we can see the response to Kou's question lol--but yeah, you're welcome! it's hard to pick a profile picture i think, it took me a few "google image" searches to find mine :)

h_malone16 | Jul 29, 2011 10:59 PM
cute profile picture! :)
is it from a manga?
and yay for having ren, yoh, and kou in your favorite characters list! i loved strobe edge and i can't wait for more of ao haru ride to be released

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