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February 6, 2008
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I've been a fan of the Japanese animation since childhood without knowing there is such term as "anime" or such thing as "manga". About 10 years ago I've got an internet access which changed my life significantly. Now I can't imagine even one day without watching at least one episode of anime.

My favourite genre... I guess it's slice-of-life and smart comedy. What attracts me most is a strong female cast (where strength may be physical or mental), so generally it can be anything while there are many good female characters. Also I like well-maintained shoujo-ai.

I tend to avoid yaoi, classical harems, shounen romance and bloody action. However, there are some exceptions.

My anime list is not complete yet, it actually contains about 200 titles. My manga list is not complete as well, even though I'm not that much into manga as I'm into anime.

My another big obsession besides anime and manga is Takarazuka. It's a Japanese theatre where all the roles are performed by women, and those who play male roles are true stars. They perform Classical Japanese plays, Western musicals and various revues. Especially I love their Elisabeth and Shizuki Asato as the Death. Well, Shizuki Asato (aka Zunko) is generally my favourite takarasienne with Asaji Saki (Mariko) as a close second. I wish one day I'll be able to go to Japan and see a live show, not a DVD recording.

1. Aria (all the seasons and OVA) - the best series I've ever seen, makes you relax.
2. Ah! My Goddess! - because I love the manga and it's a chance to see my all-time-favourite-manga-characters animated.
3. Sakura Taisen - OVA 2 is especially cool.
4. Read or Die (OVA mostly) - Ms Deep is my Hero.
5. My Otome - Meowterialize!!!
6. Mai-HiME - just great, everyone must see it.
7. Tsubasa Chronicles - I love CLAMP's stories, and this one is very well animated
8. El Cazador de la Bruja - it's quite plain story-wise, but the characters are just fantastic! Taco-taco-tacos...
9. Earthian - quite old shounen-ai OVAs which I love dearly for one (absolutely straight) side character.
10. Mahou Tsukai Tai - a nice magical story with Gara Takashima (Hild's seiyuu) as mother of one of the main characters.
11. Claymore - my new anime love, totally not in my style, but just great.
12. Hataraki Man - a very realistic story about adult people living in Japan.

To be continued...

In case you don't recognise any of them, here is the list:

.... ....

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Yurippe | 08-17-10, 1:58 AM
Mass-message from Tomboy/ Feminist Anime Girls Club

Hello ! (and sorry for spamming your comments ^^''')
I have a great news ! Our club has become more active again ! So , you too , try to be more active ! Let's revive the club all together ! >:3

And for that - the club got it's first big Best Tomboy Character Tournament !!!
First round has started ! So please , vote for your favorite here , because every vote counts ;)

Also , if some of the characters are missing from club relations , please tell us which characters are they , and WHY do you think they should be added :)

And if you haven't noticed , our club has some affiliates now...*shamlessly promoting other clubs* >:3


Alexiell | 01-02-10, 7:05 AM
hohoho ty for pointing me out this one, I'll make sure to check it out too.

Alexiell | 01-02-10, 2:43 AM
oh ty! btw I noticed you liked El Cazador de la Bruja, did you try watching noir? It's from same autor but much better imo.

Alexiell | 01-02-10, 2:28 AM
guess so, just checked it, I didn't click everywhere but looked like only external links are broken, urd's and skuld's fansites. As for her angel, mind sharing? XD I had few pics but I lost them when my HD crashed last month and it has been a pain to find them again... you know, it's easy to find her pics, but not world of elegance. Also, before I look stupid, I checked your website, there isn't any pic of it.

SunflowerDaisho | 01-01-10, 7:14 PM
Thanks for joining the Ganguro Girls (Blonde & Tan) club!

Alexiell | 01-01-10, 3:13 PM
HI!!!!! Very nice to see another urd fan around ! I checked your website, but looks like few links are already broken :(
Do you happen to have pics of World of Elegance by any chance?

HockeyKamen | 11-11-09, 6:38 PM
I met up with Nadie's English VA Trina Nishimura over the weekend at Zenkaikon and attended her panel. She was pretty interesting, to say the least. ^_^

TerrorH3ctor | 10-31-09, 10:34 AM
Hi. I love Ah My Goddess and Read or Die. Check out Mahoromatic if you like kick-ass girls who are charming and cute.

Btw, that's Nadie from El Cazador De La Bruja, right? I hope it's good since it's a
girls-with-guns anime from Bee Train like Noir and Madlax (I recommend them too if you're ok with some slow-paced episodes
with cool gunfights). It's funny 'cause in my native language Nadie literally means "nobody/no one".

Misae | 06-27-09, 10:36 AM
I'm happy, because I found Sakura Taisen manga scanlations :DD

Misae | 06-26-09, 1:49 PM
How are you? ;D

Misae | 06-25-09, 2:24 AM
Hello, I like Urara Takano too, she has a great voice :3

Kilz | 03-06-09, 9:13 AM
cute pic^^

SoraQuasar | 02-14-09, 6:39 AM

kimeugenemylove | 02-14-09, 5:57 AM
Happy Valentine's Day! <3

SoraQuasar | 08-17-08, 11:42 PM
I like it too, I'm on the 9th part of the manga, just 3 more left ^_^

I heard that the manga ends diffrently from the anime, so I can\t wait to finish it :P and sure the manga is better, it gives us more from the story. usually it's like this...

care if I friend ya?

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