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Yesterday, 3:32 PM
November 2, 1993
May 12, 2008
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Plan to Watch 168
Total Entries 691

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Name: Kino Rose
Age: 20
Birthday: November 2nd
All time favorite Anime: H20 ~Footprints in the sand~

More About me

Well of all things I like anime and anime related games. I use to play Ragnarok Online for a few years then got bored. I'm a pretty nice person if you get to know me, and pretty random of course. I'm a game addict that's good at computers and such. Hope to get to know you all ~

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  • Anime
  • People
  • Talking
  • Video Games
  • Helping People
  • Listening to Music
  • Bringing people together
  • Cute Things~
  • Chibis~

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Game:Disgaea DS Anime:Clannad

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wonderinwhy | 07-10-14, 7:19 PM
yo kino holla at mw its joey

Nina_Chan | 06-08-13, 10:17 PM
Dudeeeeeeeee! You've just been random commented by me. Your list is amazing btw. :)

CursedRyuk01 | 12-31-11, 1:23 PM
Hey whats up? It's cool to meet other people in Connecticut that likes Anime. How is Hartford? Is it a cool place to live there?

Batmanfreak | 11-02-10, 6:18 PM
Happy Birthday!

Dead-not_really | 11-02-10, 2:06 PM
Happy Birthday!! Here's some cake

AmamiyaMitsuru | 03-06-10, 7:59 PM
hi :P

Batmanfreak | 11-02-09, 12:00 AM
Happy Birthday!

LegnaArix | 08-02-09, 5:33 PM
Tell me if you do. By the way ConnectiCon was awesome I highly Recommend it. You should definietely go next year.

LegnaArix | 07-29-09, 1:25 PM
Ya but I didnt think you would it's not like you know everyone in the school right?

LegnaArix | 07-28-09, 10:28 AM
Oh do you know a guy by the name of Jason Robinson

LegnaArix | 07-27-09, 1:36 PM
Yo what school you go to I wanna know if we go to the same school.

LegnaArix | 07-27-09, 5:49 AM
Your welcome and let me know if you're going.

tmchiba | 07-26-09, 1:05 PM
Or he can go one day or two days and just pay the daily fee to Connecticon

LegnaArix | 07-25-09, 3:02 PM
Is this really the first time you've heard of it? Oh btw i forgot to mention, if you plan on going this year (which is next Friday might I add) you'll have to pay 60$ at the entrance.

LegnaArix | 07-23-09, 11:10 AM
Well its a Anime, Manga, and Comic Convention it takes place every summer in Hartford down at the Convention Center. They have all sorts of merchandise and gaming tournaments. It's my first time going so I hope it'll be fun.

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