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October 20, 2008
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It's been forever since I updated this, so I may as well do that now. I've been watching anime for maybe three years or so, and am continually finding new things to watch (well, obviously. Otherwise I'd have stopped watching anime.)
My favorite five shows, at the time of writing this, in no real order.

1. Gungrave. Badass main character with an intriguing, and, dare I say moving story. What's not to like?

2. One Outs. This was just an all-around amazing show, even though it's a sports anime, which I would normally not look into, and it's baseball. I watched it because it was highly rated and it was made by Madhouse, who can do no wrong, and I was not disappointed.

3. Gankutsuou. One look at the art style says it all.

4. Perfect Blue. I prefer this to the other Satoshi Kon movie I've seen, Paprika, though I liked both alot. The sense of claustrophobia and horror in Perfect Blue made it the superior movie, though Paprika certainly is a fest for the eyes.

5. Monster. A true work of art, with so much going for it. The story is interesting, the characters compelling and the writing clever, though what I really appreciated about it was the insight the dialogue gave you into the lives of even the minor characters.

Up until fairly recently, I hadn't really read much manga, so I'm glad to have finally started on that. If you have looked at each of my lists carefully (and I can't for the life of me imagine why you would have) you might see that on average I've rated the manga titles I've read much more highly on average than the anime titles I've watched. I'm not entirely sure what that represents, but I'd guess it's to do with me being more selective about the manga I read.

1. Berserk. Yep. Just like everyone else.

2. Blade of the Immortal. Beautiful artwork with realistic and convincing characters come together with plenty of horrific bloody violence and a dash of sarcastic humor. Delightful.

3. Vinland Saga. Now here's a new setting for a manga - the Vikings of Iceland and Norway. This coupled with a fairly multi-layered protagonist, breakneck pace and great art has made this a terrific read so far.

4. Jiraishin. Dark, gritty yet somehow beautiful and moving. The author takes us through hell and back in each sin-drenched volume of his work.

5. Hellsing. Dracula crashes an SR-71 Blackbird into a frigate from 80,000 feet up. What the hell more can you want?

Anyway, that website is a link to my Youtube channel. I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at it - I've got a decent amount of pretty varied music up there with more going up as I find it. I try to make it a rule to only upload things which aren't already there.

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oo7565 | 02-23-10, 12:34 PM
May i ask you a question what are you thoughts on the anime named Queen's Blade: Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono
how did you like and why or why not no reason for asking this just curious about how you feel please respond if you want ok also if you want to ask me a question look at my anime list and ask about one i am watching or have already seen and ask about if i like one or not if you want.

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