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ayamayu29 | 06-13-14, 7:50 PM
I'm on episode 26 of hunter x hunter. Should I keep going? Or does it get boring and/or slow?

Oddyeus | 11-16-13, 2:35 PM
Looks like I need to pay more attention when I'm writing...

IAmSovereign | 07-22-13, 4:20 PM
Hi! I liked your review and it convinced to jump into FMA. I wanted to say thanks. :)

sigh, i wish my reviews were as effective...

anyway, keep up the good work

Zarashy | 07-15-13, 1:19 PM
Thanks for the advice. I'll keep them in mind.
Yeah it was helpful.
Anyways, are working on any review now?

Zarashy | 07-13-13, 6:38 PM
Haha thanks, appreciate it.
Btw I have submitted a Review for Girls und Panzer. Would you mind giving it a read and suggest me some tips to improve. That would be helpful.

Yakub | 07-11-13, 7:09 PM
Cyberpunk epic aka just my thing. I really liked how there was just so much going on, thematically and plot-wise. There was a military coup, an oppressive government, a cult, left-wing revolutionaries, outside governments taking advantage of the situation, terrorists, biker gangs, espers, scientists, etc. It's very difficult to connect all of that into one engaging and cohesive plot, but I was really impressed with how everything was built up to and the plot was told superbly in general.

Plus a large cast of characters that were all three dimensional with their own motives and desires, and all experienced some amount of development. I usually don't like when a character is reduced to a plot-device, but I think it was really interesting how Akira, the supposed main antagonist, did barely anything himself and was just dragged around and made to do things by the people around him. I wish Tetsuo was more developed, as in I wish we saw more interactions between him and Kaneda before he snapped, but he was still a very good character. The manga did a good job of letting us know what he was like before the main plot began, without actually showing us and his development from there into a complete, yet insecure, megalomaniac was very well done. I also thought Kei's relationship with Kaneda could have been better developed, but she was a pretty entertaining and multifaceted character regardless.

The art also scores it some pretty big points, not due to photorealism or anything like that, but because it really contributes to the atmosphere and accomplishes its purpose well. It never does any cop-outs and there's a lot of easy-to-follow action going on in every panel. The character designs often leave a bit to be desired, but they are also pretty expressive and everything else about the art is pretty much perfect. Also the way the characters' deaths are drawn and the way the characters are developed make up for any lack of variety in the designs, which are generally distinct from each other and get the job done anyhow.

I have very little truly negative to say about it, and it wasn't really lacking in depth either. I really liked the commentary on post-ww2 Japan, which is always an interesting topic when done well.

PS: Your CG review was well-written, but I would have thought you'd rate it much lower based on the majority of the text. Maybe I'm biased against it though.

Also: where do American Beauty and Requiem for a Dream rank on your movie list? I'm not a film connoisseur, but those are two of my favorites. Just curious, because some people with generally good taste have told me they hate those movies.

Zarashy | 07-11-13, 6:58 PM
Read your review for Code Geass. Interesting it was.
You mentioned a few aspects which I didn't notice. Had a fun time reading it.

Marifrit | 06-23-13, 9:27 AM
So far its very interesting since ive loved sci fi my entire life. The story is very mature and exciting even if it can be a bit slow at times. Reinhard is starting to become one of my favorite characters. My main problem with the show is the really bad animation and the fact it does not have a dub even though its old and is fairly popular. But overall those are small problems.

MagEarwhig | 06-23-13, 6:04 AM
Indeed, it can't come back soon enough.

BB is filled with red herrings so it's hard to determine which way the story will end. Still, I think Walt will most likely die, maybe by Jessie's hand since he's just done so much terrible things to him that he kind of deserves to be the one to kill him. Also I kind of want some closure to all that mineral stuff Hank was doing haha.

Marifrit | 06-22-13, 10:26 PM
To me highschool of the dead was just mindless fun. When you watch an action ecchi you watch it for the action and the ecchiness of the show. The characters complemented this well . The action scenes were very well animated and just plain entertaining. Yeah the fan service was a little too much. i kind of just became immune to the fanservice after awhile. I try to reserve a 2/10 for shows that feel like a chore to watch and so utterly crap to the point where they have close to zero redeemable qualities. Its not a great show at all but at least it was fun to watch. i cant say that for shows i give a 3-1 like school days , kiss x sis , kanokon and master of martial hearts.

Marifrit | 06-22-13, 5:09 PM
High school of the dead is not a very good show but to give a two is so harsh. After watching a short ova series called "Master of Martial hearts" I find it difficult to give shows really bad reviews because nothing ive seen has gotten even close to shit like martial hearts. If you wanna see what a truly terrible show is id suggest it.

ParaParaJMo | 06-10-13, 5:58 PM
no, it didnt. apparently, miura-sensei didn't want him in the movie from what i heard because he felt he introduced him too early in that part of the manga.

AnimeCritic101 | 06-09-13, 11:28 PM
I was so pissed yesterday when I was writing my review for Sword Art Online and I accidentally pressed the "back" arrow. Being half way through and taking time to do that and all my work was gone!

After that I was planning on doing my review for Great Teacher Onizuka but I now lack the motivation... But maybe my urge to do it will be restored in a week or so.

I will be re-reading Nausicaa manga in the mean time! It's been quite a while and I actually need to analyze the story more the second time around.

Yakub | 06-08-13, 3:51 PM
"it doesn't go outside it's genres conventions in the least bit as well."
Well that was actually the point for me. Naruto was the same shit, but it tried to be darker and have themes of betrayal and "flawed" characters. I was looking for a generic shounen that didn't try anything new, when I read it, but also something that the mangaka actually put effort into. It's just light, mindless fun. Kind of like an action film that doesn't have a scrap of originality, but doesn't try to be anything more than a mindless action film. It accepts what it is and simply tries to be the best mindless action film and thus is not held back by faux-darkness or psuedo-depth. It will never be one of my favorites, but I'll never hate it either. And I think Luffy is a far more simple and comedy-oriented character than Goku, although there is clear influence, especially if we're talking about pre-DBZ Goku.

More importantly, you just made me realize that I'm waaaay biased against dragon ball. I'm not huge on the art (particularly the char's faces) or world building, but besides that, it was the clear and direct precursor to one piece, that accomplished almost everything I praised one piece for, and accomplished it first. Score raised from a "1" to a "6." Might make it a "7" later.

Yakub | 06-08-13, 3:01 PM
I think it would be foolish to stop reading berserk when it could still pick up (although it's unlikely) and it's not like it's hard to read a single chapter once every one to six months. Fuck, I hope he starts releasing quicker... Either way, it's still moderately enjoyable and I owe it to the early volumes to give the later ones more of a chance.

One piece is superior to the other big 3 in several critical aspects. It has better art, a more planned out plot, and it doesn't try at depth as much. It accepts that it's a shounen and doesn't try to push past the boundaries of that label. Usually pushing boundaries is a good thing, but the vast majority of shounens that try it fail miserably. In this way it's arguably among the best battle shounen and easily the best of the big three. Still not entirely my thing, but it's the only one of the big three I plan to eventually pick up again. One other difference from the rest of the big three is that, at least as far as I've read, it improves as it goes on. The mangaka of one piece clearly cares more about quality and puts in more effort than the other two. And the characters are more entertaining and far harder to hate. Naruto was never funny, although it tried to be at one point. One piece just has more going for it. I actually have it on a list of series I will possibly review, but I'd have to reread it. Oh, and yeah, the world building is prolly the most essential part of it. Naruto is just shitty ninja villages and bleach fucking sucks at life. The world building is the backdrop that is critical to the success of the execution of some plot elements. One last thing: I've only read like 450-500 chapters. I've heard that it lowers in quality after Haki gets introduced, even though it was foreshadowed from the begininng of the manga and not a random power up. I do prefer the idea of devil fruit, more original, and I don't like what I've heard about how the scale got ridiculous with luffy fucking up like 50,000 people at once. The zerg rush/cannon fodder trope gets annoying in shounens.

Rurouni kenshin is another good battle shounen. It can get a little stupid in some parts, and I hate the "non-violent samurai" trope, but the action is quality and a lot of the characters were far more compelling than any of the Naruto ones. In most battle shounen enemies inexplicably become allies, but in rorouni kenshin it's always seemed like the changes are less sudden, more ambiguous, and just better explained. Definitely a quintessential battle shounen. Certainly one of the only ones to get any kind of emotional impact out of me. The characters were often cliches, but cliches used to the best of their ability and managed to be much more compelling than parallel characters in other shounen. Gotta be top 5 shounen at least. Been too long since I read it to review.

Vinland Saga is good. I feel like the farm arc lasted for too long and the manga may be getting a bit repetitive, but recent developments show a lot of promise. I think it's picking up again and early on it was one of the best historical manga I'd ever read. Even the farm arc was great early on. I'm planning on reviewing it after we get a few more plot developments and we have an idea of the next arc. I've been meaning to reread it anyway.

Still planning on reading vagabond. Shit's been on my mentalk "plan to read list" since I was a kid tbh. Slam dunk wasn't my thing,and that's part of the reason I'm stalling, but I've heard the art is incredible. That said, the slam dunk guy did the art, but it looks like someone else is helping with the story. Didn't realize that until now. I'm also more hesitant to begin longer series. Especially ongoing ones. Also I've never been huge on samurai manga for some reason. I tend to prefer larger scale battles over individual duels, for one.

I'm planning on watching the Monster anime first. Someone gave me the impression that it was superior to the manga. I dunno if that's true, but whatever.

I plan on reading 20th century boys after all the other shit on my reading list. started it up once and it looked confusing as well as long. That said, it's supposedly incredible. I want to be able to devote my full attention to it.

FMA is arguably the quintessential battle shounen. It sets strict rules from the begininng that are never really broken, although the philosopher stones got o be too much. It had emotional scenes too and, despite being hilarious, all of the comic relief characters had some depth. I couldn't stand major armstrong, but a lot of that had to do with his character design tbh. Hard to take that dude seriously. As a whole it has a great and compelling cast of characters. I even liked most of the minor characters and all of the homunculi were pretty great with the possible exception of sloth, because he doesn't do shit. I mean his name is sloth, what do you expect? My name comes from envy, lust is a badass naughty gurl, gluttony is the sweetest mass murderer cannibal ever, greed is just amazing, wrath has some great development and fight scenes, and goddam if the identity of pride wasn't unexpected. I also liked how it stuck to one main objective early on, and although the whole thing with the hoomunculi was added to that, it stuck to that single thing the whole time. And, of course, that thing wasn't BECOMING HOKAGE NINJA MASTER or reaching some macguffin treasure. There was no stretching of the plot. The mangaka made the story as long as it needed to be and didn't milk it. I also love the lack of power ups. Nostalgia may be at work here, but I fuggin love it. It also improved significantly, plot-wise, as it went on. I hate how so many battle shounens start out alright and just go to shit as the mangaka is too rich to give a fuck.

Reading Nausicaa right now. Too soon to say anything about it.

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