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09-10-14, 2:31 AM
April 4,
June 5, 2011
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) add
Watching at 146 of 148
Love So Life add
Reading at 81 of -
Kimi ni Todoke add
Reading at 91 of -

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Time (Days) 61.5
Watching 13
Completed 142
On Hold 26
Dropped 15
Plan to Watch 85
Total Entries 281

Anime compatibility with Kemiii is:
Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 17.1
Reading 22
Completed 46
On Hold 7
Dropped 5
Plan to Read 91
Total Entries 171

Manga compatibility with Kemiii is:
Unknown :(

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(Picture from Hunter x Hunter 2011)

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Akuto | 08-24-12, 12:13 AM

Hey members! :) Hope you are all doing GREAT! I want to thank everyone for their support towards the club! We have 850+ members in the club & a NEW LAYOUT so be sure to check that out! :)

We have opened 800+ LE & Sunglasses LE for now. They both have limits so request your card today! :) There will be weekly LEs as well so keep checking club so you don't miss out on them :)

Also, if you have any SUGGESTIONS for the club, don't hesitate to post in the suggestion's thread :)

Discussions! | Anime or Manga? | Favorite GoM | Better Light? | Kuroko or Kagami?

800+ LE | Sunglasses LE

Stay true to the club & take care!


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Kyo- | 08-17-12, 11:53 AM

Would you like to join us? :3

_Cassiopeia_ | 08-07-12, 6:24 AM

jchang | 07-01-11, 11:33 AM
Ohhhhh now i see it!! hahaha pretty cool! i thought it was an acronym "-.-

OTL i weired you out. failed T_______T

jchang | 07-01-11, 11:17 AM
OTL .__. whats that?? hahaha but really if you dont want to you dont have to talk with me :/

its just that i feel that knowing other people is never a bother as you described you can always learn something new ^_^ if it were a bother i guess we would all be alone dont you think? xd

so what have you been up to these days? :P

jchang | 07-01-11, 11:07 AM
well i hope to gain a new friend? =D

jchang | 07-01-11, 10:47 AM
Nothing special really you said people wouldn't bother knowing you. well i like to prove that's wrong hahaha but anyways go ahead and ignore me if you feel like it ^^

jchang | 06-30-11, 11:23 PM
boring .__. i'll take the challenge! =D but first... can i bother to know you? xDDD

minahoru | 06-22-11, 4:44 AM
AHAHAHAHA. Added you! <3

kriselle | 06-08-11, 7:51 AM
Kemiiiii! You're here too!

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