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TheBigGuy | 04-14-14, 1:27 PM
Yesterday I finished White Album 2 and I totally agree with your post regarding polyamory. That would have been a way better ending than the actual ending.

Yumekichi11 | 05-25-11, 8:48 PM
Not all your pictures are trivial of course, but some are, in that they serve no purpose. Such as in "Jinta got up" has this image: it just shows him getting up. I'm sure anyone that reads "Jinta got up" can picture in their heads him getting up like that without needing a picture to illustrate it. It's different for instance if you say "character X had a shifty/flirty/condescending look", this kind of vague thing will be imagined differently by each viewer, and does require a picture.

OK, it was just ot illustrate that he got the attention of the class and got up mainly. the picture it links to is in case people have a memory blank. It happens sometimes like one person though he never went to school. So yeah, I do admit to some like you it might be trivial but some perhaps not. Well it's linked so anyone not clicking on it will have no problem with it.

Other examples of trivial images are Anjou touching Poppo's porn mags and Kleenex (people who have seen the episode will remember her doing that), and that their room was empty (no picture needed here either), or the screenshot of the picture of Jinta's mom (we have all seen her numerous times in the past episodes), and so on, and so on.

Well the Kleenexes par was just to illustrate that she is in fact touching them and has damn guts to do that for a girl. The empty room was to illustrate that Menma had her room cleaned and why perhaps. Yeah I agree with you, that it could be trivial but I am trying to learn from that in general.

I think screenshotting, cropping, saving, hosting and linking a picture is an annoying process so I myself only post pictures if I think it will actually help people. But in the end it's your trouble and decision to post them or not, as well as the reader's to click the links or not =P

Yeah exactly. I don't crop them usually, well only 2 or 1 so it's not that bad for that but the rest is and yeah do limit myself in most series. Just some I don't.

replies in bold and really chatting with you.

Yumekichi11 | 05-25-11, 7:41 PM
Some pictures are there to show what I liked about certain character faces and the illustration point of that face. The details of that post are to a certain extent to contribute more as a person that stays at home. I do not understand of the trivial image thing. Why would they be trivial? Most people like cute images.

To recall perhaps yes and no. Yes but no because other people are also using them as a recall. I am not the only with memory issues around MAL considering how many people are here.

There you go for your curiosity and do ask me more things if you want.

Yumekichi11 | 05-25-11, 7:18 PM
No I don't have ADHD. Just a memory problem due to a car accident.

Opera can do that too. Wonder when Google shall have it?

Yumekichi11 | 05-24-11, 11:16 PM
ADHD? What is that?

Lots of tabs open? Yes and so?

Yumekichi11 | 11-26-10, 3:52 PM
It would be nice to have a micro in order to transfer your voice though.

Yumekichi11 | 11-26-10, 4:15 AM
Nice comment! loved it! I bitch at some girls too towards my monitor. :D

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