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Echelon | 6 hours ago
Have you heard the God Mars ED too? Breath in that excellence.

ZetaZaku | Yesterday, 10:23 PM
It's alright so far. If it continued like this, it would be good. Too bad that it's going downhill. At least I can hope that people are exaggerating. I don't mind those silly scenes like the bikini babes or when that woman forces Uso to take a bath. They are just silly and aren't influencing the story too much.

Echelon | Yesterday, 8:40 PM
Damn it's a 3rd of the game? I mean, I guess it's 4 chapters in and I think I noticed I somehow have like 7 hours already haha. Been playing brief chunks for awhile, but still surprising it's that much.

Toaplan, I'm looking at HCG101's list and don't think I've beaten a single on of these. I think we talked about this before, but you're bigger on the vertical shooters? I've always been a bit more partial to horizontal myself.

Salamander has always been more appealing to me as well, kind of a shame we've only gotten bits of it or with some name changes (I think the NES Life Force is part of it). You'd think Konami being as big as they are compared to other shmup developers, could put out some awesome collections of these or something.

"If you could get through Deadly Premonition driving segments and make it out satisfied, you can get through this haha."

My good lordy in heaven. Man, that game. So totally worth it and amazing, but a once in a lifetime thing I'm sure. Don't think it's anything I could ever get through again haha.

Echelon | Yesterday, 6:30 PM
I guess that was MGS4 though. lol

Echelon | Yesterday, 6:17 PM

All you need is to get that speed up.

Seriously though, I feel like V is probably the best one anyways. Definitely check that one out if you haven't, it just feels a lot different and better. Radiant Silvergun/Vagrant Story/FFT composer and all. For me I'd say:

Thunder Force >>>>> Gradius > R-Type

I think what really makes Thunder Force so much better is the pacing/stock of lives instead of checkpoints and shit. R-Type and Gradius both resolve around "get hit once and you're basically fucked forever" design. Thunder Force doesn't and yet retains insane difficulty because it's so much more intense and in your face.

Nah that comparison makes perfect sense. But now you got me wanting MGS Retirement Espionage.

Echelon | Yesterday, 3:54 PM
I'm assuming chapter 4 in Yakuza 3 should be near the end of this kid stuff I hope... picked it back up and I'm digging it more now though. Had to get this dog some food and now a bone, but the city is opening up so that's cool.

Echelon | Yesterday, 10:18 AM
Proof is in the pudding(?). Glad I dropped that online class last semester. In the first week of this intro class I've already gotten a better handle of the software and am enjoying it this time.

Echelon | Yesterday, 9:11 AM
Have you ever beaten Gradius V?

Echelon | Yesterday, 6:04 AM
Good lord, I think I remember that character but can't picture him saying a single word. lol

Echelon | 08-25-14, 8:09 PM
You make it sound awesome lol. I've attempted it initially on both the original and REmake. I think the first time I played them I didn't know there was a difference and almost gave up haha. From there I've always done the multi campaigns since they're equal in difficulty (just RE2 and CV had this?).

It's always sounded like a good excuse to revisit the original someday. I guess I'll be a sucker for the HD port of REmake when it comes out and maybe try it again there.

This randomly makes me want to bring up... how loaded you can get in Silent Hill Origins. The game had a fucking assault rifle. I had like 6 guns near the end and so much ammo. Topped off with Katana's (though I think SH3 had that and uzi machine guns haha). It was so weird and not totally right, but since the game seemed to emphasis combat more it was okay. I still forced myself to use melee mostly though since that's just... Silent Hill to me.

I think the weirdest thing about that with God Mars is that the other characters don't even pilot the other mecha. I wonder if that changes. I've always liked the Power Rangers / sentai idea of a group being together in some huge robot. The closest thing to that from what I've seen is Ideon I guess, but they weren't altogether... wasn't one of the characters located in the foot? Then the crotch? lol.

" On that note I think in Dairugger it's literally 15 machines that create the robot."

I guess it even looks like it a bit haha. The one thing that bugs me with these are the discolored limbs and such. Really boils my OCD. lol

Echelon | 08-25-14, 6:41 PM
Have you beaten it? lol. I hate that crutch dude, holy shit there's probably so much backtracking to the safe boxes.

That... actually makes sense, sales wise. Talk about pathetic though haha. Gaia (the red main one) actually gets to do stuff, but I think I have yet to see the other robots do anything at all.

It's kind of funny that Da Garn wasn't too bad about this trope. I mean there was still the typical combination at the end for the final attack, but a lot of the robots got to do a lot in their first forms which is cool to see. I still think GGG is one of the worst offenders. Tell me... did Guy's Lion do anything ever, once? Nothing? Nope?...

One class at a time this time around for me haha... well it's technically two, but they're both only two months so they go into each other and it's only one at a time. I'm digging it. Intro to AutoCAD with Intermediate following it. Teacher seems pretty good and both kind of old school/new school with the way he teaches. Also I'm pretty sure this class has the hottest gilf I've seen in my life. lol

SSJLuffy | 08-25-14, 3:11 PM
Lots of people say that the Arlong arc is where the series starts to hit its stride, but honestly I'd say the Baratie arc is when the series kicks it up a notch. Mihawk's introduction plus Zoro's fight with him, more Grand Line hype, Krieg is the coolest villain by that point in the series, Sanji is awesome, plus the start of the great flashbacks.

You plan on watching the filer or skipping it? From memory the filler in One Piece isn't that bad, it's sorta like Dragon Ball how there's a short filler arc (11 episodes max, I think) or a few filler episodes every now and then. Its not like Naruto or Bleach that have huge amounts of filler.

Haha, I apologize for hyping the series up so much, it's just one of my personal favorites. All this talk is making me wanna start my re-watch of the series. Lol. Gotta finish with Naruto first and check out some stuff I haven't gotten around to yet. I'm still looking for the best Dragon Ball/Z downloads, found some pretty damn good ones, including the ones you told me about. I just wanna watch the series in the best possible quality; video, audio and sub-wise. I'll only watch the Orange Bricks if necessary.

Echelon | 08-25-14, 2:56 PM
The mecha design is not my style at all (seems to fit in with the Voltron stuff), but it gets the job done. Another comparison to Ideon though, the enemy mecha have all mostly been kind of real robot like designs and ships, etc. Some of the stuff is making me think of Xabungle for sure.

This is boosting my interest a tad in the Voltron/Dairugger stuff, since they look the most comparable. So I wonder if they're kind of like this. Dairugger has the Seiya composer... so that's gotta be an instant point or two. Along with space. SPACE BABY!

Echelon | 08-25-14, 2:43 PM
God Mars is rocking my world dude, you're easily going to dig this one. I find it completely hilarious how by the book the main cast is, (got that random girl, the fat guy, cool leader, edgier teen lead, etc). It's got that amazing blend that's so rare, I still think Ideon is a solid comparison... feels completely 80's with the tone, but the 70's tropes are still there and it actually works out. The God Mars attacks are almost out of place, but make me laugh haha.

Really wondering how this one isn't talked about much. I can see how it's not as crazy as Ideon, or genre groundbreaking like Gundam or Macross, but the awesomeness and polish is definitely there. Maybe it's the Layzner of the 70's and people just wanted something different so it lucked out. lol... or that filler half is just total shit and ruined some potential legacy, who knows.

Like Ideon, I think it'd be hard to lump this one up with other SR shows on a list though. It's too obtuse. lol

Espers, space, jets, mecha... hell yes. The esper action almost looks better than Seiya haha and it's funny to imagine this came out years before. It's just got that really over the top slow motion stuff going on that still manages to be fun because of the style/music... last episode the villain split up the ground then tried to crush the main character closing it up. Love stuff like this.

This already destroys Dancougar for me. Budget looks way better too, even at 5 years older than that one. I'd say it's on the Vifam/Orguss level, gonna be an easy 8.

SSJLuffy | 08-24-14, 11:09 PM
Holy hell man, flying through One Piece, I see... hahah.

It's already gotten better hasn't it? Only gets better from here in my opinion.

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