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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Yesterday, 10:14 AM
Watching 14/39 · Scored -
Berserk (2016)
Berserk (2016)
Yesterday, 10:13 AM
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Ninja Senshi Tobikage
Ninja Senshi Tobikage
Jun 18, 11:31 AM
Watching 14/43 · Scored -
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
May 21, 9:31 PM
Reading 36/112 · Scored -
I Am a Hero
I Am a Hero
May 21, 9:30 PM
On-Hold 214/? · Scored -
One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
May 15, 3:19 PM
Reading 94/? · Scored -


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HisokaHajime Yesterday, 1:38 PM
I'm so glad the opening wasn't used for the trailer. Since I would have been pretty excited based on that.

"They replaced it with this epic showdown"

My reaction to that scene. Wow, that about seals the deal. Looks like complete trash and I can't take it seriously. The only thing that would get me watching this anytime soon would be curiosity. After seeing that... I'm no longer curious. Maybe one day for the hell of it. But this is crazy bad train wreck. I haven't even seen the movies yet. Those scared me off and this has me locking the door behind me. It really needs an on going OVA to do everything right.
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 12:46 PM
Well that answers my question lol. I was just about to ask if Berserk turned out shitty like expected. But even worse you say... I'm glad I never allowed myself to get excited. First I thought it would be something short and then I saw the trailer. Messing up the story on top of that. Why do inexperienced studios get to work on something like this?
KiraYoshikage Yesterday, 11:57 AM
Die Berserk anime 2016. I got enough with Berserk anime.
Echelon Jun 29, 7:45 PM
The TV series for Golgo 13 is incredibly good. I went in expecting awesome and it's even better than expected. Another rare case of an episodic show working like a dream for me.

Looks like he should be in the Yakuza games:
Echelon Jun 29, 4:22 PM
Echelon Jun 29, 3:58 PM
Now I'm drawing a blank since you put the spotlight on me haha.

I've been digging the Quake 2 OST a lot lately since I replayed it:

So I dug into Sonic Mayhem which I've never really looked into before, this new track is pretty fucking cool to me and kind of blends the lines:

Also reminds me of JoJo BT.

Old fans dogging on it haha, I think it's freaking sweet though. I think something like this in the new Doom 4 would have been better than what we got for the music (the new Killer Instinct composer which I showed you some tracks of which were cool, but I don't think he did as good of a job with Doom 4. It's great in-game, but yeah).
Echelon Jun 28, 7:39 PM
I wanna spam you with stuff that might influence you or give you ideas haha. But this track from Terminator always stood out a lot to me, as brief as it is: - cool random cover

I have to be honest but I thought Odin Sphere was pretty bad. Makes me think of Tales of Graces F thinking back on it. The gameplay, visuals, and all that was sound... but I recall some kind of seed leveling up gimmick that was super repetitive, topped off with other playable characters throughout the story that was just tons of backtracking through the few stages. I played a bit of Dragon's Crown with a friend but all I can say is that it made me glad I didn't buy it, even if it was decent fun for that one night or two. I've always heard really good things about Muramasa: The Demon Blade though, I'll probably give it a shot sometime. I've heard it doesn't have some goofy seed thing. lol

"pretty bad" is a stretch, but I didn't beat it. I really dig the look of their games though.
Echelon Jun 28, 5:58 PM
I'd love to know what he thinks of Garo. Feels like something he'd make through and through. lol

Damn this is definitely pretty nice. An improvement over the other for sure. I can easily picture Terminator with this one heh.
Echelon Jun 27, 7:58 PM
Keep me posted on the music.

Man it's weird to come to peace with a game after beating it, but yeah. It was really good. I think the secret to me was just doing a level a night during the week. The pacing is still somewhat of an issue to me with all the cutscenes/interruptions, but yeah.

FF6 Magitek? haha, I'd actually say that level was kind of tame compared to other stuff. There was also this white cloaked dude you had to fight ~3 times throughout the campaign that was basically like a Virgil type. I unlocked another playable character after beating it, so I wonder if there's more characters like this guy. I liked it enough that I'm interested in giving 1 another shot now, and the Wii U version seems to be the best for sure.

Basically every level escalated like this, I wouldn't say it got old or overplayed it, but yeah I just have to pace myself with things like this haha: - the design of the red female seemed really toku to me?

Basically just boss levels if you want to skim them. Visually more impressive than a lot of Xbone/PS4 stuff... lol.

Hopefully those videos look decent on your end though, my internet is taking a dump so it looks really low resolution and slow at the moment.
Echelon Jun 27, 6:58 PM
You whipped that up fast. Hah, yeah I get the videogame vibe with the samples, but the structure is definitely similar to this stuff. Are you using free software and sounds?

That's true, some of those Phantom Pain tracks were really unique and different, pretty similar to this stuff.

I wrapped up Bayonetta 2 today. It's definitely good stuff overall, the story and such is just so stupid it's hard for me to get amped about any "cool factor" though haha. But yeah, it's solid.
Echelon Jun 27, 11:53 AM
Dynatron - Dust of the Saturn, the background looks like Dairugger art hehe.

Speaking of them, this has been one of my long time favorites, the image is from the Conquest movie that Hisoka got me to check out, it's the wackiest stuff you'll ever see haha. Love the art though, looks like Cobra, and this song is like metal Retrowave:

Can you imagine stuff like this in a game or movie today? Basically what Vangelis did with Blade Runner, nothing else quite like it. It would be godly though. There's Far Cry Blood Dragon of course and while I enjoyed it (they even got Michael Beihgn to voice the MC), it does come off a little forced after awhile, it's purposely nostalgic. Something that's more natural and just goes with this stuff would be amazing.

If I had to pick a favorite, it might be Perturbator. They consistently sound a bit darker and heavier than the norm, it's so good.
Echelon Jun 27, 9:13 AM
Not sure if it gets more Terminator than this one haha

I'm hearing some new stuff today. I think the playlist got hit hard earlier this year, so lots of tracks were deleted. Maybe he put up some new stuff or with less in there I'm getting around to more new stuff.
Echelon Jun 26, 9:10 PM
I love when my timing is so good, did you hear about this? Just ran through five levels, it's awesome:
Echelon Jun 26, 7:49 PM
Shiiiiiiit, didn't Hisoka or I once show you some of those mega playlists? Or are you just on another kick?

I'll often just hit this playlist up and randomize it for some BGM doing stuff. I wonder if there's a nice mp3 collection of it out there. Hoping to get a new stereo for my car eventually that has USB so I can go full digital with music.

Hisoka also found this more recently, 80/90's production music... lots of cool stuff here too haha:

Now there's this crap called "vaporwave" that an old friend showed me recently (after he showed me the worst gangsta hip hop I've probably ever heard in my life, sounded like someone breaking glass and stuff, an absolute nightmareish headache. Horrible tastes lmao)

You can tell it's just total drug/dance vibe stuff. Don't really care for it especially compared to Retrowave.