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mdchaos 1 hour ago
Yeah I heard the inspector is good, does it require knowledge of the previous anime and the games to get what's going on?
I have also been told the ZOE ones are pretty good which I'm planning to get to since I'm a fan of the games.

Yeah I can see it as the boss borot, apparently it was inspired by Jet Jaguar of all things.

Yeah after Kamina dies I kinda lost interest after that point. I honestly felt like near the end it tried way too hard to be over the top, where as something as say Getter robo felt more natural in that regard. The animation is pretty nice, but I'm not a big fan of the art style nor the mech designs as well.
What does Daimos do that was stand out compared to the rest?

I would actually like to give the 70s Getter a shot, cause I wanna know more Getter since it's essentially my favorite Super robot.
Daitarn 3 seems like it could be fun, I really like the opening a lot. Not to mention I need to complete my Tomino Powers.
Voltes 5 I might wanna check out since most people tell me it's one of the better efforts of the 70s mech shows.

What about 70s Jeeg? That has a high interest for me, since I love kotetsushin jeeg and Jeeg is pretty much my favorite Nagai robot.

Echelon 3 hours ago
I just hope Dark Souls 3 is another bigger one. Bloodborne's simplicity was great, but yeah. I actually want that daunting feel again haha. Hope they go out with a bang. King's Field looks amazing to me after watching several videos, I might just start with the first USA one since I think that and 2 might be on the PSN? Then probably just go from there.

That OP animation is insane. I'm still hoping Madhouse does another longer shounen again sometime. I guess they could probably keep One Punch Man going with seasons like they do with Ippo, but yeah another massive one like HxH from them would be amazing.
mdchaos Yesterday, 9:32 PM
Obari for as a director has really only hit it well with episodes 5 and 6 of bubblegum crisis and Detonator orgun. Truth be told I use think he was terrible overall, cause I only saw the fatal fury movies and gowcaizer which were trash, it wasn't untill I saw his mech stuff I appreciated him a lot more.

What did you feel about jet alone? That's actually my 2nd favorite mech from the show even though it just ran out of control.
I have only seen the first rebuild film which I dropped becasue it was just the first few episodes but with better animation.
I can't comment much on designs, but I like the pink eva.

I don't think eva is a ideon clone, it clearly was inspired by it a lot. However one thing I found funny is that technically ideon had the happier ending, yet everyone dies.

Yeah I think it's the lack of knowledge that makes people think eva is revolutionary as well, that's aslo probably why people praise Code geass and Gurren lagann a lot as well. For the record I don't really dislike Lagann, I liked it, but I don't find it better than the stuff that it is homaging like Getter robo.

I should give Zambot 3 a shot, I kinda have a pretty narrow mind view of 70s mech shows cause I assume most of them are monster of the week stuff and really shallow(besides like the first gundam) because of that, but reading into zambot 3 it sounds a lot more interesting than I thought, same with daitarn 3.
That being said I would like to watch 70s Jeeg and Getter.
Grendizer too since I never experienced the show at all.
70s mazinger ehhh, I have seen enough mazinger at this point I don't see much of a reason, except like Great.
Is there any other 70s mech shows you recommend?

Echelon Yesterday, 8:25 PM
Just dying from work. I thought I responded about Centurians and other stuff, maybe I was dreaming.

Did you get the DLC? Saw you playing it.
mdchaos Yesterday, 6:24 PM
Yeah I hear R2 is even worse than the first, All I know is that it retreads the plot of R1 and turns the knightmare frames into super robots.
The only way I would say to experience Seed destiny is pretty much the compillation ovas or just play through it in Dynasty warriors gundam reborn, Though you technically already saw destiny cause it's just gundam seed all over again except written by a fan fic writer.
Outside of admittingly pretty solid mech designs except strike freedom aka the W O R S T

I actually liked Diebuster for what it was, though I can understand why someone would be turned off by it especially if they expect something like Gunbuster.
My problem with Diebuster is that the middle half of it wasn't really that interesting to me, though I really like the first and last of it all for different reasons.

Dancouga Nova I plan to see, but I wanna see the first dancouga more since it looks really aggressively 80s and I'm into that kind of deal.
From what I am told it's basically annoying fanservice with super robot stuff on the side, which makes me cautious because that's why I think Vandread was garbage as well as why I didn't like gravion as well, Ironically another Obari anime.

I kinda want to see valvrave just for the lulz really and to see what makes it anger /m/ so much.
I do like the op for it and some of the valvrave I don't think look that bad, except 6 which is the worst mech I've seen since Strike freedom.

I like eva as well mainly the first 20 episodes for the reasons you like it actually.
I wouldn't call the mech designs amazing, I mean most evas have the same body type with different heads and color schemes.
Though I wouldn't by saying I really like 01 and 00. 01 has just a really striking color scheme and it's honestly the most unique of the 3 main evas visually. I like 00 cause I'm kinda a sucker for monoeyes. My main issues with Eva is the cast, well the main 3 but I don't have anything really different to say that anyone else has said before.Not a fan of the End of eva movie, I mean outside of the great visuals and fights, I never could never see the appeal of it.

I think most people really exagerrate of it being a really important deconstruction of the genre, when Space Runaway Ideon did that before and In my eyes better. I wouldn't call it overrated, since It's really more of a polarizing kind of series I've noticed over the years, Though very few mech shows I feel are overrated which is basically just Code geass and Gurren lagann for me.

Echelon Yesterday, 4:25 PM
Did I lose a post or am I delusional?
mdchaos Yesterday, 1:32 PM
I'm actually quite interested in thunderbolt.
more than IBO, but then again IBO has been pretty average for me. I'm a little bit cautious about thunderbolt since the manga is still on going which is kind a red flag for me. Hopefully it will lead to that crossbone adaptation or hathaway's flash.

I don't like code geass that much ethier.
It's one of the few mech shows I really dislike besides like Wing,seed destiny, and pilot candidate.
It really feels like it's ripping off various mech shows mostly votoms and Gundam seed with a generic high school shounen on top of that which is most of the show. Funnily enough I thought the mech action was the best part of the show even if it wasn't really note worthy. I like the knightmare frames even again they aren't that special. Granted I haven't finished the show but I plan to since geass is in ACE R.

I think the reason why it got so much attention , as well as same with gurren lagann and maybe evangelion, is because people thought it was really different compared to other mech shows and having a lot of the elements that plague modern anime, but that's the narrow mindset of casual anime fans I suppose.
mdchaos Yesterday, 4:52 AM
Also on the subject of shows wanting to be gundam, what do you feel about code geass?
mdchaos Yesterday, 4:49 AM
I don't mind the idea of an alt universe gundam, if it's done well but yeah most of them range from average to terrible.
I haven't seen every alt universe, since I have age left to go.
Kinda wish they made a new super robot gundam again and get jun kawagoe to direct one, since I think that could bring life into the franchise.
mdchaos Nov 23, 1:09 PM
I only really like the first,plus, and 7 everything else I can do without.
Definitely more of a gundam guy as well, there's more gundam stuff I like then there is macross, which is like all of U.c. In some shape or form, G, X, and half of the cosmic era(basically the side stories).

I don't watch a lot of comedy anime, since most of it is the fanservicy stuff, but tylor sounds good.

Nadesico was really good, thought it would be a standard mech show, but it was more than that. The movie I like, but it was way too short for that kind of story, but it had some nice moments. I know the prince of darkness gets used quite often in the ACE games but not the show itself for some reason

I also thought the mech designs were pretty nice, personal favorite being black sarena.
Echelon Nov 23, 12:48 PM
So this is the best thing since JoJo?
mdchaos Nov 23, 5:01 AM
Frontier seems like the gundam seed of macross, so I'm not really thrilled with seeing it.

Believe it or not, the one role I remember from shou hayami the most is ritsu Zeorymer.
He was the guy that had a woman's face and weared a cool mask to hide that fact.
Should be noted he gave zeorymer a good beating.
L gaim and macross should be noted as well, since he played the best in those 2.

Haven't seen captain tylor, but I see /m/ mention it every once in a while and put it in their recommendations or something besides legend of the galactic heroes.
mdchaos Nov 22, 8:54 PM
Macross 2 has some pretty nice mech designs, the gilgamesh kinda looks like hagane no oni.

I'm kinda mixed on macross zero.
The action scenes were spot on.
The plot started off really good but it really started to go downhill with this whole god of destruction thing.

What about macross frontier,orguss, and southern cross?
Echelon Nov 22, 6:43 PM
Is Shadow Tower harder? I see some people saying that. I can easily see the Souls-isms watching some Shadow Tower, I think you've always said they're a bit more comparable as well. I really dig King's Field having BGM though, that'll be different.

Any maps in these games? lol. Either way I'm thankfully really good at mapping out games in my head. Ultima Underworld's generates as you go and I loved how you could write on the map... it's hilarious how old that game is giving you the option to take notes there, and nothing really does that in general. Should be a standard.