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Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV
Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV
Yesterday, 9:01 AM
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Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate
Yesterday, 9:00 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 8
One Punch Man Specials
One Punch Man Specials
Jan 24, 10:46 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
Yesterday, 8:45 AM
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Jan 25, 7:49 AM
Reading 89/- · Scored 9
Jan 4, 5:43 PM
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Echelon 12 hours ago
Lurrah, biggest super robo fan ever? lol. His sub work is really piling up thesedays. The new mSubs I guess.
Echelon Yesterday, 1:36 PM
I might even like that singer more haha. Damn that looks promising. Are there raws somewhere?

I'd recommend the 720p rips if you haven't gotten it yet. I downloaded the 1080p ones first because the 720p torrent slipped under my nose somehow. But yeah I didn't notice much of a difference between the two to be worth another 30 some gigs.
Echelon Yesterday, 11:46 AM
lol, can't argue that with Yamato. But character design wise nobody stands out in Dairugger either, I think I've even already seen a few leader type villains that have looked pretty copy paste. But yeah it's really not bad, just quirky. I love the dark vibe and the cool backgrounds a lot myself. Saint Seiya composer too I think, can't really tell, but the music is pretty cool. I can see how other shows of this type like Voltron could probably be a lot worse though haha.

Tobikage looks hit or miss to me. lol

You'd probably dig Borgman a lot and I really enjoyed Zillion. You're easy going on the episodic stuff which fits the bill with these and Dirty Pair. In your case I'd maybe recommend just watching the Borgman BD's raw lmao, the subs were awful. I compared them to the old release of the series, which is literally like 320x240 avi files with what looks like HK subs, but the subs were still a lot better somehow. But do you want 240p, or 720/1080? lol. Very worthy seeing in glorious BD quality.
Echelon Yesterday, 10:33 AM
Lol, did you see me mention Dairugger XV yesterday or something? I still need to chip away at that one... not bad, but probably a 6. Can you name a single character? lol
Echelon Yesterday, 10:07 AM
He mad?
Echelon Yesterday, 9:19 AM
Weird haha. Well he's dead... so I guess that's that. Those are pretty cool but I definitely prefer the female versions.

Giant Gorg is out! Ordered.
Echelon Feb 6, 8:57 PM
Now you have me curious to know what the hell the deal is haha. Those OP's must be under some insanely weird label with legal issues or something.

0079 is maybe my favorite now though... heh.
Echelon Feb 6, 6:34 PM
I bet you've got that Gundam X release on pre-order. Your favorite!

G needs a serious re-release.

What's going to be insanely weird is if ZZ gets the OP/ED's, which I'm guessing it will. The second one is probably my favorite between ZZ and Zeta honestly. - thank you uploader for stretching the AR out and killing it!
Echelon Feb 6, 5:06 PM
lmao the title:
Echelon Feb 6, 4:00 PM
Let's not kid man, that lost episode sucks anyways haha. That whole arc around that island was my least favorite part. Either way that still sucks it's not there though and ruins it being a complete authentic package. I told my friend who showed me that BD set about this Zeta issue, "deal breaker" haha. It really sucks and I've gotten pickier about OP/ED's myself now. As average as Southern Cross was, I still feel like it cheapened it even more because the rips I saw didn't have the OP/ED's in there. Doesn't feel complete.

I like that track a lot for BGM... but it's no OP. That's almost more insulting than the OP just being taken out.

I really hate that Unicorn is like, 4-5 sets too. Fuck. I think Hellsing Ultimate is like that too. I mean yeah there's that insane OVA quality, but I just find it really hard to justify that.

What can I say, Armored Core 2 spoiled me heh.
Echelon Feb 6, 1:01 PM
For some reason I worry about the sub quality too. The previous DVD release of Zeta were dubtitles with missing lines throughout every episode basically. But clearly Nozomi/Rightstuf are quality, but that's seriously disappointing they still couldn't get the OP's for whatever reason.
Echelon Feb 6, 12:34 PM
"So these new Zeta BDs released here don't have the Japanese OPs..."


"Armored Core series"...? Maybe they did some designs. I recently got Verdict Day."

Make sure to set out about an hour to get it installed. Not even joking. Install, several mandatory updates and other weird shit. Played about 10 minutes after that and didn't give a fuck about it.

I wouldn't be surprised if Studio Nue had their hand on the character designs/animations and mechanical artwork. Something about their list of shows has a similar look when it comes to the characters and such to me. Good stuff.
Physica_Fulcrum Feb 5, 7:16 PM
Oh yeah, it does have some similarities to In the Mouth of Madness. That is one of my favorite Carpenter movies that I have seen. I own it on Blu-Ray and should rewatch it soon.

Yeah, On the Silver Globe looks great to me. The Blu-Ray for it is in production now:

I think it is cool the director has his own Blu-Ray releasing label it seems (or that is all Mondo Vision plans on releasing so far anyway). Their Possession Blu-Ray is super high quality from the video to the packaging. I don't know much else about his other stuff, but the trailers for them on the Possession blu-ray looked pretty good. Even though they mostly seem to be about "relationship" stuff, there is an explosion or action scene in each trailer haha. What drew me to Possession, besides the cool looking packaging and as you mentioned Lovecraft influence (been reading a lot of Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith at work lately), was the special effects being by Carlo Rambaldi. And the creature did not disappoint haha.
Echelon Feb 5, 5:15 PM
Also Studio Nue:

Does kind of have Macross vibes to it. I don't know what it is but I love the vibe some of these shows they did have and it's all a little similar.
Echelon Feb 5, 5:03 PM

It's a 9. Late 80's Sunrise baby. I saw the OVA a long time ago, but guess I held off on more for awhile just waiting for the mood to strike. I think I've warmed up to episodic stuff as of late haha. It's purely episodic. I think I watched the OVA first because the sub situation was weird just a few years ago and that was what was out. The DVD's look incredible and the rips I saw of the OVA were amazing, late 80's OVA BD like quality from front to back with every episode. I don't remember the music standing out much in the OVA, but it's been great in the TV series.

Reminds me of Patlabor and City Hunter. lol

I may have mentioned awhile back that it comes from the Crusher Joe creator I think. The worlds are similar, not like there's any emphasis on space exploration or casual stuff like that, but that's how big the Dirty Pair world is and I love that, random planets and places everywhere across the universe. I'll always have a soft spot for Bubblegum Crisis' blue Death Star cyberpunk world, but I love how Dirty Pair is even more higher tech and super sci-fi. You'd maybe like it more, sounds like Hisoka thinks so. It could arguably be the best of the 80's hot chicks kicking ass in sci-fi kind of shows. I'd say this, BGC, and Iria are the queens for me. Iria was my first love back in the day haha, still love revisiting that one. The story is even kind of bad and ends abruptly, but it's one of the best looking OVA's ever and just has cool charm to it.

Anyways yeah, Dirty Pair is 80's maximus. Can't go wrong!