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Berserk (2016)
Berserk (2016)
Jul 22, 6:21 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Jul 22, 6:21 PM
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Mob Psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100
Jul 20, 8:51 AM
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Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Jul 17, 12:48 PM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
May 21, 9:31 PM
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I Am a Hero
I Am a Hero
May 21, 9:30 PM
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Echelon 2 hours ago
Agreed. Yeah watching that made me think of the infamous head explosion gif. Looked like blood was about to tear from his eyes.

If Tango can become another Platinum that could be amazing. I think The Evil Within used the last idTech engine as well and maybe they struggled with that, as it didn't seem perfect in the technical department. So Doom 4 makes me hopeful they'll get to use the new engine since it's incredible. I'm glad they're under Bethesda too, I know their developed stuff is hit or miss for some, but I think they've been a good publisher focusing on single player games and have treated ID's IP's really well.

I know you're a Sega guy but not sure about you and Sonic, though did you see the upcoming Sonic Mania footage? Basically looks like what really should have been Sonic the Hedgehog 4, I'm stoked:
Echelon 3 hours ago
It's not really anything to laugh at obviously but yeah, @9:23 lol. He's doing the good man's work though.

Echelon 4 hours ago
Haha yeah, hard to take anything guys like this say too seriously. I just think back to MGS2 being the last MGS as the funniest of them all. You could be right though, googling around like I mentioned it seems he's still at Tango, so maybe just wants to sit back and in a more managerial position. Deservedly so. Just kind of a shame most of his gold that isn't RE kind of went under the radar for the masses, when they outdo just about all of their competition (Vanquish destroying third person shooters).

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

Echelon 6 hours ago
Yeah I probably only got like an hour into Amnesia. I did beat Machine for Pigs though, but I guess that was developed by some other people and it was basically pure adventure with little gameplay. The setting and story was great though and it was only four hours, so I dug that one. The gameplay with the weird ass inventory, lights, batteries, sanity crap, puzzles, etc with the original Amnesia was just terrible. None of that in SOMA. Amnesia was the Devil's Third from these guys haha, can't wait to see what they do next.

Apparently most Amnesia fans hate Machine for Pigs, so go figure on me having the opposite reaction haha.

Mikami better not be done. Dude's a hero. I don't think Evil Within did well enough to warrant a sequel publisher wise though, but I think he's still with Tango and they're probably doing something new now. I wish P.N.03 was on something other than the GC lol. I'd love for something in the vein of Vanquish again. He deserves way more credit than he gets. It's interesting to imagine if he had the level of control over RE that Kojima did with MGS.
Echelon 8 hours ago
Scalebound is supposed to be open world stuff (with dragons admittedly) and weird co-op stuff... but if it's anything like PSO then maybe it'd be cool. But nothing is ever like PSO haha. It does kind of look like Kamiya is bleeding some strong DMC into it, but still, the more open world design just immediately makes it more boring looking to me lol. So I haven't been all that impressed with the footage shown, and it has the issue of having really bad writing/character banter, edgy teen stuff.

Well damn dude... few points there:
- Been thinking The Evil Within recently myself haha. I imagine the DLC is pretty cool and fleshes some stuff out. Also they enabled the option to go full screen now which is funny, I'll probably do that next time I play it.
- Better yet, you don't even need to know anything about Aliens for Alien Isolation. It's just straight up "Alien" 1 in everyway.

Now you put me in a pickle, because I just finished up SOMA and dude, my brain is melting. Ever played a game that dives into existential terror of transhumanism? Well, this is it. Straight up some of the best writing and one of the best stories I've ever seen in anything. It's the new game from the Amnesia guys if you didn't know. Like I mentioned with that one I couldn't get into it because of some of the visual effects and weird gameplay mechanics, but this blew me away. It's definitely less gameplay and more adventure though, which I'm not always in the mood for but I powered through a lot today and finished it up. Just left me speechless really, almost Silent Hill 2 level stuff. So I can't recommend this enough, but I also know this style of game isn't always for everyone and even tests my patience a little or it's a mood thing, but damn I'm glad I pushed through.

It's a starking contrast compared to Alien Isolation, which is a bit more gamey in ways, but that one isn't Bioshock or anything either. You do get weapons, more items, etc, though. Whereas SOMA is really just entirely story driven. Alien Isolation is quite long for its style but I thought the pacing was great so I was never bored. They did an amazing job bringing that 70's sci-fi tech to a game, it looks so damn cool and unique. So if you've got it in you I can definitely recommend these two.
Echelon 11 hours ago
Well I was typing up more and going to mention people are pretty sour on them as of late, thanks to Korra, Star Fox Zero (probably Nintendo's fault as Miyamoto thought the controls were genius) and TMNT, are all utter garbage. I guess the Transformers game was okay. But I think it's safe to say Platinum have gotten pretty big thesedays and probably have multiple teams. The brief Nier 2 footage out there right now looks God tier to me, so it's obvious they had interns working on this other stuff. But this does kind of water down their prestige. Probably just racking in more money for better things though.

I honestly don't think Scalebound looks interesting though, but it also doesn't help that it's Windows 10 / Xbone, so I really don't care. Nier 2 looks way better and if wiki is right, it sounds like they were big fans of the first game so it sounds like a labor of love project for them. Hopefully it does well so they can get more big publishers to back projects and do less of this licensed material crap.

I definitely don't see them going anywhere by this point though, I wouldn't be surprised if they are workforce wise literally bigger than Capcom by now. I still wonder if we'll ever see Capcom reach out to them to develop something, that'll be so funny.
Echelon Today, 9:42 AM
Madworld? I guess you've mentioned that one was rough. I still want to pick it up since it's cheap. I haven't gotten to Wonderful 101 but I definitely want to check it out and get it before it becomes rare like a lot of their stuff.
Echelon Yesterday, 6:45 PM
Devil's Third was pretty bad, the ~5/10's are definitely warranted. It's been a long time since I played something so rough. Ninja Gaiden Xbox is TWO generations ago and this would barely pass on the PS2 compared to other stuff. I certainly wasn't going in thinking Itagaki is like, Kamiya, Mikami, or Kojima, but wow haha. It has personality and character, but everything else is absolutely average at best with a dose of some super lame frustrating parts (some bosses had instant death attacks, boring sponge zombie like enemies, etc). Absolutely no depth to melee combat really, basically two combos per. The music was hilarious, it was all over the place, from like heavy metal, to Star Wars ripoff moments. Then there were moments in the game where it felt like they were trying so hard to tap MGS4 with invisible female enemies and some other moments. I'm just going to laugh everytime I see this on my shelves now and remember that I paid $60 for this. The joke was on me haha.

So really... considering in my personal opinion Razor's Edge was perfectly okay without Itagaki and in ways arguably better than 2, just makes you wonder how much credit he really gets for the revival. I guess he's straight up the creator of DOA I think, and the guy is hilarious, but yeah. I think Team Ninja will be perfectly okay without him... lmfao.

Wish I could find a clip of the games intro for his Valhalla Game Studios logo, it's a stormy ocean with a boat. Straight up Team Ninja.

Now I'm looking at the back of Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z and... "Comcept"
Echelon Jul 21, 6:00 PM
I hope you're right!

One of my friends in the reserves said pretty much everyone in the military hates Hilary.
Echelon Jul 21, 3:59 PM
Probably one of the most impressive GB tracks I've ever heard, no surprising coming from those CV dudes.

Man first Bernie and then FB, it's hilarious how overnight it has completely changed its tune and all I'm seeing is stuff backing Hilary against Trump. I have been following this "Other 98%" page but that's all this garbage is now and I'm already fed up with all this political stuff (and Pokemon Go). It's just crazy and funny like, how is this not suspicious or weird to most people? Someone flipped the switch and the majority just go with it like zombies.
Echelon Jul 19, 6:55 PM

Shinobi. I'm not sure if that's Yoji Shinkawa or not but it may as well be.
Echelon Jul 19, 4:27 PM
It made my day to get my new copy of Ninja Blade and notice that the rocket surfing scene is on the back of the cover art haha.
Echelon Jul 18, 11:32 AM
JoJo is never the best thing to watch while eating haha. I keep telling myself that and keep watching during meals. Jotaro episodes = 10/10. This one reminded me a lot of the Sun guy in the desert haha.

It's depressing. Even Razor's Edge has a 67% on Metacritic for the PS3 version, which seems utterly outrageous to me. But sadly maybe some of the hate is warranted because of all the things I've read into with the original NG3. Numerous posts joke "it was a full priced unfinished beta", so I'm guessing it was really buggy, and supposedly has way more QTE's. I guess maybe it lacks other content or something. People say the damage system is different and I've seen posts from people who claim to have played both versions, and they're like completely different games. So... I'm guessing:
+ Second full priced release of essentially a better version of a newly released game
+ Late last gen release, people were maybe not paying attention
+ It's too Japanese so good scores aren't allowed
= hate crimes.

All that said, if the original release was rushed, that's obviously Tecmo's fault. Not that I think devs should always get a free pass on some stuff, but sheesh. 67% is a fucking joke.

I'm definitely feeling it'll leave a bigger mark than 2 did, even though they'll probably roll up into one in my mind playing them so close together haha. But yeah, it's just arguably way more polished and unique to me. I messed with the online stuff today which actually seems cool, trials, co-op, Clan Battles with 8 vs 8... I wonder how that even works. But "Unable to find Server". So looks like online, achievements, and all this is completely locked out! You can still create lobbies but I doubt anyone is on. I was even doing world wide searches. So I'm guessing they took down the servers entirely already...

Looks like you can basically do NG+ though with the chapter select, which is pretty cool with how it skips the story stuff in a way, the levels flow really nicely kind of in an arcadey way. I tried out Momoji who seems really awesome again too, the only girl I liked in 2. Kasumi I'm not digging though, she only has one sword and tiny range. But I might even like using Ayane more than Ryu haha... blew me away. I'm not sure how she's way more awesome here. She's got the two blades and I think her range is better in this one. It feels like any given combo starter is 10+ hits, and her default Ninpo is way better than the other girls. Oh so basically you can replay every level with any character. So that's how it should be done, though the two forced Ayane levels were top notch this time around.

I can't believe Joe Hayabusa has never been playable in these though? haha. I think in Shinobi PS2 you could unlock the original ninja from that series. Not sure if he played differently though.

Definitely give it a shot sometime. Strong B-tier stuff to me. They can't all be NG1 / DMC, but that doesn't make it bad at all. lol

Yeah I agree on Ninja Blade haha, I don't remember the main dude talking at all, but I remember the cyborg ninja squad being hilarious. I guess it's weird we both didn't beat it because we both agree it was pretty cool. I'm guessing I got hooked into something else, no idea. Hopefully I'll finish it this time.
Echelon Jul 18, 5:23 AM
I beat it heh. Sounds like you're talking about the two NG2 versions there since I brought that up, but yeah I just might like Razor's Edge a little more. The ending was good stuff and I did actually end up caring about the story more than before haha, Ryu gets a lot more focus which is cool. Once I got a handle of the Ninpo bar system I was really starting to dig it. The game encourages you way more to do the limb cutting finishers because it builds up that bar faster. Then I also don't think this was in the others, but the game has critical counters that can instantly kill most enemies. This might sound a little cheap but I wouldn't say it is at all, most encounters seemed to throw like 50-100 enemies at you so it does help. I liked how in this game there were a few sections where you team up with NPC's too, one with Momoji. You go back to the village midway in which was one of my favorite parts, Ryu just walking around with villagers talking to him. He goes back to pickup that second main katana in the sword grave area from that one cyborg like ninja guy who you fight a lot in 2. The music stood out more than 2's OST as well. Ayane had two levels and fuck she was insanely fun to play as here, lmao. No other females, but it looks like you can play as Ayane, Momoji, and Kasumi in all the levels after beating it. Sonia pops up at one point, no Rachel though. I don't really care about either. Ayane and Momoji are cool though.

Where the game slips up is the boss battles and that's probably not surprising to you since that seems to be an issue in so many games. 2 had a ton of boring boss battles, like an onslaught of giant dinosaur sized monsters in a big barren arena, there was a ton of that and it sucked. 3 doesn't spam you with as many bosses, but pretty much all of them are kind of gimmicky God of War styled fights with QTE's, cutscenes in between, etc. What always threw me off is how inaccurate the boss health bar was... you'd wittle them down to halfway, then a set of QTE's happens making you guys move locations and then it's like the real battle or something.

I died a LOT to some of the QTE's too. Luckily most of them give you checkpoints for them on the spot, but there was lot of stupid ones that weren't obvious on what to do at all, like button prompts wouldn't even show up. Kind of frustrating. There was also some new ice climbing like gimmick (you use two kunai knives or whatever they were) that had some frustrating parts... you alternate L1 and R1 to climb, while shit is falling at you or some enemy is shooting rockets down below. Pretty weird. Another hilarious gimmick is that you straight up fucking FLY to get around a lot of levels at some parts. It makes no sense but it's hilarious. Ryu just jumps off a skyscraper to get a mile over to another building or a boat out in sea. lol

There was less weapons to use but I certainly didn't use half of them in 2, lol. The skill tree system wasn't bad once I got used to it. Graphically it looked pretty damn solid and runs a lot better than Sigma 2, no screen tearing and tons of blood. I'll probably keep playing a bit with the unlockable extras and stuff. The in game timer said 5:48, but I don't think it counted cutscenes/menu time and stuff, so it probably was ~8 hours.

I'm a bit more excited for Devil's Third and Ninja Blade again though.