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Akira_Sakura | 9 hours ago
Good! Votoms too is one of my favorite series, a real masterpiece along with Dougram, the LOGH of mecha. Now I'm seeing Tokusatsu Jeeg. Not good as Daimos, but still fine.

Akira_Sakura | Today, 4:17 AM
I like Go Nagai too, but more the mangas than the tv series. My favorite tokusatsu show is Daimos, a super robot from Nagahama Tadao, who also made Combattler.

Echelon | Yesterday, 8:36 PM
Heck yeah, guess I'd totally agree about the mecha battles always looking great. Some scenes were so absurdly stylish and well animated it was almost weird haha, like the quality came out of nowhere. The city environment was very much to my liking as well.

Maybe Dragonar is the same, I do think it probably looked better all around, but do remember some of the non-mecha stuff looking sloppy at times. Oh hell, I remember the proportions with those HnK villains were hilariously wack at times, the guys were like 12 feet tall and wide. lol

Yeah I'd honestly have a hard time distinguishing that old art myself, but damn do I love it.

Settled in?

Echelon | 07-29-14, 7:19 PM
Wondered about an update heh.

Yeah that last episode felt like a giveaway as to what was probably planned for the next major arc. Dougram stuff there for sure. I could picture space and possibly taking it to Grados itself being the last arc after that. I'll have to dig around for some notes again, like what the second Layzner MS was going to be and such.

It wrapped up a bit better than I imagined, bittersweet as you said. But yeah, it definitely felt like... you just finished reading a prelude or the other half of the book was just torn out. lol...

I'd be curious to see what the BD's look like. I think the show looked good and the mecha action was fantastic at points, but was kind of surprised after awhile... it looked a bit lower budget than I remembered. It's not fair to compare to Zeta/ZZ, but even Dragonar looked a bit better. Not that I care at all, but it just further makes me mad Sunrise didn't treat Takahashi better. On the other hand, I personally think Votoms looks better and more consistent, maybe even Galient as well... I think Votoms looks top notch all around. Maybe that character designer/animator levels things up a bit, who knows. BD's have spoiled me a bit lately though and whatever the source for those rips were, DVD's I guess, definitely weren't that great.

Akira_Sakura | 07-29-14, 1:21 PM
Votoms, Gundam and Ideon... are also my favourite series!

Echelon | 07-29-14, 8:27 AM
I can never get through this:

Echelon | 07-27-14, 9:29 PM
I think youtube deleted the amazing Votoms HnK MAD/AMV.

Now I'm crying.

Echelon | 07-27-14, 8:25 PM
Almost cried. Completely serious. Waited 5 years for subs. Now I will wait eternally for the rest of the story.

Echelon | 07-27-14, 3:47 PM

Echelon | 07-27-14, 12:12 PM
You don't post much on RB thesedays. I have an update on how I still feel about GFL:

Echelon | 07-27-14, 10:58 AM
Yeah probably. Lu Cain taking the reign later on... was probably just the beginning of him ruling and all. Definitely has all the elements to being an awesome main villain.

I like a lot of the cast all around. Not sure if Gosterro is likeable per se, but a good villain. Good voice, the looks, and the Freddy Krueger claw is awesome. Anna is surprisingly likeable, like a better Daisy pretty much. I've always liked David a lot too. Eiji's cool and stands out more than Crinn to me, but no comparison to Chirico haha. Arthur are co are funny, but it's hard to top Vanilla.

Echelon | 07-27-14, 7:29 AM
I was hoping for even more episodes haha. But yeah, I definitely can't complain with 50 at all.

Fairly sure Yazan would piss himself. Awesome stuff, but it is a bit sad he's taking up more time than Lu Cain right now.

Episode 33 was the Death Demon Squad battle, damn amazing.

Echelon | 07-26-14, 8:16 PM
I laughed pretty hard. Touche'.

So you've been saying the pacing is being extended a bit, would ~25-ish still be the midpoint you think?

Echelon | 07-25-14, 8:40 PM
The TV element helped make it more fun and entertaining. Otherwise yeah I generally hate goofy things like that haha, anything to do with going into someones innards. I liked the Justice stand a lot but Dan wins out against the old lady for me. You could just feel his beating coming too haha, almost slapped my own face when he tricked Jotaro into stealing lol. It was kind of cool basically seeing the stands completely detached from the characters in a sense, so just seeing them on their own was kind of cool. Technically they were still right there, but the shrinkage made that possible for them to appear solo.

These guys ARE dead when Jotaro kills some of them right? That was freaking hilarious just seeing what was left of his body buried in that tower.

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