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Hokuto no Ken
Hokuto no Ken add
Soukou Kihei Votoms
Soukou Kihei Votoms add
Mobile Suit Gundam
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Densetsu Kyojin Ideon
Densetsu Kyojin Ideon add
Mazinger Z
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Favorite Manga
Berserk add
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders add
Akira add
Dororon Enma-kun
Dororon Enma-kun add
Getter Robo Go
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Favorite Characters
Nagare, Ryoma
Kabuto, Kouji
Cuvie, Chirico
Kujo, Jotaro
Joestar, Joseph
Kira, Yoshikage

Favorite People
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Nagai, Go
Nagai, Go
Oshii, Mamoru
Oshii, Mamoru
Takahashi, Ryosuke
Takahashi, Ryosuke
Kamiya, Akira
Kamiya, Akira
Kageyama, Hironobu
Kageyama, Hironobu

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Echelon | 7 hours ago
I still want to read this stuff too. I have yet to really see anything I could call my favorite manga, but maybe this has that potential.

Echelon | 7 hours ago
How's it different? Maybe I should dig up some of Physica's old posts.

I did notice Jotaro being everywhere, but I guess I don't care. That just gets me more stoked for everything. But it sounds like you and others have confirmed that 1-3 are the most closely tied in parts? I'm always into time leaps and it's been a cool breath of fresh air.

I wonder what Hisoka would say on this, but I'm feeling like Araki is somewhat comparable to Togashi in some ways... but I already like him more. You can tell his blood ties into the 80's with everything, and overall his stuff kind of feels like it's perhaps a bit more seinen. The only comparisons I can think of are HnK obviously, then Guyver, and OVA's and such. Only a few authors can pull it off, but it's already point blank obvious that every single character that pops up in these is going to be inventive, cool, and interesting.

If BT was 100 episodes I would have loved it. It's a weird case, because you can't really fault the shortness at all (well maybe manga fans can say it could have covered a bit more? but you get what I'm saying), but that's just how good it was. So good you wanted more. I don't know where I'm going with this, but Physica definitely said from part 3 and on there's a lot more character development and stuff like that going on which I'm going to love, so this stuff is going to melt my face if I already loved the first two parts. SC is gonna give me what I wanted, more time.

Something that also cracks me up a lot about the series so far, is how the simplest and weirdest environments/locations are the battlegrounds for these batshit fights and events. Like... maybe it's just me, but it just cracks me up with the small local town jail in SC ep 1, then the nurses office in ep2, and this was the case with the first two parts. It feels like the series is always on the move and nowhere is safe (in a cool way). I'm all for those deserted mountains or temple grounds (Seiya haha), but this is just another thing that sets JoJo apart. Also gotta love how it incorporates all this craziness in modern settings. Just... what is this, the JOJO Genre?

Echelon | 9 hours ago
So it's slowed down? Not a bad thing heh... I noticed part 4 is two volumes longer than SC too, so man I hope they get to animate everything that's finished at this point now. Quite a bit of content to say the least I'm sure.

BoogiepopCorn | Yesterday, 12:45 PM
Of course, it seems a good writing method. I just went sad in the second arc because I wasn't prepared at all, and Joestar ends too soon. But I think I will fully appreciate it when I check the manga or maybe if I re-watch the second arc.

Did you like every arc from the manga?

Echelon | Yesterday, 8:29 AM
Awesome, yeah the faces look more consistently in line with SC.

Where's the rewatch counter for an airing show? I'm smelling a possible 10 for SC hah.

Echelon | 04-14-14, 9:37 PM
I think you mentioned the colors are a little all over for the JoJo stuff?

For Jotaro's pics I like this one the most:

This is like a different character? lol

Black was a good choice for the anime.

Echelon | 04-14-14, 8:15 PM
I usually do 720 but it's 1080 worth for me. Might go with this:

Plus, while I loved how hilarious GG's subs were, I'd like to see it in another (perhaps more accurate) translation. That's another plus to Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs to me, it's no BS and just straight up the official translation.

The BD's are uncut too right?

Echelon | 04-14-14, 7:57 PM
It's practically true and almost makes me appreciate it more now haha. Everyone is fucked up. The only sane person is like, Bright. Just doing his job.

So what's the best new set for JoJo (2012)? I suddenly just realized I want to rewatch it now.

Echelon | 04-14-14, 1:31 PM
The funny thing is I think without the tits/ecchi Kill la Kill would have been even cooler. Whenever Satsuki's team does stuff it's just freaking amazing. I like Uzu a lot (can't help but think of Guy). Guess I'm more into dudes when it comes to this stuff since it pulls off that hotblooded intensity so well haha. Satsuki is awesome herself though.

I cried.

"Casualties of War" lmao. I'm going to need some happy stuff after all this and Dark Souls.

Well nothing about Sarah was really bi-polar, unlike the others. She never really cried, whined, or flipped out. Compared to the other two she's amazing. I'll go ahead and say Reccoa is my least favorite, Four was awful, but Reccoa was in at least 2-3x more episodes and her betrayal and reasoning is terrible. Funny how good Fa got. Just glad my girls Fa and Haman made it out alive haha. Only to be underutilized. That ending is as fucked up as ever. Tomino wanted to throw in a taste of PTSD or something? I still can't help but feel like it was cut short somehow, despite not really moving things along in the middle... had plenty of time.

I love when Tomino does the weird focus on death and all, but this is arguably more depressing than Ideon and his other stuff to me. Here it's just like, "well this sucks" (I want to say Dunbine was similar in this regard). But with Ideon there was light on the other side. Maybe the execution here flopped or Tomino didn't get to fully develop what he was going for with this one.

Overall might still be my favorite Gundam though. But I can easily see how some might favor the original now. Zeta is a bi-polar experience itself lol. Tomino wise it's up in the air... but I'll admit a lot of Zeta does feel aimless and not really distinguishable, unlike L-Gaim which to me kind of felt like Votoms with diverse broken up parts. It's still unclear what the Titans exactly wanted, if anything. Jamitov looked like an idiot with no goals at all in the meeting with him, Haman, and Scirocco.

Now I need those Ideon BD's!

HisokaHajime | 04-14-14, 12:38 PM
Wait... I thought shoujo was your favorite genre. Ha, sounds about right. I knew you wouldn't be thrilled about all the cat fighting going on. Jeanne is by far the best of the crazy bitches though. She's such a mess lol. But as you've pointed out, I also knew there would be a lot of things you'd like about it. The best is yet to come.

"It's not mind-blowing or better than TTGL, but it's pretty solid"

Hit the nail on the head. That's exactly how I feel about it so far.

Echelon | 04-14-14, 11:34 AM
Took me a second to figure that out, hah. It's good. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. That's what it gets for being ADHD overdose. It's 10x better than anything else I've seen with this style (Dead Leaves, FLCL), but nowhere near Lagann for me. So solid stuff.

Few hours into DS1 again lmao. Blasting through it... weird how the textures look better than DS2, but admittedly does have more framerate problems. I think the controls were tighter and better in DS2 as well, kind of forgot how weirdly fluid you feel in a way sometimes here. Maybe I'll keep pressing on and beat it this time. Something about it does feel a bit more menacing and tougher already, lol.

Zeta... Haman takes on Scirocco, Sarah, and Reccoa all at once! Cue the Newtype power levels coming in now haha. I actually liked Sarah, even with that awful Katz stuff. I recall these last 5 being amazing, but up to this point it's like I want to say... it focused too much on characters and their relationships. That's usually something I'd never complain about and tend to want more out of Tomino stuff, but here hot damn I just don't like half these characters. Still not really rage inducing like others, but yeah.

Echelon | 04-13-14, 3:53 PM
Guess I needed a break on Zeta... haha. I think I'll put that ZZ rewatch on hold for a bit.

Echelon | 04-13-14, 3:37 PM
Even better, I threw a fire orb in some guys face when he did that. Bet he felt special lol.

I did it to rank up in this one covenant to get this armor!

But yeah, first playthrough is pretty much complete. Could grind for some other stuff but I'll probably jump ahead anyways, though I'll take a break for now.

HisokaHajime | 04-13-14, 12:55 PM
That's great to hear. I'm taking the current speed as a very good sign. Makes me giddy knowing this will be in the rotation for well over half a year. 9 to 10 months would be even better.

Switching gears to RoV. The water fountain scene with Charlotte losing her mind is one of the funniest things ever lol.

Echelon | 04-13-14, 12:46 PM
People that heal in PvP.

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