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Echelon | Yesterday, 8:25 PM

lol, yeah. I loved how the DLC bosses felt more advanced than the vanilla game bosses, ie they all seemed to have pretty dynamic movesets and could do a lot, making them feel more unpredictable than most others. Manus though... good lord those combo breaker attacks, his reach, his insane beam attack things, fucking ridiculous. I'm having a hard time even remembering how I beat him, like I can't visualize the moment I defeated him haha... even though I did, somehow. I may have died more against Gwyn, but Manus was far more terrifying and will probably always stand out as one of the craziest bosses in these games, cool design and arena too.

Dude, so the new Mortal Kombat is pretty amazing. Two of my friends got it and I'm shocked at how badass and fun it is. I guess I've heard MK9 was pretty good too, but this is awesome. I didn't like the bit of Injustice that I played (same devs and battle system I think), despite it sounding kind of popular. This new MK is way better than that. Never been a huge fan, but I think I'll get this one. It's got a nice roster that isn't too little or too much, probably ~20 characters. The first DLC pack is going to have Predator, Jason Voorhees, and two other characters haha.

Echelon | Yesterday, 6:38 PM
No worries dude... I'm positive Manus will fuck you up.


Echelon | Yesterday, 3:28 PM
Oh so I guess you know, haha. It's very cool seeing Sif there. I wonder what happens if he dies though... one good vid I've seen, the guy almost lost him near the end. It seems like a good idea to have him for distracting, otherwise it didn't look like he helped too much. I looked up where you find Sif and have no idea how that can be found normally, so I completely missed it myself.

I can't think of any issues with the Demon's weapons myself. There's a lot, but they remain to be unique enough for the most part, with maybe some weapons having two similar versions. More of a cluster in Dark with this and the armor. That's probably why I don't miss upgradeable armor in Demon's/Bloodborne at all... half the time it ends up feeling wasted because something else in its base level is better, same with the weapons. I see everyone for DS1 seems to use the Black Knight Sword, is that better than the Bastard Sword/Claymore?

Capra Demon isn't too bad to me, the environment being the toughest thing about it. Been awhile though... I feel like I must breeze through this area because I never remember much of that fight or that area. The weird slums and stuff before the sewers section or something. It was cool he became a normal enemy in the Demon Ruins, but I recall being able to kill him super easily at that point haha (even though I imagine the enemy version is different than the boss).

I've been watching all of this season of JoJo with some friends, so I imagine next time we get together I'll be caught up again.

Echelon | 04-17-15, 3:42 PM
I'll be shocked if the last boss in the DLC is not the hardest for you. Straight up the hardest boss in the entire fucking game to me. That or at the least, there is a huge gap between him and the other bosses, he's top tier hard by far. His moveset is massive. Good luck.

I didn't have much trouble with Artorias myself, so yeah different strokes.

The additional dragon is one of the toughest fights too. In the end, I had to resort to fat armor against this guy, the main final boss of the DLC, and Gwyn. Otherwise I kind of plowed through the rest of the game more legit and with style, but these monsters were insane.

There's something about the DLC that I almost kind of want to suggest or maybe spoil on a little, but I also don't want to. I had no idea how to trigger it, but I can't wait to see your reaction. Maybe you can somehow figure it out... *clueless* Now you're gonna kill me. Cryptic baby!

The idea of you becoming the next Great One is pretty cool. The Moon Presence' design was amazing. That eye attack beam thing it did... I couldn't tell if it just instantly destroyed all of your health, or I was surviving that by an inch? It was a bit hectic in that I was running out of vials, but otherwise a pretty easy fight. I still think Demon's has the best endings by far though.

I'm honestly surprised boss rush sections have never been a thing in these, even a chain reaction of easy bosses would be hellish. It needs to happen.

Echelon | 04-16-15, 8:08 PM
Dunno about you but this was one of my favorite boss fights in Dark, straight up Demon's stuff here. Wasn't really that hard, but it was really cool. Instead of lame fat armor like this guy, I put on the white armor that those ninja-like guys in Anor Londo have (had really high magic defense), so I was able to take a lot of hits while being really fast on my feet too. Felt good lol.

Echelon | 04-16-15, 7:42 PM
Dark Souls OST - Taurus Demon, yeah Bloodborne OST destroyed instantly.

Eh, yep I thought I remembered there were covenant related things like that. Don't think I'd have it in me. Not a big fan of Dark or Demon's trophy sets. I'm glad DS2 and Bloodborne went away from some of that stuff. Imagine if Bloodborne wanted you to get more than one weapon to 10, that's a playthrough per weapon. That said, Bloodborne's trophy set was probably too easy and simple. I guess nothing will ever rival Megaman 10's "Mr Perfect" for me anyways.

You're in for a treat with the lore then and the new areas were just fantastic. Completely felt like it was lost content that was originally there, totally feels natural.

What NG are you on with this file anyways? lol... I wonder if the DLC bosses will even be possible.

So I beat Moon Presence, didn't really help explain anything more. I'm pretty confused on the connection between Gerhman and Moon Presence? Is he being controlled? Is he truly bad in the end? Clueless.

Echelon | 04-16-15, 5:00 PM
For the most part, yeah:

The platinum looks a bit tedious to me, but I don't know. Let me know how it goes. Seems like half of it is another Demon's "Get Best Weapon for X stuff".

Echelon | 04-15-15, 8:44 PM
Oh, going right for the DLC or something? You'll really just want to look it up, I'd be shocked if anyone can figure out how to trigger and access it themselves haha. You might need to be very late game though, but I have no idea.

Report back with how badly the DLC bosses are destroying you. lol

Echelon | 04-15-15, 7:30 PM
Guess you already made your choice, no going back now.

Echelon | 04-15-15, 6:53 PM
What was the fetus ending? That Honest Trailer kind of spoiled it for me, but I guess I didn't really care (and as I just read your spoiler haha, oh well. Not like any of this context still fully explains it all!) The Chikage just looked hilarious with your fight with Paarl and was probably a handicap, as you said the LHB is almost as damaging, faster, longer, and isn't draining your health...

Now I feel like I can keep going and hit up DS2 soon. It'll just be nice to Praise the Sun again and have environment overload after this and I'm really looking forward to the music and sound effects again.

I do have to mention though, after listening to more DS1 music again and just randomly reading things... just about everyone else is saying exactly what you've told me about Four Kings and such. "This song... the nightmares of NG+" etc haha. Maybe that one has the biggest spike with its NG+. Demon's feels the most archaic and so that might make it the most difficult for some, but if I had to pick one, DS1 is the one that feels like it's the most evil game out to kill you... so I'll look forward to NG+ sometime and see if it lives up to it, sounds like it should.

I couldn't decipher that circuit but having taken some electronics courses, it's amusing that it doesn't look totally alien to me lol.

Echelon | 04-15-15, 4:34 PM
Not sure if you missed some words in the question haha, when I beat it? Think I was 80 something on my NG.

Sadly the music doesn't stand out at all now that I'm taking some longer breaks in between picking it up. I'd say the single only song that I can recall a bit is the hub theme, mainly the second part when it's a bit more upbeat or has more to it. But it's still nothing compared to The Nexus or Manjula. Hopefully DS2's music will be another perk to giving you a better experience. I don't think I could pick between that or DS1 since they blend in, but that's certainly not a bad thing. DS2's OST is just simply more of that stuff.

Overall Demon's OST is my favorite, even if I'm usually more into the more upbeat/intense styled scores that Dark Souls has a bit more of with the boss battles. But Demon's is just so different and unique. I feel like Allant's theme could have been better or different though, that one doesn't stand out as much as the others to me.

Demon's just wins at everything.

Klonoa79H | 04-15-15, 3:24 PM
Thanks for the chart, currently downloading everything, looks like a cool series, seems very much like Cross of Iron and Apocalypse Now in terms of tone and atmosphere. I also like the designs, they remind me of Patlabor in the sense that they are more about practicality rather than being super elaborate.

About Smough and Ornstein, on my first playthough of Demon Souls, I mainly focused on health, whereas on replays I always focused on dexterity and attack power, which very much helped me with Dark Souls. I wonder if that will help with Bloodborne.

Klonoa79H | 04-15-15, 8:38 AM
Whats the watch order for VOTOMS? I know I should watch the TV show first, but where do the others fall in?

Echelon | 04-14-15, 7:12 PM
Oh yeah... that rings a bell, that was around the time they started releasing Unicorn I think. Not much since then I guess. But then the Unicorn releases were like 1-2 episodes per disc, eh lol.

My favorite armor set is probably the Executioner's set with that triangular gold head thing (I think that is the head piece for this armor set), makes me feel like I'm Pyramid Head pretty much haha.

Never even bothered with the mages above lol. That boss was too damn fat and huge to have those mages even be a problem it seemed, because I swear I thought its body was blocking stuff for me. On the other hand it's suicide to fight the Tower Knight without taking out those archers!

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