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Hokuto no Ken
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Soukou Kihei Votoms
Soukou Kihei Votoms add
Mobile Suit Gundam
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Densetsu Kyojin Ideon
Densetsu Kyojin Ideon add
Mazinger Z
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Favorite Manga
Berserk add
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
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Akira add
Dororon Enma-kun
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Getter Robo Go
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Favorite Characters
Nagare, Ryoma
Kabuto, Kouji
Cuvie, Chirico
Kujo, Jotaro
Joestar, Joseph
Kira, Yoshikage

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Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Tomino, Yoshiyuki
Nagai, Go
Nagai, Go
Oshii, Mamoru
Oshii, Mamoru
Takahashi, Ryosuke
Takahashi, Ryosuke
Kamiya, Akira
Kamiya, Akira
Kageyama, Hironobu
Kageyama, Hironobu

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girlyman | 8 hours ago
Also I do not see any violence jack on your list. Is it that bad? The manga must not be as bad as the anime at least.

girlyman | 9 hours ago
You seem to be the expert on go nagai. What would be a good order to start with any of his works manga wise, for a newcomer.

Physica_Fulcrum | 04-21-14, 9:08 PM
Here is what I wrote today, I was thinking about doing a play-by-play of each final battle, then the pros and cons (I will try hard to think of cons for even my favorite parts haha), and then comparing them. Or something. Well, I will think more about how to do it later. But it would be "Showdown of the showdowns" or something haha. But I have to go to sleep since I have to work tomorrow, so I didn't even finish going through Part 3.

Echelon | 04-21-14, 7:09 PM
For whatever reason The Valley of Defilement was not an issue for me. I really don't know how I easily got through it (powerleveled from level 4? haha), since I can easily see how people hate it. That said I certainly do not like it, it wasn't one I cared to revisit haha. DS2 had two areas similar to these... easily my least favorite parts, all the way down to enemy and level design wise (visually), yet at the same time I can't help but laugh and bask in the misery so it's like these places are to be expected haha. Something like that.

I think the castle-esque levels tend to be my favorites.

Blighttown was annoying as balls my first run, those dart guys were such a pain in the ass with toxic being death pretty much unless you had those super moss healing items. This time around though I got through it pretty easily. However I would say that swamp part in Defilement got me several times. I recall in the "second half" of the area (if that somehow makes sense), there was some item on an island... but there were like 2-3 of those enemies or some others in the distance that would ambush you. I recall dying there a lot.

DS2 has these nasty stone things that spit poison at you, it usually only takes like two hits to poison you. You could chop them down but there was typically like 6-10 around together too. I'd easily say that, poison resistance is kind of crucial in that one.

I'm at the Crystal Cave now so I guess that was my choice haha. The Dukes Archives... dude, 10/10. The twirling tower when the weird music came in melted my face off and I thought I was feeling like a boss with the Silver Knight armor and all, but suddenly those crystal guys are everywhere (and the archers somehow were doing huge damage) topped off with those magic casters. Wow this place was tough and completely amazing to look at. Definitely hard to top Anor Londo and this, one of the main big castles in DS2 was weirdly disappointing to me, or I just didn't like the look. It was super gray and looked kind of flat. I don't know, you'll just have to see it.

Crystal Cave is completely jacked up.

Physica_Fulcrum | 04-21-14, 4:37 PM
Your order sounds good to me. I will have to think about it for myself, but 3 and 4 are my top contenders as well. I will try to write something up this week with pictures that hopefully will be interesting to read. Thanks for the idea.

For manliness, I think it would be neat if Otokojuku or Kinnikuman would get some new anime or something.

Echelon | 04-21-14, 3:11 PM
Yeah with the newest patches I wonder if you'd be able to notice some differences. It sounds like DS2 supposedly got even easier with the latest patch or something, like they gimped bosses even more? haha what the.

What was your order of operations when you got the Lordvessel? My progress is slowing and my time is creeping up to my last run haha, but I'm doing way better. I know the Painted World is doable since I did it before, but I guess I'm saving it for now and want to see some new stuff. I guess The Dukes Archives is maybe the natural next step? I fought Seeth, died which seems triggered and am now captured or something... interesting.

Physica_Fulcrum | 04-21-14, 1:46 PM

Echelon | 04-20-14, 8:36 PM
I think Jenova came to mind too haha. I tried a few times, but yeah one fight I'll have to get back to later. There was something similar in DS2... but not FOUR haha, damn it's scary as balls trying to kill one and you see another in the distance zooming in. Yeah, the atmosphere is just insane. Seems DS1 gets weirder later on haha. The weirder the better. Still, this and Demon's definitely have some cryptic moments that would almost be impossible without looking things up haha.

I have no idea how I never found the Dukes Archives in my first run. I loaded up that character and was even at Anor Londo... maybe I found it but just stopped right there for some reason. I think I quickly realized what was wrong with my first build, I had like 5 slots for magic (pyromancy and some healing stuff). My DEX was lower than my VIT too which is kind of the opposite of what I've been doing with these STR builds. I still got one slot for magic, but I can probably stop there and just be manly only using flasks to heal.

Ohhhhh I did invade Lautrec. I'll have to double check that stuff.

I have weird memories of my brief encounter with the Demon Ruins. For some reason I've seen multiple videos off and on where people go there and fight another Capra Demon, but wherever the hell I ended up actually had like a dozen minotaur monsters hanging around and they were like boss fights, at least with my character. WTF, no idea where I was haha.

In the newest patch they fixed tricks taking down that red drake at the bridge. So I still haven't done that yet. At first it also felt like stocked humanities while fighting things popped up more often, but now suddenly I haven't seen that in a long time. Strange.

Oh, also get how hilariously bad this is. I joined the Forest Hunters, Sif killed me once so when I respawned back at the bonfire by that sealed door... I went back in and those humans were just standing there. I thought for whatever reason maybe something glitched, so I killed the mage guy, then the others attacked me along with some new guy who was pissed. Then I realized what I had done, lmao. The cat thing said something and disappeared... forever until NG+? lmao. Oops.

Going from HnK styled men to mostly female characters... sounds so alien haha.

Echelon | 04-20-14, 5:01 PM
Wow the Four Kings fight is crazy and cool. For some reason their design is one of the coolest and most intimidating things I've seen in the series.

Freaking incredible, I think it weirdly reminds me of Xenogears or something.

Echelon | 04-20-14, 3:53 PM
The Slam Dunk guy might be Miura level. Not so much in Slam Dunk, but google Vagabond sometime. Looks freaking insane.

So... does his designs get more feminine as the series goes or what? haha. I can see myself favoring ~1-4 the most as well with those Kenshiro-isms.

Okay so the Firelink Shrine Firekeeper died in both playthroughs, can you even save her or what? Does this make all the NPC's leave forever? That'd piss me off. lol

Also being the closest one to New Londo Ruins... doesn't help. So I'm having to warp from another to that one only to die in New Londo since there's no bonfire whatsoever there. lol

girlyman | 04-20-14, 3:34 PM
I sure do love me some baad cosplay.

Echelon | 04-20-14, 9:29 AM
Are the newer parts in decent quality?

The way his art evolves looks crazy too. I'm guessing ~3 was his best era haha, or just could be my preference from the things I've seen.

Echelon | 04-19-14, 7:51 PM
Hilarious how fast I caught up here in DS1 and I'm not even speed running or anything. Almost caught up to my original character, 20 hours less lol.

Earlier I actually meant jumping back into DS2 for a NG+ there. Maybe I can rotate them haha. Now I'm wondering if I like DS2 the most because of how massive and diverse it was. WTF? Maybe I should just stick to thinking Demon's is still my favorite haha. I feel like DS2 could be one that might be easiest to replay and experiment with though.

Lisa Lisa was sexy, awesome design and all too. Wait, can you confirm if this is her? For some reason this looks like Alita.

I think I just love how both male/females here have roots in more classic realistic designs. The ridiculous attire and outfits are what's out there haha, but those rock too.

Damn, I wonder if the opening for Phantom Blood is my favorite.

So, if physically possible, how would you rank the parts so far?

Echelon | 04-19-14, 1:45 PM
Is that real? lmao.

Kind of funny how hot/mature the women are in JoJo (like episode 2, those were schoolgirls?) hardly see these types anymore haha.

Your guess is as good as mine, still need to hit up more of Dezaki's stuff myself. It's kind of a shame Cobra wasn't longer, I think even back then there was still more material to cover that the newer OVA's ended up doing. But yeah the original series topped off with his style is amazing. I think he does crazy bitches and that drama well, but easy to see how it's not for everyone. I still wouldn't compare RoV to other shoujo I've seen, but yeah. The last half was pretty amazing and as dark as it was, I looked up all those events and damn the anime was the nice version to say the least. lol

Les Misérables was an interesting blend, pretty WMT in the first half but then it got into the French Revolution stuff. I just can't get enough of that stuff. Was some of my favorite moments from Remy too. A whole series around those events would be cool.

So stoked for Joe.

One thing they changed quite a bit in DS2 is how the item degradation works. I definitely like it a lot more, I forgot how often you have to repair stuff in Demon's/DS1. In DS2 bonfires repair your stuff, lol. But that said, I probably saw the most "item is at risk" warnings throughout, and there were fluids, etc, lots of moments that break your armor. Rings broke a few times. When they fully break, the bonfires obviously don't repair that so you you have to go to a smith, the rings were pretty expensive to repair. Definitely a good change overall to me. you still had to manage it, but didn't have to bother repairing 10 things at the bonfire lol. Not that this is ever expensive, but just a little tedious.

Echelon | 04-19-14, 12:12 PM
Two seasons would be more to my liking.

Dio is already 10x cooler than he was in Phantom Blood. They're definitely playing him off well.

Is part 4's villain your favorite? The series totally delivers in that department.

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