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Echelon 10 hours ago
One of my friends, one of the last ones I would guess to do this, has been getting through Bloodborne pretty well. He's at Rom. I convinced him to get Demon's haha. I have no idea what his reaction will be, but he wants to check them all out now. He's like the last guy you'd expect to appreciate old games but he does and seems to have no issues replaying old stuff, so I don't think its age will bother him at all. Then there's other friends who seem like more consistent hardcore gamers but they cry when they can't have 60 FPS and can't go back a gen or two. Weirdness.

Anyways within this venture, it looks like Dark Souls 1 is apparently rare now. I guess I'm not that surprised, with it being Namco. They probably don't produce as many copies as other big publishers. The 360 version still looks more available, but nobody wants that crap. So he found Demon's for a better price for now. I wouldn't be surprised if Demon's is even more limited, but still obscure and many people pass it up so it's easier to get.

Well maybe it's not rare, but the prices seem to be rising so it's holding its value. $45-50 new right now.
Echelon May 4, 7:35 PM
Guessing you can't infuse it either? lol
Echelon May 4, 5:40 PM
That makes me think of this that I stumbled upon last night, the first one made me feel terrible:

So much of that in DS3, how the mighty kingdom of DS1 has fallen. I skipped half that video though, looked like spoilers.

Oh man they messed up the Moonlight Sword? That sucks. Yeah I want to run through the main game of Bloodborne with that weapon and the DLC stuff. I'm going to laugh if the DLC is a cake walk for us compared to what we did. I could imagine it's still maybe harder than the late game NG material, but not by much. No idea.
Echelon May 4, 3:33 PM
Don't tempt me haha, does sound like a challenge I'd like.

Honestly I was thinking magic might be fun in DS3, for PVE at least. I think it's simply because of the MP bar... so yeah if I ever try a magic character I think Demon's and DS3 would be the most fun to try. Then again DS2 was pretty stacked with magic stuff, who knows. I'm curious as I'm guessing you are too, but I wonder if it'll only be a few hours in and I'll have an "arms up in the air" moment and get bored or say fuck it and just want to beat stuff up with a sword. lol

Demon's could be hilarious though, since it seems like magic is really OP in that one. One shotting bosses and crap.

But I see these games as the same type as Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, etc, which I replay constantly, and these games are no different. The repay value is going to be endless.

I actually kind of want to do a new character on Bloodborne soon, at least to take out that fucking fire Cleric Beast since I don't have the patience for it on my NG++ character. That 98% for my trophies bugs the hell out of me.
Echelon May 3, 7:11 PM
$80 game. lol, it'll be amazing, but yeah I agree. I want that content right out the gate. Just feels like with this model they intentionally strip things out to release later. Bleh.

I might make a new character when they come out... kind of learned my lesson after doing Bloodborne DLC on NG++ for a first run. lmao
Echelon May 3, 4:10 PM
Oh and from earlier, no I wasn't mixing up Vigor and VIT. I kind of stopped touching Vigor after awhile. I know you kind of get some stat gains from every level up (I think), but it really felt like after I started putting more into VIT again I was able to take a lot more hits, as maybe seen in my last two boss runs with Lothric and Nameless King. Granted, by leveling that up it also let me put on heavier armor while keeping the fast roll, so maybe it's just the armor that was saving me. But it was giving me a lot of gain in physical defense across the board. I like how it's more than just equip load. In general though I feel like the armor isn't as OP in this one as it was in 1-2, not sure though. It definitely does more than Demon's and Bloodborne, but feels like they kind of hit a nice balance.

And although the HP bar looks like it stops growing afterawhile, I'm sure the actual numbers behind the bar are still there so it's beneficial. But yeah I really wonder if it was VIT that was saving me.
Echelon May 3, 4:02 PM
This isn't the first YYH JoJo mashup haha. Awesome stuff.

Dude yeah, I should have mentioned the third shrine as well. I'd say it's obviously a different third one, or the same at another point in time... then you step outside and what the fuck were you looking at? That image alone really enforces some kind of looping time or distorted dimensions thing for sure. I guess maybe it's a spoiler, but I was wondering if that looks different depending on the ending you build up to. It looks so unnatural and unnerving, I even felt bad and depressed, like here is this insane world I just traversed through, and now some enormous Earthquake or battle completely demolished it and it's all fucked up. How and when did that happen? Literally probably stood there for minutes looking at that and wondering what the hell.

I may run back to the beginning of the Unattended Graves area in the tutorial portion, I wonder if you see anything if you look up from where you supposedly enter after the Ocerious battle.

Have they even confirmed DLC for this one though? With that second article popping up of Miyzaki saying it's over and they're already working on a new IP, sounds like they've leaving it behind already.
ZetaZaku May 3, 4:32 AM
Popularity can really get in the way sometimes. Same thing happened both to SDF Macross and Nadia. I guess Macross made it out the best out of all, the epilogue arc at least had good ideas going on. It's a shame, they could have extended it in other ways, without killing off the good villains midway and introducing whole new line of villains. It was kind of like Digimon Adventure where completely random villains keep popping up.

Nagahama seems to have liked that VA, since he's also the villain in Raideen and Daltanius. If Voltes has all the good parts from Combattler V and does everything right, I'll have great fun with it. And I think you compared Daimos to Rose of Versailles once, which instantly sold the show for me.
Echelon May 2, 8:06 PM
Always liked this dudes channel for some Souls stuff:

But I wonder if I ever popped up trying to kill the host here, or if someone else was doing a stream like this. This was pissing me off for someone that was wanting some shackles. lol

Err well guess this guy is on PC, but yeah wonder if I popped up on another one haha.
Echelon May 2, 6:25 PM
That does help clear things up. I should have looked into the wiki more too, checking out all the caps now. Where did you stop with Vigor? I'm at 26 and feel like I could do with less honestly. VIT has helped a lot. It's funny how the embered state doesn't give much of an HP boost after awhile either, it's barely noticeable. But everything helps of course.

Never knew that about DS1... as much as I hated getting invaded in Demon's and DS1, I kind of miss that "game over" feeling when someone popped up. Like whelp, may as well put the controller down. The matchmaking was completely messed up and people were just toying with you. lol, I'm glad I got to experience it just a little in Demon's at least, in my first run years ago. I don't remember getting invaded at all during my replay last year.
Echelon May 2, 4:37 PM

Oh yeah, I'm figuring after killing everyone, before going into NG+ I should pay off my sins?
Echelon May 2, 4:30 PM
Knocked out the Aldrich and Wolf covenant stuff today. I started with 14 Swordgrass, but this run for these two grinding bits alone... currently sitting at 713,700 souls haha. Still got tons of their drops to sell too.

So for late game builds, does scaling end up coming through in the end? Basically this is what I'm getting at, so say I have one point to spend and STR is diminished only showing a point or two increase in one attack slot. But DEX is showing perhaps three points in attack and some other areas improve as well. In the end though, if a weapon is going to scale with STR or INT/Faith, is it better to spend the point there even though on paper it doesn't look as good with DEX supposedly looking more appealing?

Hope that makes sense. Feel like I've asked you this before haha. I'm assuming scaling is the key, since you seem to do your builds that way. Stopping DEX at whatever is required for what you're using. I have my eyes on Richard's Rapier, needs a hefty 20 DEX though. I just know his weapon is ridiculous if it's anything like the other games haha. Going to join the LIGHTNING soon. And never look back. I wonder if you can still buff Lightning infused weapons with Sunlight Blade or something?

Also when killing NPC's, do you kill covenant NPC's too? Not sure if that messes up any next runs or whatever. I guess the only character I can think of is the Darkmoon woman. I'm going by some suggestions on the ps3trophies forum, and got all this covenant stuff out of the way except for the Blue shits, so I'll just jump into NG+ focusing on the questlines and hopefully get summoned along the way. I still have only been summoned ONCE this entire freaking run, no joke. So something has to be up. Though a lot of people think players just aren't using the Way of the Blue at all so that doesn't help. Not like I blame them though... don't really need help late game other than for bosses, where you can just summon people. I think they should have had a blue soapstone or something special for this.

Have you peaked around the wiki forums yet? Some interesting lore theories haha: - really cool idea but needs more evidence I think - see below for more on this... - jumping through time? The player is in some kind of purgatory. Check out a few posts below, someone notes that some of the areas don't have the sinking Moon in the background. Crazy stuff to think about, but yeah weird...
Echelon May 2, 11:47 AM
Yeah Big O seems like it'll be one of the better choices there. I dig the Batman-esque style too, haha.

"Also how the hell have you not seen Giant Robo"

Been asking that myself for years. Big fan of the director so I'm sure it's going to be good stuff.
ZetaZaku May 1, 11:06 PM
What happened to Combattler V? First half was pretty good, and Garuda was a good villain. And then the second half became repetitive, plus had that Kerot, which wasn't that annoying, but completely pointless addition. I have to say that the second half had some redeeming moments, like character specific episodes and Dungele's final episodes. But overall, the final episode really managed to piss me off, which rarely happens. I just really like Combattler V in Super Robot Wars, so it was disappointing seeing it end like that, with Deus Ex Machina. I was actually going to praise the show for killing off the professor and the whole lab, but they made them survive right in the first minute of the next episode.

At least knowing that Voltes V and Daimos are better than this is good to know. Looking forward to them once I'm done with Getter Robo G and Daitarn 3.
Echelon May 1, 9:22 PM
Some people think the summoning might be dependent on the playthrough as well. I'm seeing a lot more success stories from people on NG+.