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Echelon | Yesterday, 8:55 PM
Hopefully we'll get a directors cut elsewhere.

Still... looks like the PS3/360 could easily handle it... lol, wonder why it's Xbone only.

Echelon | Yesterday, 4:08 AM
Holy crap this looks cool:

Xbone exclusive though? Weird...

Echelon | 09-17-14, 6:51 PM
Dropping truth bombs in the club. heh

ZetaZaku | 09-17-14, 2:53 AM
I won't be able to finish Victory until next week, but I'll tell you what I'll think about the finale.

So far it's a weak UC Gundam show, but I actually found it better than ZZ Gundam, and I didn't dislike ZZ. I still prefer Victory over some AU shows like Wing, Seed, AGE and 00. Victory Gundam just feels like a typical Tomino show. The newtype hacks in Victory are a bit silly, with Shakti being Jesus, but it doesn't beat the Newtype dolphins from After War Gundam X haha.

I guess the only thing I dislike at this point is how often Shakti got people killed. The first time it was understandable, she thought that she could change her uncle's mind. Second time I could let it slide again. But at this point, it became annoying how often she would get people killed with her stunts.

So I don't know, I guess I'd call Victory average at best. Right now everything depends on how bad I'll find the finale.

Echelon | 09-16-14, 5:04 PM
Makes me wanna listen to Beastie Boys for some reason. lol

Sums it up haha. Imagine being dude # 782,138 in there.

I'm thinking they've always had a belief in the afterlife? Even though modern China are not religious at all from what I understand, though maybe a lot of Buddhist elements?

Physica_Fulcrum | 09-16-14, 12:30 PM
My girlfriend is big on Japanese toy collecting, so I have accounts on..amiami, hobby search, plamoya, HLJ. I think I've used Anime-Island for a toy, and maybe some others. So I'm regularly buying Japanese toy stuff for her. She finds good deals sometimes, but it seems like they definitely go fast. There are some toys, like when pre-orders go up they sell out in hours. Seems like a big business, but even with deals it can end up expensive (the amount I pay for shipping mostly).

I appreciate when Medicos repaints a figure and makes it available again (even if sometimes the colors aren't quite as cool as the original, but sometimes they are, it just depends). I'd love to have full sets of JJBA toy stuff. I think the last one I got was a Medicos Buccellati. Then I was going to get Sticky Fingers, but things happened and I had to put my toy dreams on hold haha. I'd like to get the Jolyne and Stone Free too. One of these days, I always tell myself haha.

Yeah, I like Akira Kurosawa movies a lot (I don't care what other more "sophisticated" movie viewers from this one movie forum I used to frequent say, just thinking about those guys...ugh haha). For favorites, well, I guess if I had to choose...I am not the best person to ask about Kurosawa, because I really like his later, less well-liked color stuff just as much as his others. He was one of my early entry points into serious movie-watching, like each movie of his was a big experience for me. I get why people don't like Dreams (my personal favorite Kurosawa, 2nd favorite is Ran) or Rhapsody in August or Madadayo, but I just am not on their wavelength. What Kurosawa have you been watching lately or liked best?

It is rarer to get to talk about Kobayashi. Harakiri is definitely my favorite Kobayashi directed movie and for me I would rank it head to head with (and above) the best of Kurosawa. Samurai Rebellion is worthwhile too, and I am sure someone out there prefers it over Harakiri/Seppuku.

It is funny, but years ago I used to run this Tatsuya Nakadai (one of my favorite actors) online fansite haha. I think one of my favorite days was when a certain cast member of the tv show Deadwood joined the fan group haha. So back in my early college days, I was watching every Nakadai movie I could find to write about his appearances in them, importing the ones that didn't have R1 dvds or vhs and stuff. Anyway, it took me quite awhile to get hold of, but I finally got to see The Human Condition trilogy and it was a fulfilling (but harrowing) experience (at the time it was rare to find, luckily it is easily available now and in much better video and sound quality). If Harakiri was not so re-watchable (and shorter), the Human Condition would be my favorite Kobayashi work of what I have seen - but it is hard to revisit due to length and subject matter. Nakadai gives probably one of his best (of many great) performances over the course of 9 or so hours in the Human Condition. But, Harakiri is definitely the one to seek out after watching Kwaidan.

Well, I guess I am hyping Harakiri too much, but I didn't expect anyone would be typing about Kobayashi on MAL haha.

Physica_Fulcrum | 09-16-14, 8:08 AM
I saw the Jolyne one, but not the Anasui or Stone Free. Very cool. I wish I had some money to get a few more lately.

I also wish Medicos didn't have to cancel their Kinnikuman line. I have their Warsman, but I really wanted the Kinnikuman Soldier one.
(this was the prototype)

Echelon | 09-15-14, 9:32 PM ??? lol

Face Off is so awesome haha.

I think it connects to the Three Kingdoms stuff. Kind of funny in comparison to the Korean vs Han stuff I've been seeing in drama, they talk about numbers in the thousands, and 10,000 if we're talking big time with the Han. But this movie... was talking about 800,000 and it looked like it. Gets me even more curious about China's history with itself. The basis of the story with this one was that the prime minister wanted to conquer some areas to gain more power and unsurp the throne from the emperor. The prime minister having an empire to himself with numbers like that, just sounds weird almost... but if Chinese wars were that insanely massive it makes sense, there's just no way in hell they could have controlled everything, no matter how imposing said emperor or some dynasty might be.

Just funny since I was thinking about it with this drama stuff while watching it. More is better but then there is a limit after all, haha...

Echelon | 09-14-14, 8:21 PM
Here was a decent trailer:

Echelon | 09-14-14, 7:42 PM
Red Cliff was epic haha, John Woo. Definitely my kind of stuff and it stayed grounded in reality (for the most part) which I liked, so no fantasy here. It was just brutal intense historical warfare. Guess there's a 2nd one so hopefully I can find it.

Yeah that's a good way to put it all. Now I'm laughing thinking... maybe I should say CV is better than RE3? haha, a lot sure does happen plot wise in that one, and it arguably does fall back on the roots a bit with the hillside mansion location. Just too bad it didn't look as good. Still, I beat this one up but it's still a great game. Might go for it after RE3 if I'm still in the mood lol.

Echelon | 09-14-14, 4:07 PM
Have you seen Red Cliff?

Echelon | 09-14-14, 3:43 PM

Here's the only problem with RE2...
REmake ~ 9 hours
RE2 ~ 4 hours

Granted REmake adds a lot and they both have the multiple scenario thing, but yeah. RE4 changes the perspective but I think it's easy to argue RE2 is the one that actionified(?) the franchise. I'm always almost shocked how little is left after the police department haha, some underground areas, the sewers, then the lab, and it's just straight up linear. The police station itself isn't even half as complex as the RE1 mansion.

The linearity doesn't bug me at all really though and I did play the multiple scenarios in the past to get the full story and real final boss fight (might skip it this time around). And granted, if I actually owned this stuff as a kid you can bet I probably would have beaten it a dozen times over replaying it all the time, maybe like you? lol

If REmake 2 could have happened it probably would have been awesome if they added a few more large sections to extend things. Or I was thinking maybe they could have handled the multiple scenarios differently and fused them all into one big experience, with Claire, and the playable Ada stuff.

Boss battles... RE1 hands down, yeah.

I still love Wesker in the first though, think I discovered a few new details this time around. New the end he starts operating on his own when he wants to get the T-Virus and in RE2 there were even some Umbrella notes calling him a "renegade" and blaming him for losing the mansion. I forget he was the captain in rank for STARS too. What gets me there is how he possibly could have manipulated them into doing things, but maybe it would have been too obvious and they would have been suspicious.

I thought Ada's love for John was legit and maybe it still is, but going through RE2 again just made it sound like she was using him to get a hold of the T-Virus.

So it'll probably just forever be a mystery exactly who Ada and Wesker both worked for separately, or maybe by RE5's time Wesker had control of Umbrella then, since he was The Matrix.

RE4 to me is just fun as hell. This is 2005, DMC3 Clover era Capcom! I've just always loved it because of the gameplay and it's still got a nice atmosphere. Still one of my top favorites but I seem to be a rare case that can keep it separate from the previous games and appreciate both forms.

I'm also not too big on the las plagus though. This is a funny good thing I can say about RE6... but I thought the monster designs and stuff going on there were better than RE4/RE5, it was definitely more back to the roots of RE's monster stuff with virus mutations and cool zombie shit.

Started up RE3. Still love this one, damn it just looks so good. Although you're in the city it still does a great job of making you feel locked up in this rundown apocalypse. The backdrops are just so damn detailed and awesome. It's a different vibe than RE1 and RE2, but I still like it. It does introduce the quick turn and just runs better (the camera angle cuts are faster than RE2). The ammo reload making tool was stupid though haha. Man you are completely drowning in weapons in this one. But still... it's just a lot of fun and has great atmosphere.

I'm still laughing at how bonkers the intro is though, it really doesn't explain at all why Jill is there in the midst of all the chaos. It just opens up like she's been there for a long time for who knows why, yet ... they all get out safely after RE1. Pretty sure I remember this one has like nothing interesting plot wise, but it'll be fun.

"RE is more like a rewarding video game experience in general... not sure if that makes sense?"

Makes perfect sense I'd say. I was laughing the other day thinking about the combat in Silent Hill... because it just doesn't come to mind when I think about them haha. Almost like you could call them adventure games instead. I do prefer combat or some form of "game" in my games, but this might be one series that wouldn't have bugged me if they didn't have any. Kind of like SH2 and the lack of boss battles, it just doesn't matter without them. So RE delivers more in that satisfaction of beating stuff and killing things, lol.

Echelon | 09-13-14, 8:49 PM
Yeah I was watching some videos of Parasite Eve 2, you'll hate me for this comparison, but it looked like survival horror with VATS (new Fallout) for the combat lol. Looks awesome. First game had amazing atmosphere and music. I'm not even sure why I stopped when I was playing it, though I do think the gameplay was kind of boring or too easy after awhile, dunno.

Turns out RE2 has the "bag" so you can upgrade your inventory limit. Probably in the others too.

I like RE3 a lot more than most apparently, but I'd still put RE2 above it. PSX wise RE2 is probably my favorite for sure. It's simplified compared to the first, but I like the atmosphere as you get deeper into the game... literally with the sewers, labs, etc. It's got a bit more of that than the others and I just love that stuff. The Licker and the G-Virus encounters are nice additions. Although RE1 has some amazing songs, RE2 is probably more consistent there too.

What's interesting is being able to compare them to Silent Hill now though. Almost wonder if I like Silent Hill more now haha... but I'm probably just still high on it. I do like how they handle maps a lot more though, but then you've kind of got that "locked/jammed/broken" joke going on after awhile with all the doors. I think I just get OCD and like how it auto updates. In REmake it was nice because the maps would highlight rooms in red if there were still obtainable items in it. RE2 isn't quite as advanced and doesn't even mark the typewriters. But the thing about RE is I'm noticing 90% of the time when you find the maps, you've already covered the whole place. Kind of weird.

Silent Hill are heavier experiences and more linear which isn't a bad thing, but Resident Evil has the charm. Plus I think there's no denying Silent Hill wouldn't have existed without RE setting the blueprints, and then RE owes it to Alone in the Dark and stuff like you've mentioned. Just safe to say Silent Hill is up there with my favorite franchises ever now.

Obviously I love RE4 way more than you, but it's kind of funny and a shame the series was all over the place during the DC/GC/PS2 era. Code Veronica is good, Zero is decent enough, and we did get REmake... but then there were the rail shooters, Dead Aim which looks weird, and probably some other junk. The milking had begun. Silent Hill didn't stray from the main formula and knocked out gold with 2-4. I'd put REmake and RE4 among that caliber, but I really hate how the RE games are all over the place and they had weird exclusivity going too. I've always seen people claim REmake sales weren't all that great because of the GC, who knows. I'd believe it, but I just really don't give a damn about that purple thing haha.

The dream scenario would be... everything on the PS2, RE2-RE3 get the REmake treatment, CV is in the same engine as REmake/Zero, and maybe we get one more with the classic style or RE4 could have been a spinoff. FUCK!!!

Another interesting thing that gets me is that Silent Hill actually doesn't use many pre-rendered backdrops, if any really (maybe just SH1). Yet those games have aged insanely well. So when I was replaying REmake, it still felt very different and had its own flavor compared to Silent Hill, when it comes to the graphics. But Silent Hill manages to look just as good in its own way. I think they really mastered the use of blacks to mask the limitations of the hardware, maybe it's just the old school fan in me talking but I seriously think they look better than tons of new stuff out there that are 10 years newer than them. They had style and the polish.

Echelon | 09-13-14, 6:49 PM
Went ahead and jumped on RE2 again instead. Already cleared out the main floors of the police station lol. It is a little unfair to compare it to REmake... but it's hard not to. I do like how RE2 seems to have more constant BGM, but RE1 is almost like a Souls experience and has a far stronger sense of isolation and loneliness. You're out the middle of who knows where in some giant mansion. But in the rest of the series you're in cities and way more open environments, etc. Which to me, just feels "safer". I'll admit Zero might be the closest to RE1 in terms of tone, but too bad it falls short on the rest.

No quick turn around in RE2. I forget which one introduced that, I thought they did it before REmake.

It's always funny how much more action oriented they are right after the first one. There's plenty of rooms with ~5-6 zombies that just have to be mowed down. Leon's gun has bigger clips. Doesn't take long to get the burst fire upgrade. etc lol

I noticed the other day that Jill gets 10 slots in RE3 haha. But maybe that one was the one with the "bag/space" upgrades... I swear, I think one of the games did that? Who knows. I'm going for it next, these two are so short anyways and it's been years. Having a blast here.

Echelon | 09-13-14, 10:45 AM
Did you know he's married to the Sailor Moon creator?

You would think in his huge hiatus' that he would/could at least do some work on the side, slowly but surely. It never seems like that's the case though, whenever it comes back it goes back on hiatus shortly after again. It's a miracle that it does so well and still has a loyal following. The weirdest thing is whenever I remember it started up around the same time One Piece began, which is like 3 times longer at this point because it's been consistent. Pretty nutty to imagine if HxH was that much longer and more fleshed out. Ants wouldn't even be an issue then between that much more material.

Did you ever play Parasite Eve 2? I might hit that up after REmake. I liked the first but never beat it, though didn't care enough about the story or anything so I don't feel bad about skipping it. I just know the 2nd game is a more blatant RE clone so it's always interested me haha. Looks cool.

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