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Echelon | 17 minutes ago
Here's your receipt.

lol, that stand was so annoying. Totally made me think of HxH Ants... that's how long that arc should have lasted!

I like how Jotaro kills the enemies off and the whole show makes the whole ordeal pretty humorous.

Ginguiser | 8 hours ago
Yeah I know ;(,but Angel Night is amazing so it's alright.

Echelon | Yesterday, 8:57 PM
It sounds like a lot of BS. My guess is if they really were going to plan about 2-3 seasons worth or Takahashi was told something like that, maybe he had plans for bigger arcs than what Votoms had, 4. So Layzner's first season could have just been two big arcs. Otherwise I think Takahashi would have planned something for an ending and such, but it just clearly sounds like the rug was pulled from under them out of nowhere. Feels shitty they didn't even get to do some follow up OVA's or anything either. Then we get ZZ and Dragonar... which I both hardly hate, but Layzner could have moved the genre forward into something else.

Maybe Sunrise hated Takahashi. lol, just sounds so shitty. Guess it's funny that was the last Sunrise series he did with them, I wonder if it left a bad mark. I've heard he wasn't in a good place during Shining Heresy's time, mid 90's (which shows in the OVA). Interesting stuff to think about.

Echelon | Yesterday, 5:32 PM
Sad how accurate that is. The last few episodes in Votoms are utterly critical. Could have been the same deal here lol. At least there's the OVA, but still feels like it was unfinished.

Still, I've always been the type that won't let something like that, or a bad ending, ruin the "journey"... But yeah. *cries*

Demon's/Dark Souls is probably the perfect balance for me. Mostly low fantasy, but the inclusion of magical elements, otherworldy stuff, and evil monsters is to my liking when it's handled like that. It's just funny, later Berserk looks like Harry Potter next to Dark Souls... lmfao. I recall you always comparing early Berserk to Souls before I checked them out though, which I can totally agree on.

LayedBack | Yesterday, 10:35 AM
Jeeg is definitely a badass robot, and the main character is a fitting pilot for a robot like that. I think it could end up being my favorite super robo possibly, but my only problem is that only 1-7 are subtitled, and more episodes probably won't be coming anytime soon.

I'm not sure how it compares to Mazinger Z or Getter Robo yet though. I've been holding off on those because it looks like Discotek will release the whole original series of Mazinger, and Getter Robo only has like 20 more episodes to sub before both the original and Getter Robo G are available in English. So I figured I'd be patient with that. I'm considering watching the Grendizer release you uploaded in the meantime, but I can be pretty picky about subtitle quality.

SSJLuffy | Yesterday, 7:18 AM
Thoughts on One Piece so far? heh, it's still only in it's baby stages so I doubt you have any strong opinions yet.

Anyway look what I found, lol. The pictures on the site might spoil some things for you, like future crew members and such.

Don't know how the quality of the video and subs are though. As far as I know, only two episodes are missing, those are only the Toriko crossover episodes though, which you can download elsewhere or just stream them if you wanna check them out.

Echelon | Yesterday, 6:27 AM
Nah, you know me and the lack of reading haha. I checked out the wiki for it though and saw some art, it does look and sound like something I'd dig.

I think in a hilarious way, maybe you can agree a bit here...
low fantasy = real robot
high fantasy = super robot

Haha. I think I can be a big fan of both, but... Berserk is such a nasty case here. The first half is presented in more low fantasy terms outside of some demon stuff and all, then it blasts off into high fantasy and yeah. I'd rather there be some consistency. I do enjoy magical elements and such when done well, but yeah. Like in Xenogears/Saga's cases, I've always really liked when magical elements can be mixed in well with sci-fi and such. But it can be very hit or miss I guess.

I'd say Jumong has been spot on comparable to Suikoden in this way too. It's had some mystical stuff and this mysterious lone high priestess than can kind of show up whenever and wherever, but other than that it's been very grounded in reality and I've really liked that about it.

Man this second Layzner arc is gonna melt my face off, then make me cry when it's over. Everything seems leveled up big time. All the new music tracks, the character designs are a lot better, and the production and visuals seem very improved too. The vibe is just incredible, feels a bit like Uudo Votoms but better. It's depressing it's 13 episodes though... I mean I guess that's about the length of a Votoms arc, but with such a bigger cast and so much plot building... this arc alone should have been Dougram length. lol, I wish...

I must have missed it in the OVA, but I laughed when they said this is New York.

Echelon | 07-23-14, 1:44 PM
Vagabond does look awesome. I'll let you read it and tell me about it haha.

Hmm I'll have to check those out. Looks like Physica recommends Ran too and after skimming around about it it definitely sounds like my kind of stuff.

I randomly searched his name on MDL and Dreams came up. Sounds kind of out there, like it could either be a cool concept, or it falls flat? lol. Definitely looks interesting though.

I kept thinking about it, I think another fair but weird comparison might be Berserk. Demons aside, I think that's the kind of "historical" fantasy setting I gravitate more towards in the last several years. I don't know how you'd divide them or distinguish a difference, but yeah. It's all about warfare to me I guess. lol

LayedBack | 07-23-14, 10:40 AM
No kidding man, I'm having a blast with Xabungle. Everything from the setting, world building, characters, and of course the mecha battles are all just so much fun. If it keeps up like this, it might end up being tied with VOTOMS as my favorite mecha anime so far! (though I find myself jonesing for some more Steel Jeeg too, lol)

Echelon | 07-22-14, 7:09 PM
What's your favorite Kurosawa movie?

Echelon | 07-22-14, 5:53 PM
Well Hisoka and I talked about it awhile back. I think there is a huge difference between Suikoden style and samurai. The scope... is a huge deal to me. Gu Family Book would maybe be slightly more comparable to samurai stuff in a few ways... the main area was a small village. And the main "inn" or place where the owners/head people stayed, were like huts in comparison to the monstrous palaces that are in Jumong. Gu Family Book could have taken place in Jumong's palace backyard.

Maybe our definitions are different and that's why we never agree lol. But I can fall back on Shigurui. "samurai" stuff to me seems to often revolve around a very isolated experience, remote environments, women are useless, silent stoic types can be my thing as long as there's interesting stuff going on, but yeah.

I dunno dude, maybe I just need to finally see something I'll like. But in comparison, bigger scale stories are always my thing. Massive war battles, politics, royal family lies and betrayal, taking over lands, hell yeah sign me up. I always like when stuff like this is in the perspective of the royalty and highest in power, because that's where all the corruption, lies, and drama stirs haha.

I think I've only seen Seven Samurai or whatever it was called and liked it, but it's been ages.

Echelon | 07-22-14, 8:06 AM
Another one if you care to listen haha:

If there's more comparable to Jumong that I've been watching, if this stuff were perfectly translated over into anime this would be my second favorite genre next to mecha/sci-fi. I guess it still is though if there's more live action stuff like this. It's just not even funny how Suikoden Jumong is, but I guess that's the Three Kingdoms / Water Margin roots. I'm gonna check out a shorter one next so I'll let you know how it is if you're ever curious about one lol.

The death count in Jumong might be higher than any Tomino shows I've seen, kind of funny.

Could be a case of a misleading OP, but who knows haha. I love the vibe of that early 90's stuff sometime. Maybe we'll get it someday.

Guess G is something to look forward to then. Hopefully the subs for the original don't take too long. I guess G is the last of the original timeline? I have no idea how it all works with this stuff. lol

Didn't you see Grendizer was a bit more serious? But if it's kind of its own thing, must have been easier to accept than Great Mazinger?

Echelon | 07-21-14, 9:11 PM
"There is a lot of on foot action too, the characters are regularly in gun/fist fights on foot during base invasions on both sides. I love that stuff and there's been a good bit of it."

Always a plus to me. I can't recall too much of this in the original. But I suspect Daitarn might be an exception with that being all over haha.

Damn, sounds pretty awesome all around. I guess I must be mixing it up with Great Mazinger, I think I've heard that one is just kind of okay. So Mazinger starts off with a bang and then dwindles a bit, and Getter improves with the sequel instead?

Is it fully subbed?

I'm surprised Getter Robo Go isn't. I wonder how that one is. Kind of wonder if it's kiddy being 1991. But there was still stuff like Tekkaman Blade and such too. Very curious to see how different that one is, could be good or bad haha...

Klonoa79H | 07-21-14, 3:03 PM
Haha, kinda dry compared to the MKR notes then. Still interesting, I wish people still did stuff like that in manuals.

Technically its a CR rip, but the CR video is sourced from the blu rays, so it kinda counts.[HorribleSubs]_Ashita_no_Joe_2_-_01_[1080p].mkv_snapshot_18.40_[2014.07.19_10.05.12].png[HorribleSubs]_Ashita_no_Joe_2_-_01_[1080p].mkv_snapshot_16.35_[2014.07.19_10.04.46].png
Looks pretty nice for 81, but then again, it is Dezaki, the guy who knows how to make a low budget show look high budget, a.k.a the master of using the best of the budget. I it when people have a more limited budget, because it can allow for tons of great and memorable films, which show that just because its not made over £100 million doesn’t been its any less impressive. Take Evil Dead, that was made on a next to nothing budget and still looks better than many modern horror movies, effects wise.

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