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Temoze | 6 hours ago
What i meant, is that your opinion of the show make me to prioritize nodame. And so far it was worth it. :)
Anyway never mind that.

mazaev | 6 hours ago
I know that feeling, my sisters listen to main stream pop rock / RNB so it's always blaring here usually when they're home. My father listens to like Fleetwood Mac, I love them.

Yeah, I listen to Avicii, Seven Lions, Solo Piano[Classical] and some Metalcore stations so that's what I usually listen to. When I'm in the mood I listen to some older music or soundtracks.

IntroverTurtle | 11 hours ago
Sounds like a cool program. Be sure to show me when you make something great.

mazaev | Yesterday, 8:07 PM
I'm not sure about Spotify. It looks like a free version of Itunes with the same sort of thing that Pandora does. I'm not actually sure.

I usually find most of my music through recommendations.

mazaev | Yesterday, 7:55 PM
Oh okay cool.

Yeah, I usually use Pandora. It's alright for finding new music in my opinion. I never use Spotify. I think it's the same?

Yeah, I had to switch back to another station 20 minutes into that sort of genre. Lol

IntroverTurtle | Yesterday, 7:39 PM
Yeah well everyone doesn't compete every time.

You made those? What? Those are really cool. The only thing I did with Photoshop recently was learn how to use the distort tool.

mazaev | Yesterday, 7:38 PM
Oh wow, that's cool. What are you using?

Yeah it's so bad. Just switching between Pandora stations. Listening to Sun Kil Moon ATM:

IntroverTurtle | Yesterday, 6:56 PM

No you didn't. Hopefully you do.

mazaev | Yesterday, 6:31 PM
Haha yeah, the grandparents probably help double up on the amount of presents and such. Lucky you, must be quiet. I nearly have a headache already from the noise. Just put on my headphones blasting music to cancel out the racket.

Temoze | Yesterday, 6:28 PM
Well as you asked to share my thoughts on Nodame here is what i can tell so far (Just watches 2 episodes.) :
Imo this show have really good humor mixed with relaxing atmosphere. OST is just brilliant (I've weak spot for piano and violin.). Characters are intresting and stories feel natural.
As far as i can tell now i will really loce this show.
Thanks one more time for suggestion. :)

Mirorin | Yesterday, 6:23 PM
I find it sad that the really good stuff tend to be the only ones of their kind... (or one of the few)

Means once it's over I don't have any more. Can't feed my addiction. T___T

Conceicao_101 | Yesterday, 6:19 PM
Hey sorry for the late reply.

I'm not sure if I remember how Hisoka sounded like in the original version but the idea that I have is that his voice fitted him quite well.
Did the 2011 version already caught up where the original ended?

Never read the books. So as a GoT book reader, what do you think about the TV adaptation?

Mirorin | Yesterday, 5:08 PM
Haha, the headbashing won me over. ;D

I think the first episode was too similar to that other game anime (one with Izayoi and Kurousagi), but the 2nd episode left a better impression in terms of originality, humor, and characters. ^^

mazaev | Yesterday, 4:43 PM
Oh god, they sound really lucky. Having essentially two Christmas's a year and then their Birthdays. Haha.

Mirorin | Yesterday, 4:33 PM
Yeah... spoilers are fun like that...

Lol@ No Game No Life. Headbashing is hype worthy. The MC and his sister's relationship is awkwardly close but damn funny. Second episode left a much better impression than the first.

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