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Mirorin | Aug 31, 7:35 PM
I would buy it if it wasn't so expensive. :L (Not that I'm poor though lol.)

Yeah, I wonder that too sometimes...

Mirorin | Aug 27, 11:28 PM
Also, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 on Steam. I want it. T__T

Mirorin | Aug 27, 10:03 PM
Yup, it was pretty subtle. Usopp's the same as ever so I didn't notice it either. But once you realize, it is obvious that Usopp recognizes/acknowledges Luffy as Captain as opposed to just another friend.

Not a bad idea. Especially if you can work during the day - for my store since it's mostly students they can only work weekends, getting (good) people for weekday shifts is harder. Good luck~

Mirorin | Aug 27, 11:02 AM
I thought Zoro was quite logical (like always lol) and it really brought the crew's relationship into focus. No matter how stupid he is, Luffy is the captain. Also, I never noticed it until I read it in the comments, but Usopp never calls himself "Captain Usopp" after that. :DD

Then there's me who's never been to the doctors in my life. Seems like you're pretty busy as well. I have work everyday until I get back to school... I literally only get 1 day off because I asked for it. On the plus side I get more money before I leave I guess? I wonder if I'll hit my 1000 anime goal before summer ends though. :L

Conceicao_101 | Aug 27, 4:50 AM
Ah, so it was some kind of school trip, I presume?
That's nice, sometimes it's nice to have time to enjoy ourselves.

Are you playing the first or the second game?
I've heard that they're doing a WoW movie. Not really sure if that's going to work.
Have you heard about this game?

Oh! You are playing The Last of Us, nice! Yes it is hard!
What area are you on?

Mirorin | Aug 24, 4:26 PM
Yup, OP doesn't really have many pairings. It's more about adventure and all that. I love the relationship between Zoro and Luffy, though not as a couple. (Well really, the relationship of all the Strawhats and their loyalty to Luffy. :D)
Wheee, so intense. :DD

On another note, I finally get some days off from work... got my uuniversity stuff done so now time to marathon all my seasonal episodes. They pile up so damn fast, I think I'm over 30 episodes atm by lagging behind a week and a half. OTL

Mirorin | Aug 23, 7:24 PM
Oh lol whoops I totally meant in One Piece. XD

Hmm... I don't really keep track of couples. RangikuxGin comes to mind, but I know I had another pairing(s) I liked more. I'm pretty sure it was some tragic love. I don't remember. . __ ."

Mirorin | Aug 23, 4:52 PM
Oh definitely, there are some pairings in mind. But Luffy is just so asexual I can't imagine it. o.O
Some characters are already well into adulthood, so I can't see them changing all that much... although that still happened during the timeskip. :o

Favorite straight pairing?

Mirorin | Aug 23, 10:54 AM
But... that's just so wrong lol. I mean, it's Luffy... everyone else I'd be fine with, but not our dear old protagonist. :O

Well I guess Roger had a kid so it's not that farfetched, but One Piece has like absolutely no romance, subtle or not, as opposed to other shounen series.

kaitonic | Aug 23, 9:54 AM
Well try it and it might be best romance anime of 2015.

Mirorin | Aug 20, 11:19 PM
Oh definitely. One Piece is such a staple series I can't imagine what will happen when it ends. I think it really will heavily affect the industry, especially since it's a household name and what Shounen Jump makes the most money off.

And I don't want the journey to end either, but I know it will come. I just hope it's damn satisfying...
(I hope there's no time skip and nobody has kids. =__=)

kaitonic | Aug 20, 9:17 PM
Well Ore Monogatari is shoujo but not the usual one.Every episode is just really good and the MC is a guy not a girl like every shoujo.

kaitonic | Aug 20, 12:36 PM
I see well you should try Shokugeki no Soma, Ore Monogatari or Uchuu no Kyoudai.

kaitonic | Aug 20, 11:45 AM
Currently I'm re-watching Yu Yu Hakusho and you?
lol well your kids is home all day during vacation no.

kaitonic | Aug 20, 10:13 AM
I'm fine but quite tired and i miss talking to you.So your kids new school year starts soon no in 2-3 weeks i believe.

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