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01-21-15, 9:20 PM
Pa U.S.
January 13, 2012
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Fall Season Line up:
World Trigger (Sunday) √
Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (Sunday) √
Gugure! Kokkuri-san (Sunday) √
Nanatsu no Taizai (Sunday) √
Orenchi no Furo Jijou (Monday) √
YowaPedal 2 (Monday) √
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Wednesday) √
Psycho Pass 2 (Thursday) √
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Thursday) √
Garo: Honoo no Kokuin (Friday) √
Log Horizon 2 (Saturday) √
Mushishi Zoku Shou 2 (Saturday)
Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (Saturday)
Magic Kaito (Saturday) √
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (Saturday) √
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Prologue (Saturday)

New Prince of Tennis OVA and Houkago no Ouji-sama (October 29)
Mushishi Zoku Shou Special (November 26)
Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku (December 9)

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Mirorin | 01-22-15, 12:43 AM
Hahaha! That was great! Not the best idea to watch it at 2am when everyone's asleep though. XD

Finally got around to making a new anime/manga list. :D

Mirorin | 01-18-15, 6:11 PM
Super Life. Though I liked it at first, it kind of went downhill. >__<

Ah, had an urge to change my anime list, but since img is down... :(
I think I'll just use the same minimalistic layout as my manga list. I really like it. Especially because every series has a cover, unlike the one I have right now.

Mirorin | 01-17-15, 11:56 PM
Ah, okay this is pretty random. But I was watching/listening to some drama CDs. Came across one series that takes place in Canada! And the MC landed in my city to drive to the mountains!!

I got needlessly excited, lol. Never thought I would hear my city mentioned though! (Hearing the city name said by him was really nice. Hahaha.) And the MC made a reference to maple syrup. Though, since it takes place in some remote part of the mountains... not sure if it's bad stereotyping or not. XD
Except it makes me judge it much more harshly in terms of setting... so far, uh, not that amazing. :P

kaitonic | 01-17-15, 12:29 PM
It's okay so far,not many i'm watching this season and i'm more interesting in next season.You sure are into MMORPG....

kaitonic | 01-17-15, 11:49 AM
Hey! long time no talk
How have you been?

Mirorin | 01-14-15, 3:57 PM
Looks about the same as it did 10 years ago! Been playing 2 days now, still pretty addicting. XD

My episodes are really stacking up. A few new series I haven't looked at either, thanks to Neopets.

Sensus_97 | 01-14-15, 8:57 AM
You still have hard time catching up eh? *pat pat* if it's the one that you just added in your ptw I tell you already that "Sword of the Stranger" is way better than it. I have watched both so I can guarantee it.

Mirorin | 01-13-15, 3:55 PM
Haha, we almost never get school cancelled here. Didn't know school could close on hot days! We only get 1 or 2 days over 86F in the middle of summer.

Same... I have exams and here I am, indulging in nostalgia over Neopets. I made a new account. XD
I rediscovered some old MMORPGs I used to play, and I'm planning to replay them once I get some free time. (Or neglect exams entirely... but, uh, that would be undesirable.)

Sensus_97 | 01-12-15, 4:36 AM
You were right about the MAL updates. It takes eons. Have you started any new shows yet?

Mirorin | 01-08-15, 3:57 PM
Typical winter here. Bussing and traffic is almost always delayed after the first snowfall or whenever it gets icy, etc. Cold weather goes hand-in-hand with heavy snow though; I don't think we have delays due to cold here. Not in recent memory. :O

Haha, that's nice! I probably won't find that many interesting people either, but a few are good enough for me. :)

Mirorin | 01-06-15, 5:11 PM
We have about 30cm (10-12 inches) of snow on the ground right now, and it's suppose to keep snowing until tomorrow... can't wait for it to all melt and have buses re-routed and delayed for over an hour due to traffic... >>

Haha, thanks. Though I'm honestly looking forward to leaving behind high school and meeting new (hopefully more interesting) people in university.

Sensus_97 | 01-06-15, 7:38 AM
Idd it's hard to keep up with anime, wow and other everyday stuff.. I managed to finish your DFMG pick, to tell you the truth I don't remember anything of it.
You have started the one i chose for you?

Mirorin | 01-05-15, 6:34 PM
Snow is fun until it gets warm and everything melts, then refreezes and everything turns icy. Apparently it's going to hit -15F later in the week. -sobs-

I have no motivation at all this school year. :/

Sensus_97 | 01-05-15, 11:06 AM
Kata we should try to be more active here again. Plus we need to start working on DFMG and movie Fridays. I lost my motivation the past 2 months but i need to find my rhythm! We should both find our rhythms!

Mirorin | 01-04-15, 9:45 PM
Well atleast you have comfortable weather. About -4F here.

I'm going to regret not studying at all during the break though. :D

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