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Ryukatsuka | 41 minutes ago
He's actually the most favorite in Japan. Kubo is simply trolling to the max! But then why is his skin decaying? Maybe he got a tan.....? Huehuehuehue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kubo is currently balling so damn hard!!!!!

You can start by beginning to trek on the path of straightness. Kidding! That is true I suppose. Guess I'm just gonna have to put my trust in the powers of the interwebz and its infinite weaboo-maintained backlogs and archives of anime/manga. Not about to start downloading right now...even with the threat of this piracy hunting.

Ryukatsuka | 1 hour ago
He probably isn't dead. The Shinigami are technically already dead, so the zombification can be reversed......maybe :P

Anyway he has the potential to be stronger than Kyouraku, but he isn't anywhere close to his level yet. Hitsugaya is one of the low-tier captains, he's still too immature and childish. Perhaps as he grows he'll develop more, both character-wise and abilities as well, but for now he ain't shit lol.

You don't have to worry much. That piracy hunt won't go anywhere considering millions of animanga hosting sites exist on the web, and if they find one and terminate it, more will replace it quickly. Besides, it 's precisely because of the internet that the medium has received such wide reception and recognition in the west particularly. It'd honestly be more detrimental than beneficial to hunt down online piracy.
Or I could be terribly wrong and the outcome might be different this time as the termination requests are actually backed by the Japanese government this time around O___O
I think it won't last for long. Sites will just crawl back out of the woodwork like worms and start hosting again.

Ryukatsuka | 3 hours ago
I actually had it at '7' until just recently. But I felt that it deserved a higher rating because of its emotional depth, ya know.....I think the Haibane girls are wonderful characters. It's rated pretty high outside of MAL too.

Oh, so you're already aware then? Whatcha think? I never really liked his character to begin with which is why I'm glad. But his death hasn't been confirmed so he's probably....dunno. Kubo wouldn't have the balls to kill the most popular character in Bleach off screen. I remember he was planning to kill Byakuya, but the fans raged. Typical Shounen, but if he's finally planning on killing some of the main supporting characters then that's quite refreshing. Rose, Kensei, Unohana, Yama, his VC....they're all dead too. Finally! An accurate depiction of war lol.

Mirorin | 5 hours ago

I just took a look at the list of targets that was posted today. Seems like most of the sites I know, and the three I use are on there (oh whoops...)
I hope they aren't intending to seriously shut them all down... that would be bad for the industry consider how like 95% of non-Japanese people find anime/manga via the internet.

Sensus_97 | 9 hours ago
Honestly he is. He could spend all this energy to offer in the community but the only thing he does is to give troubles to everyone. I'm sure he finds pleasure to that.
Now he gives hard time to Technical Service about an elevator.

Sensus_97 | 10 hours ago
Ηe made another application and he wanted protocol. He didn't want to accept the process so I sent him to the town hall manager.

Sensus_97 | 11 hours ago
That asshole who wanted to sue me because I was doing my job came again to townhall :P

Ryukatsuka | Today, 7:37 AM
No problem!

Tell me how it goes. It definitely is something I'd like an outside opinion on for me to rate it conclusively.

Are you referring to the red knight one you bought recently? How is it? Must be good if you're picking up the sequel so soon afterwards.

Gonna start Ghost Hunt now. Will tell ya what I think shortly.

Shiiiiit! Bleach was fuckin epic this week. You'll never guess who died!!! I'm actually rather hesitant in telling you due to the monumental scale and significance of this spoiler, despite the fact that you don't mind them :O

IntroverTurtle | Yesterday, 10:53 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot you sometimes did that.

Ryukatsuka | Yesterday, 8:41 PM
As long as they're good people, who cares about their background lol. The important thing is that they're nice and welcoming.....which I assume they are?

I see. Will check it out then. I'm hoping they don't take too long to solve the cases like they did with Shiki.

It might be. Personally I'd suggest Ergo Proxy if you're going for something similar to Texhnolyze (didn't like the show). EP has a more linear and easy to understand narrative flow. Haibane Renmei (GET ON WITH IT!!!) Heh. I'd really like your opinion on that show when you finally watch it. I feel like my rating for it wasn't correct, and I'd like perspective from someone else. Especially since you liked Kino's Journey, as they both leave things open-endedly at the end. And lastly from your PTW UN-GO!

I'm not really good at generally recommending unless specifics are given (genre, mood, taste...etc) so sorry! It's hard to recall something from an over extensive memory of shows like mine :-)

Edit: Actually....try Ayakashi, now that you've seen an average horror show like Ghost Hunt. It's a better watch, definitely!

Ryukatsuka | Yesterday, 8:04 PM
So he's of Italian descent then? That's actually pretty interesting. Visiting them every time must be.... culturally enlightening huh? I know I'd be quite intimidated visiting a traditional Mafian family at their home.

It's an excellent medical manga. A good example of the brilliance of the medium!

Is it more horror than Shiki or less? Recs in general or recs from your PTW?

Ryukatsuka | Yesterday, 6:08 PM
True! Though we only bicker and squabble instead of catching up lol. For being quite a small family, we sure do make an awful lot of noise. That's pretty weird. Still, you might wanna indulge her and buy her some. In a few years she'll be asking for much more troublesome stuff Heh!

Honestly, no. Completely forgot about it. I've been on a manga rampage lately and have forgotten all about anime. Happens all the time, especially since manga is more enjoyable and has more least for me. Read quite an excellent one last night actually. Loved it so much I favorited it :-)

I'll start Ghost Hunt tonight! How is it so far?

Ryukatsuka | Yesterday, 4:17 PM
Oh, yes! But lightning is more direct. Like a "Fuck you in particular" kinda phenomena. Tornadoes shit on everything generally.

This might explain what I mean better.

It's probably something to do with the area you live in. That happens to us too, but usually my whole suburb, not just my house. And then we're without power for a few hours and only trek around the house with candlelight and torches. It's actually a pretty shitty experience, isn't it? Especially when you consider that we both live in supposed 'First world countries'... :/

IntroverTurtle | Yesterday, 4:16 PM
I try to limit how much I watch a show, don't want to spoil my mood for the rest.

Ryukatsuka | Yesterday, 3:40 PM
No denying that it's a beautiful display of nature, but it's quite deadly. Bolt temperatures can be hotter than the surface of the sun at times. It's pretty much the biggest "Fuck you" nature can do to anything.

I hate it because it causes black-outs here.....which means no animu until the city council decides to fix the problem.

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