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Dec 13, 2008
Yuusha-Ou GaoGaiGar Final (Anime) add
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GaoGaiGar Final is the continuation of the mecha shounen, GaoGaiGar. As expected, don't watch this until you have seen the original to some extent. I won't be touching up on basic stuff you should already know since you saw the original.

The plot of Final takes place, I'd estimate, roughly 6 to 12 months after the final events of the original series. I'd spoil the whole thing if I delved even into the slightest detail, but let me just say this: The story resembles that of the original's second half, totally getting rid of the "Villain of the Week" formula. You should know what you're getting read more
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Sep 11, 2008
Slam Dunk (Manga) add
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Before reading the rest of the review, please take note that I might be a little biased in my review as I enjoy the sport at it's core personally.

Basis: Slam Dunk is a manga about the great sport of basketball. It is filled with comedy, fast paced action, and even teaches you basketball history to an extent if you're unknowing to the given material. As old as the manga is, it is still incredible.

Plot: The story follows a new high school delinquent (previously a junior high breed), Sakuragi Hanamichi. As Sakuragi is much taller (Around 6'2" ~ 6'3") then the average Japanese male, he read more
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Dec 12, 2007
Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster (Anime) add
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First off, DO NOT WATCH THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE FIRST SERIES. If you have seen Gunbuster, it will make your Diebuster experience 32783176983x10^21 times better.

Lets get down to it. Top wo Nerae! 2, or Diebuster as I prefer, is the indirect sequel to Top wo Nerae/Gunbuster. I enjoyed this short OVA substantially because how it presented itself was outstanding. Plus Nono is love.

The story follows a girl called Nono who wishes to be a "Topless," which is basically an ace mech pilot to put it simply. Instead of dragging the story out with pointless episodes and scenes you often see in 26+ shows, read more
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