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Ultimatum- | 5 hours ago
I thought you said you only watched because you wanted to see people blush.

Coppu | 6 hours ago

crescensXG | 10 hours ago
To be honest, I prefer apples to those mangos nowadays. The finnish and their equivalent icelandic female population sound quite lewd and nasty to me every time I listen to Indica, Nightwish, or Bjork for example.
Dunno if this tallies with reality. I won't tell you about my true sentiments, though.

Where are those frigging hankies when I need them? This is indeed a very touching story. And here I am, thinking my callousness knows no bounds, all of a sudden breaking out in tears. Deeply moved, son. Wouldn't surprise me if that drawing on one of your shelves in the room you store dem gaming equipment was made from one of those two kids. Please don't let me know, or else I might get overwhelmed even more.
oO(Mah photographic memory is catching up and tells me it was your cousin, daaaaaamn)Oo

Good for you, seriously. Thx 4 elaborating.

I am not 4-5 years old anymore. No need for skating practice, sad face.

Yo dawg. Stick your belt where the sun don't shine! A honkey who is hung like a donkey [(c)Ali G.] should not make use of that n-word, ninja. NINJA. Sounds way cooler, even the juggalos love it.

Baman | 11 hours ago
Haha awesome. And a good new year to you.

vodall | Today, 9:17 AM
totally agree with your f/sn review. terribly paced anime.

crescensXG | Today, 6:21 AM
Finland was invented for automatic fire fighting in case deep fryers and grills filled with mangos get out of control.

What is so special about this whole kossu battery saga that you have to dig it out at every opportunity recently?

Well, I'd be glad to have a frozen lake or something smaller near me in order to skate outdoors. Sadly this is not the case and one of the reasons why froggies and teutons suck at ice hockey. Not being able to learn it at a young age, in a natural way, keeps us from getting the skating skills down. Lake walking plus scenery sounds like fun, but I can live without this thick snowy underground bit just fine. Cold, wet feet? Nah.

I wouldn't understand cuz wrong language. WRONG.

And everyone got at least three plot devices up their sleeve to keep the troll running.

No prob, ninja. I'll just use rss.

NotBadEnough | Today, 12:23 AM
Late Reply Part 2 (10 days later version). Com-to-Com tool the answer for all the problems as the Cable.

Gayass is funner and LoGH darker. Funner > Darker and Darker > Funner. So Funner = Darker. Mmm

>because internet is full of similar memes
You took me by surprise with that information. How many gold bars did you pay for it?

>People can't possibly understand why your piece is art and their are b class memes.
Yes they can. My name on the piece of art = superior to all of their shit works.
It's also logical that I'm the type of person that doesn't write his name in his piece of art because I'm too much intelligent for do that and cuz u know it isn't necessary enough.

>Ginko's character should have developed.
Yes! need more flashbacks from his past to develop a better personality of him that explains why he is handled in that way.
Fucking Urushibara Yuki do 50 episodes and that of these only two were flashbacks of him is not a good idea though anime spend more by what happens around him, if he is the only character that we will see throughout the series is logical that interests me to know more about his past.
The episode 12 could have been the past of a guy called otherwise and would have been the same shit. I liked it but not as much as many did.
I have to continue watching Natsume I saw the first three episodes in 2008 when the first season still airing and for watch some shit long shows, I never watched it again.

>We should talk shit there one day.
Of course, we can't. But when I have more time I will connect more there, I was absent last 10 days from MAL and not necessarily for the CHRISTMAS also the Chinese cartoons of my PTW didn't help anything. FUCK

>Nichijou is tha best thing Kyoani did. Haruhi won't count cuz she is god.
What about the fucking Clannad Despues de la Historia? And Lain > Haruhi in a simple way, oh true that Lain is from another study, btw is the same. A valid comparison between two girls with POWERS of GODS, Lain win only because of this

PD: I finished Black Lagoon I liked it but remains overrated like Revy and you dropped Shigatsu you did well "It's a horrible show that tries to frame bullying into something nice because it is done by a cute girl".

crescensXG | Yesterday, 4:41 PM
Good question. Maybe I should ship the few used ones to Finland where the weather is perfect for food conservation, and nobody notices its condition.

Memory is still working damn fine in contrast to your lame excuses, ninja.

That must have been years ago. I usually go skating a few times this season. Not with my own impetus though.

Six for one? Gimme a high six, ninja!

That is what I meant. So damn depressing. Puts nakama power to a whole new level when you can just revive the fookin dead by thinking of someone.

It would help me much more if you actually would suomi them.

Your suggested reader is shit on a stick! Found a much better one. Thanks anyway.

crescensXG | Yesterday, 6:35 AM
B4 I will reply properly in a few 10+hours, let me ask you this:

Can you recommend any good feed readers? Insta reply pls.

crescensXG | Yesterday, 4:06 AM
Winter has arrived. No bets placed. Am relieved. Lithium safe.

Droppedy drop lately, huh? If this keeps up permanently, I might consider to unsubscribe my Karhu rss stalker feed.

crescensXG | 12-26-14, 1:14 PM
Enuff mango to open shop. Both, here and in Paris where most of my stuff is. Black men and Robben welcome.

You told me the same battery story a while ago. I recommend you change the record at once.

Summer cannot come soon enough. And I was right to not bet my lithium battery collection on snowing starting in February. According to the forecast, it might get sticky coming tomorrow. :x

Broken record again? Trololol. Can you even count to, say, three? Anyway, I look for quality and quantity. Meaning everything I can get either new or, if no longer on the market, at least in mint condition. I have some good connections, mafia-like structures included. I sometimes sell crap to deluded Jump fanbois and even made profit by getting rid of Bleach. And speaking of which, a tragic chapter is out. Brace yourself...

Angel | 12-26-14, 10:23 AM
Thank you so much! :o) Merry christmas also to you!
I love the plant, it's so cute...
You've probably noticed already, I've been playing The Binding of Isaac lately and I'll buy some more games for steam tomorrow..
Don't really feel like watching anime right now, gaming is where it's at~ xD
Honestly I'm just really enjoing my holidays right now! ^_^

Ultimatum- | 12-26-14, 8:00 AM
Just make a law banning suicide. Problem solved.

crescensXG | 12-26-14, 3:45 AM
Thanks for the compliment
But success causes envy
I don't want peeps to snipe me
For having my mouth as instrument

People these days are too much hatin'
I just prefer to do the baitin'

It is more like brain science and rocket surgery. Chess is dope. Both are intellectually challenging, with Mahjong being more fun. IMO. wHATEver.

Very popular mixture: Red Bull Vodka. All in one. Too bad I cannot r8 it as the straight edge guy I am. Almost.

Sick. Snow does not stick here. Best chance might be February. Would not bet on that though.
White Xmas with Aryan Robben.

That is the drawback of being a collector, it automatically implies quantity over everything, with less time spent on actual quality.

Kissa? Tämä on oikein huvittavaa.

crescensXG | 12-25-14, 3:31 PM
There is protein in it, innit?

LOL. Didja understand the Go action?

Most variants get boring fast but make a good job in introducing you to the classical or standard japanese one. Let me know once you are prepared to give it a GO!

In your country there is a problem, and the problem is the stew. It is ultra highly concentrated, almost alcohol incarnated.
Throw the addicts down the well. So your country can be free. (So your country can be free) I give a shit about Vinland Saga, it shall burn in a sea of stewy lava!

Dem Germans should have also tryed to avoid the Holo.

>This is what you get when you stalk halfheartedly
Good one, and so right :/
But this is what also happens then when you are not really interested in such. My good education tells me to thank you properly. So here I go: Thx though.

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