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22, 1992
May 6, 2011
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_Ultima_ | 52 minutes ago

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌'

On second thought, I don't care anymore.

Subahibi is something that relies heavily on a certain twist, but the journey helps you understand the truth before it is revealed while having value even if you don't figure out the truth.
That is why the usual suspects annoyed me so much.

Coppu | 4 hours ago
Your bio picture gave me such a boner.

crescensXG | 9 hours ago
Obviously you should read the manga. It is timeless after all. _Ultima_ and I came to the conclusion that anime is shit medium. He noticed a bit too late telling by his bloated list, though.

You do agree, and only watch dem real LEGO movies now, innit? Anime is your typical average Joe adaption, looking as old and dated as Ghandi's dick.

_Ultima_ | 10 hours ago
Ashita no joe anime has the same ending.
I know because i saw the ending on youtube before finishing the manga.

It was pretty nice music ;______;

_Ultima_ | 11 hours ago
Yup, it is as good as social network.

I didn't mean the same type of story, though.
I meant creative and innovative works rather than random gang/ action movies.

I never cared about wild west. I am more of fantasy/medieval/ Jazz type of guy :/

Emnay | Today, 5:58 AM

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 7:50 PM
Big Lebowski made up for usual suspects, I guess.

crescensXG | Yesterday, 11:54 AM
Bitch please...

I forwarned you and also tagged it. Not as bad as the guy who randomly went off-topic and blabbed out the ending of Ashita no Joe, which led to you never starting the series, innit?

Go rot in a sauna.

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 9:12 AM
Never heard of those movies, so I will never watch them :^(

_Ultima_ | 08-27-14, 8:56 PM
Resevoir Dogs wasn't that impressive besides the tip scene.

Baccano>Pulp Fiction>Snatch>Resevoir

crescensXG | 08-27-14, 7:07 PM
Spoiler on the latest Hajime no Ippo chapter

Psyche_Izaya | 08-27-14, 4:12 PM

Yuschzhie | 08-26-14, 4:31 PM
I am being seriously abused here. As long as you so much as glance at the club's page though, I guess that's fine.

crescensXG | 08-26-14, 3:03 PM
Did you know that _Ultima_

Somehow I am kinda relieved for not associating 'dick' with a boxing manga, lol. After 1000+ chapters, Ippo still never had weigh-in problems so far. Fair play to him.

At gunpoint, maybe?

We have Cromartie in common. Sufficient enough.

_Ultima_ | 08-26-14, 1:36 PM
He is jealous that the random nobody isn't him.

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