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Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin
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22, 1992
May 6, 2011
2,919 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 170.4
Watching 17
Completed 605
On Hold 20
Dropped 119
Plan to Watch 49
Total Entries 810

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Time (Days) 214.3
Reading 54
Completed 685
On Hold 35
Dropped 126
Plan to Read 68
Total Entries 968

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Recently watched movies,

The Raid 2: Berandal 3/10
Source Code 7/10
I saw The Devil 6/10
Wolf of Wall Street 5/10
300: Rise of an Empire 1/10
Frozen 6/10
The Lego Movie 8/10
Divergent 3/10
Captain America The Winter Soldier 1/10
The Expendables 3 - 4/10
22 Jump Street - dropped
Despicable Me 2 - 5/10
Drive 3/10
Her 4/10
Wall-e 5/10
Life of Brian 6/10 rewatch
Frozen 6/10 rewatch
The Lego Movie 8/10 rewatch
Guardians of the Galaxy 5/10
Pan's Labyrinth 9/10
The Princess Bride 5/10 rewatch
The Sixth Sense 8/10 rewatch
How to Train Your Dragon 5/10
Lord of War 2/10 rewatch
Up 4/10

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_Ultima_ | 53 minutes ago
Did you know every minute is a second?

[11:02:18 PM] Emnay no: I don't like steam anyways
[11:02:25 PM] Emnay no: I already uninstalled and everything

_Ultima_ | 54 minutes ago
He joined because I was there, because I am faggot.
Faggots are cool.

Coppu was talking about your cat.

Emnay knows that skype is the future.

_Ultima_ | 3 hours ago
Emnay joined skype.

u jelly?

Just get skype already.

_Ultima_ | 10 hours ago
The trollish part was that he was being serious and everyone else was trolling.

Emnay | 10 hours ago

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 10:32 PM

I found this. I think it is a bad thing I laughed, but I don't know.

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 1:34 PM

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 1:21 PM
Stop dropping masterpieces

Emnay | Yesterday, 11:42 AM
They go hand in hand.

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 10:23 AM
I noticed boku no pico and 2girls 1 cup. The author is probably a weaboo 4chan lurker.

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
You probably just read really slow and last update was may.

I will just give up on the story and read it for the colors.

_Ultima_ | Yesterday, 10:02 AM
No....Tower of god and kubera don't take me 5 seconds.
I wouldn't mind if the story wasn't interesting and if I on;=ly read it for the art, but at this rate nothing is going to happen in 10 years.

No visual novel database, either.

It might actually make vns somewhat more popular if they put it here.

I only use telephones.

_Ultima_ | 08-17-14, 9:51 PM
Fisheye placebo's art really is striking, but there chapters are stupidly short.

No mal entry because Mal is still in the ice age.

I guess I will bookmark :/

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