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22, 1992
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May 6, 2011
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_ultima_ | Yesterday, 6:05 PM
>the more certain I am about my decision not to rate anymore being good.

But it is fun to make all the feggets who make "everyone with a mean score lower than 10.0 should die" threads mad.

I will probably never unscore, due to how childish this community is. As an asshole, I love to imitate pointless arguments

PS: I should give you a 100 comments a day.

PSSS: I need something in your about me to fap to.

_ultima_ | Yesterday, 4:02 PM
You know, wthof all your space wasting complaints, it makes me glad that downloading is for uncool kids unlike me.

_ultima_ | Yesterday, 3:51 PM
After reading the manga, it seems like it was shaft's fault for making city actors bad, lol.

_ultima_ | Yesterday, 3:35 PM
No,as in boing boing as in van piss,

You might meet me in finland when I go to china.
I think hating people in the internet also causes you to hate everyone in real life.

I wonder if I would have liked in my angel beats day. I also find it funny how I disliked bakemonogatari back then, and now I love it, sorta. I don't know myself anymore.

>Shingeki OAD 2 was shit.

But mikasa's abs.......according to your review, that would be character development.

Mechazawa_ | Yesterday, 12:31 AM
Is Soul Eater Not! the sequel we've all been waiting for?

Mechazawa_ | 04-16-14, 11:41 PM
The only anime I've seen since ratingslessness is the Patlabor 2 movie.

All the Oshii movies are basically the same movie, and I enjoyed Pat 2 more than the other Oshiis, so yeah, I guess I'm enjoying anime more. Pat 2 did a good job discussing the ramifications of just war, and the war/terror setting, so it was pretty good watch even by Oshii standards

With ratings, it's hard to separate what is good and what I enjoyed. I enjoyed Kuroko no Basket a lot, even if it was BS.

Cowboy Bebop was both good/enjoyable and Air was bad/unenjoyable, but a lot of what's in-between can be tough to put a number on.

Yuasa is really showing off his balls in Ping-Pong. He has the Midas Touch of directing...anything he touches turns to solid gold. I'll also follow JoJo, and maybe Mushishi S2 and Sidonia no Kishi...

_ultima_ | 04-16-14, 1:54 PM
You should watch| BB all day every day.

You should.

I am only jelly if you have kawaii waifu.

No game's second episode was apparently very intelligent......according to people.
It was pretty awful.

Coppu | 04-16-14, 1:44 PM
i cri erytam

Coppu | 04-16-14, 1:02 PM
so sorry :c

I am too lazy to continue.

_ultima_ | 04-16-14, 10:50 AM
You just have to stop watching anime.


More like c class, i have seen better.

Hachiman knows the pain of being in a prison.

_ultima_ | 04-16-14, 9:13 AM
I pay attention all the time, especially when I don't pay attention.

Never seen you so aggressive m6.

I would have liked if all females just had sex. It would have been better written.
PS: Those final 2 episode are awful.

Bitch, you are a being delusional bitch. That bitch is only in my favorite bitches because I like to have bad bitches along with my favorite bitch.

That show is mediocre, but that is better below mediocre. More realistic than clannaids and toradora, at least.
Still not baccano, bitch.

Coppu | 04-15-14, 9:06 PM

Coppu | 04-15-14, 9:05 PM
I haven't. I'm still on Season 2.


_ultima_ | 04-15-14, 9:01 PM
I get extremely depressed every time a sequel is announced within a year after its prequel. It is usually school life and harem.

Baccano season 2 will never come out :/

_ultima_ | 04-15-14, 3:18 PM
I think you have to be an idiot to not predict something in a predictable show.

Never seen you reply so seriously to my random comedic statements before.

STB had a hint of yuri in one of the episodes involving white haired chick and some other chick, but they never developed that and only only focused on retarded mc not banging anyone. As fan of yuri, I was thoroughly disappointed.
I like how him being a vampire is only there so they can have girls moan.

School days actually had a smart mc, and it didn't make me jelly.
Also, fate/zero sucked.....

Your about me is fab.

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