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22, 1992
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May 6, 2011
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Coppu | 4 hours ago
Whenever someone talks to me about their relationship,

I spam this after every one of their sentences based on the relationship.

It's also bookmarked.

Coppu | 7 hours ago
Also, I've been erect for the past 420 hours...

How can I fix it? Do I need cancer? Swag? More Yolo? I've conversed with the gods of kush (snoop dogg and Dre) and they said that I needed to climb the peaks of Mount Everest to find the holy lube made by the hands of the ancient monks that abide by the illuminatis. Once I do that, I need to rub one out to animeoppai's fakku. Only then will I get a movie based off of me by Disney called "Erection" where people sell lube for a living and I'm a swagalicious definicious make the boys go yolo princess.

I think I'm in deep. Deep in sum pussiiiiiiiiiii. I need your help. Will you assist me? I need someone like you to defend me from the Feminists. WE SHALL JOURNEY TOGETHER AND ONLY TRUE DANK KUSH SHALL SAVE ME FROM MY CURSE.


_ultima_ | 9 hours ago
I will uhhhh and ahhh, so don't ahhuuhh me.

Faggots shit is fine, but shit is not okay.

Only the Canadian version sounds smarter.

Hitler was a better woman than Karhu.

That is way too soon. They should have made him say that line at the of s4, so people who pay attention can be rewarded with.......a good feeling.
That is what Baccano makes me feel. Why can't everything be like a ruckus.

I sorta liked it. Is that better?

I will watch it when they make it to the get a new leader arc or whatever it is called.
I already know the outcome of chimera ant arc :/ and it sucks. I doubt the anime is going to change my mind.

Is this a sign that fairy tail/naruto/ bleach will die :0

Coppu | 9 hours ago
Ey b0ss,

Miten oli kylpy vaginas?

loskierek | Yesterday, 4:05 PM
Alrighty I will back off and come back when there is less weird shit around xD

Zoofilia? :p

Anyway do give a try to kingdom.

crescensXG | Yesterday, 3:45 PM
They never will. Those titles are still running strong in your reading list. Don't pretend otherwise!

You're right. No need for an elaborate backstory. A simple, short build-up, then down to business -> ratings/clicks.

Me likes to as well. However, I fear the hot spells in the upcoming months. Almost unbearable in the last couple years.

Fujoshis go to heaven. It's great to be young. Yaoi is teh shizznit and my only fetish!

Makkara = Bratwurst? If so, goes well together with Pizza.

Lies, you are more fond of SE Lain. I spotted that somwhere on the forums by coincidence while STALKING. I wish I would have been able to watch it in the age of 10. Finnish guardians aren't that strict, I suppose - or you were just a clever, naughty boy with good connections to the underground stuff from your elder siblings.

After Mushishi, JoJo, and Ping Pong there is nothing left worth watching anymore. Just telling from your list. Search for a new medium. e.g. visual novels or dating sims.

Time for bed. Good night. Sleep tight.

_ultima_ | Yesterday, 3:17 PM
I would steal one ughhhhhhjup.

le face le

There are good faggots and bad faggots, but most people are just faggots.

So a talker is would be anyone speaking.....
Hitler was gay too.
Not the homosexual or happy kind, the stupid kind.

Did that Joffery line come right after said that or did it come in a later or previous episode?

No game no life ep. 3 was a lot better, because it had an ace attorney reference, so I approve.
It is still only as intelligent as code geass.

You are the worst kind of faggot, aka normal.

Coppu | Yesterday, 3:03 PM
I searched the image, found it from 9swag.

You gave me cancer. Get it off!

Coppu | Yesterday, 2:42 PM

Coppu | Yesterday, 2:38 PM
In the hood, we don't got no TV's here in Detroit. My family thinks the movies is going to Best Buy and watching Nemo on 80 televisions.

Coppu | Yesterday, 2:36 PM


crescensXG | Yesterday, 2:30 PM
The last time I watched amvs was at the time when Linkin Park went viral on youtube. Took the fun out my favorite Naruto/Bleach moments *cough*

Don't try this at home! There's nothing like Kimbo Slice vintage. Especially when he's getting owned.

Jesus, it is so fucking hot here. I feel sorry for my computer. K, but more Yaoi plz.

P to the izza, y to the ummy... give me my karjalanpaisti any day over this, though.

Yo, I start with the mango/novel first. Then I decide if it'll be worth it. Not so much into movies lately. My fave is still 'Blade Runner' I guess.

Coppu | Yesterday, 2:05 PM

Coppu | Yesterday, 1:57 PM
I watch anime on my 200 cm flatscreen 4k resolution 420 swag

Coppu | Yesterday, 12:52 PM
I use for streaming

and for torrenting. Both good quality and good subs.

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