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05-04-15, 3:36 AM
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May 16, 1976
March 6, 2009
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I like: short anime, engrish and puns.

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Mehsi | 11-06-13, 3:22 AM
She is Atago from Kantai Collection or Kan Colle. Something that is quite big on the internet it seems. Never played the game, but I like some of the characters.

Mehsi | 11-06-13, 3:15 AM
True, very strange. Maybe we were friends years ago, I don't know, I have the faint recollection of you as a friend on MAL (but with your other username). And I see a message on your profile from me, from 2009.

Mehsi | 11-06-13, 3:10 AM
Hello Kaneru. o/

Yunamaverick | 09-09-12, 6:00 AM
Hi Kaneru.. Thanks for accepting my friend request.. :)

heprea | 01-05-12, 9:16 PM
So you were talking about legend of galactic heroes, sorry but even with norio wakamoto in it, i probably cant handle that show. :D

heprea | 07-12-09, 4:40 AM
Sad fact:
It took me ages to get them. Now reading em? Compared to the time it took me to get em, its going to be rather short time. :S
Oh well, gonna re-watch aria after I have read the manga. Funny in a way that Aqua was rated for ages +13 and Aria is rated for ages +16. :S Its the same with mushishi manga, its also +16 rated. I guess that mangas have bit different reasons for these age ratings than usualy tv series & comics :p

heprea | 07-08-09, 6:57 AM
Ha! Finaly I got my Aria & Aqua manga. :)
Shame that Iv got work today, cant read em just yet, unless.. its going to be REALLY quite & peaceful day at work. :d

heprea | 06-07-09, 1:57 PM

Hehe, great to hear that. :)

And yes I have my list in other site aswell, the reason I made account to this site was because I was bored as hell, so I decided to make myself an account and update the list.
I think it took me closer to 3 or 4 hours to make it so I guess it was worth it. :)

Also thanks, Im proud of my "about" comment. :d

heprea | 06-06-09, 9:13 PM
remembered your password finaly? :O

Mehsi | 03-06-09, 7:08 AM
Hello Kanjiru *smiles*

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