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04-07-15, 12:38 AM
May 1, 1990
Tehran, Iran
September 21, 2010
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Shiro-Okami | 04-18-11, 4:11 AM
plan 2 watch hat ro bejoz 6 va 9 daram (cheghadr shomare 9 zaghart bood !)

Arisato-Rad | 04-14-11, 4:07 PM
i checked those you mentioned but it wasn't them
the story was more similar to Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3.
the word daitarn 3 is familiar to me i guess that's it.
i was so child that i don't remember fully but in the end the main robot sacrificed itself to save others life,it moved me so much back then T^T.

Arisato-Rad | 04-13-11, 3:01 PM
i never forget those mecha anime that i saw when i was child
which in 16 meter robots was fighting aliens :)
they were fascinating at the time.i liked them so much.
my time is more free these days so i,ll watch it soon
also your new profile picture is fun ;)

airess86 | 04-13-11, 7:36 AM
she is having fun just fine with her own friends :p :p

airess86 | 04-12-11, 9:07 PM
nooooooooo, don't kil Kuro-chi!!!
maybe you should be more careful on what you joke about, ne? cause I was like, ok if he has conditions like this I might as well put some condition for him!! :D
but don't wory about it I knew you were kidding ;)

so I tell THE spcial person not to come, and I'll tell her it was by your request ^.^

Arisato-Rad | 04-12-11, 10:20 AM
Hi Kami san! Arigato
Japanese is my fav language(beside english)
i'm a university student like you.i pass my days while i'm trying to save my time and spend it better!
i'm happy to see another iranian too :)
and about Gundam 00,when i saw it first,i said this is one of those series that i must spend a whole week waching to understand whats going on! i hadn't much time so i dropped it.
i finished this lately.i recommend it:

airess86 | 03-29-11, 10:15 AM
me too, but I liked all the ones I watched ;)
I finally started on clannad, it was totally different from what I thought. and then there were Supernatural and Eden of the East.

what did you watch?
you still watching Code Geass, or did you finish it?

airess86 | 03-28-11, 10:51 AM
heya, long time no see.
I'm doing fine, as always ;) what about you?
you're welcome.

reza_saeedinia | 03-21-11, 5:40 PM
سال نو مبارک!

airess86 | 03-19-11, 3:48 AM
wish you and your family the best year ever. ^.^

and wish you can manage to get to know my little sis better in the new year ;)

airess86 | 03-03-11, 7:49 AM


airess86 | 03-03-11, 7:18 AM
yep, so I guessed right, I mean I guessed it might be you ;) and as I said before it is a cool shot.

you home? I thought you were going out together?

TenKei | 03-01-11, 4:17 AM
ore-saa wa kei-sama da. yoroshiku kozo! xD

airess86 | 02-25-11, 5:53 PM
I've been popular, you just found out now ;)
sure, English is just fine.

sorry for the late reply-s I've been out of town a few days.
Oops, how did you find your way? I think my msg get to you a bit late, didn't it? ^.^

and nice profile pic, although the last one seemed cooler ;)

Surena | 02-24-11, 6:59 AM
dorood :)
che khabara? darsi ham mikhuni?

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