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07-18-14, 5:50 AM
May 23, 2007
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Currently in Japan, enjoying all the awesomeness!^_^

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GTC | 03-01-12, 4:53 PM

GTC | 03-01-12, 5:03 AM
man have you seen this vid where Gackt is cooking and then he eats? He chews for like 30 or more seconds! Tho' he took a huge bite, really? He chews like a cow! LOL

GTC | 02-29-12, 3:21 PM
hahaha. But not here. You don't have to even talk to people and they will visit you in the clubs! YAY!!!!

GTC | 02-29-12, 10:50 AM
Well, to be honest. I like it here and i like the internet. But, when you dn't know peeps, that's just it, you DON"T know them. So I keep it light and friendly. When you get too involved and start thinkin everyone can be close friends and stuff you get hurt, or even killed.

Yeah, I don't do FB or Twr. It's too many peeps there. I have a friend here who has worked with the Feds at the hospital; she told me that she was told there is a huge percentage of criminals on FB: like 30% or sumthing. And there's like 800mill peeps there anyway, so you never know who is who.

I really don't like the idea that FB and Twr takes your zip code and market ads to you. that's just wrong. It's like penning up a buch of sheep in a locked gate and shooting them at random. They can't escape. So, I don't go cuz at least here, you have a measure of freedom. And if you keep it light and fun and friendly, you won't get hurt. And you don't have to share private info. It's all manga, anime, and Asian rock. I like that. It's ENTERTAINING!!!

well, welcome back. I hope you're here to stay. It's nice to see you again. I'll make you an officer in the club when I revamp it again for the spring and Summer!!


GTC | 02-12-12, 4:00 PM
HEY HUNNIEEEEEEEE!! It has been a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. What have you been up to? (PM me) Oh the Gackt. How do you like his new look? I dunno! oh and I HATE Jon. That man is utter horror. G can do way better and withOUT him. Anyway, check the club and see the updates and changes and let me know what you like.

So really, did you get tired of Facebook? Many peeps have, and I've seen a few return here to MAL. I never joined FB or Twr. Over-rated in my taste. I don't like people knowing me....and i really don't want to know people. The "no bars, no depth" is cool for me. Did you hear of the chick who got killed from FB? Yeah! She de-friended this person (some shut-in woman who lived with her mom and dad). Well the woman told her pop, and then him and this other dude came to the woman's house and shot her! I mean dead! They killed her. The cops said that she had marks on her neck, where they strangled her first. I thought that was crazy! You do find crazies, but when you keep yourself from being "KNOWN" like on FB or Twr, peeps can't really "Find" you and do stuff to ya!

Well, it's nice hearing from you. Hope to see more of you!
Ja Mata!!!!

BeautifulViolet | 02-12-12, 2:38 PM
Well yes it is cold soo a very super warm coat would be good to bring but its the scenery that is what is amazing beautiful moons with different colors of the sky.... if u forget that is a bit of a extreme environment its very beautiful lol plus i love saturn since lil i dont know why and i loved it more since sailor saturn.

So yeah ur very welcome to visit me in my lil home there lol, i love ur anime list too.
Thank u again for ur response.

Kajitoku | 02-12-12, 10:56 AM
Been away from MAL for AGEEEES!!!!! Sorry for not replying to you guys! *sob*

BeautifulViolet | 10-01-11, 11:00 PM
Well hello there ^_^

Hows it going.

GTC | 06-15-11, 4:05 AM
HEY SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tis' been a long time since we's talked. How are you doing? I ain't seent you in a while! What's you be doing this summer?


727 | 06-20-10, 1:13 PM
nea, sakiau Haulas =D tai ir galvoju, kas cia dabar per...? =D

727 | 06-19-10, 10:51 AM
hmm, kad tikrai naujiena pasakei... siaip howl's Moving Castle juk tik filmas yra, tai kaip tai sezonai? *confused*

727 | 06-04-10, 8:05 AM
antra dalis? yra ir antra dalis? O__O

727 | 04-13-10, 9:37 AM
eh? O___O tu tik dabar Haula paziurejai? O_O

GTC | 02-12-10, 5:44 AM
ok. I'll have to PM it to's that?

It ain't finished tho.

GTC | 02-09-10, 4:27 AM
of course not hunnie! we all cried when they died. AND THEY SHOULDN"T HAVE!!!! >_<

You know i wrote a story where they didn't. Want to read it?

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