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Days: 314.7
Mean Score: 6.26
  • Total Entries876
  • Rewatched35
  • Episodes19,512
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Golden Time
Golden Time
May 4, 7:25 AM
Watching 2/24 · Scored -
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
May 4, 3:09 AM
Watching 1/- · Scored -
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Apr 14, 7:38 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Manga Stats
Days: 138.4
Mean Score: 6.73
  • Total Entries310
  • Reread2
  • Chapters23,331
  • Volumes2,765
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Koi to Uso
Koi to Uso
May 4, 5:08 AM
Reading 86/- · Scored -
Minamoto-kun Monogatari
Minamoto-kun Monogatari
May 4, 1:38 AM
Reading 190/- · Scored -
Boku wa Mari no Naka
Boku wa Mari no Naka
May 4, 12:09 AM
Reading 72/- · Scored -


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Kionys Yesterday, 12:34 PM
Mais qui êtes-vous ?
Sakubo Feb 26, 1:29 AM
J'ai toujours plus de respect que toi qui écrit pas correctement le nom wesh
Sakubo Feb 26, 1:19 AM
Loulz, ouais bah écoute c'est pas ouf c'est pas ouf hein !
Sakubo Feb 24, 1:07 AM
C'était tellement prévisible c'est chaud.
Sakubo Feb 10, 6:08 AM
C'est le moment de reprendre contact avec, si tu vois ce que je veux dire.
Sakubo Feb 10, 6:05 AM
Met toi en couple avec Talys plutôt.
Sakubo Feb 10, 5:57 AM
Pour les mecs blindés de potes sur MAL peut être ouais.

Mais pour nous osef total.
Sakubo Feb 10, 2:20 AM
Ta race.
Sakubo Dec 14, 2015 10:04 AM
Sauf qu'en fait je les ai déjà trop lus en boucle et genre relou de pas avoir le reste.
Redoxus Jan 20, 2013 1:23 AM
Hey mec ! Genre ca met des commentaires sur mon espace !
Lelouch_X Jan 15, 2013 12:04 PM
Oh then i'm looking forward to the movie!
Good arc deserves a good movie.

Yeah i have Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock at home :D
Do you often play GH?

WTF @ that Oppai Purin xD
Why would you ask someone to bring that as souvenir to you?
Or better question: Why would someone do that? lol
They truly are dangerous weapons filled with the sweet dreams of every pudding and oppai-fan.

Why do you like Noto?
I only know her, because Shane is a hardcore fan.
She's voicing Nogizaka Haruka right?

I would treasure my little sister as if i would protect my life ^_^
It would be really hard for her to get a boyfriend if Onii-chan is not satisfied >:)

A lot of University stuff to do? :O
Ah that's nice. Hope you will find the ultimative Milky Deck :D

Yeah i have a lot of exams really soon and i need to study~
Aaaah we just made that picture yesterday and everyone is asking me about it, fooo xD

You're not a seasonal watcher right? :O
Lelouch_X Jan 14, 2013 10:58 AM
Phantom Rouge movie?
Is it a movie with the Phantom troop? :O

Classic music? oO
Wow you're so educated... hard to believe xD
Piano is nice, you might play with Bea together next time :P

When i was younger i wanted to learn how to play guitar, but didn't start to because it was too expensive and i didn't have that much time~
Boys Dead Monster loool
That's actually pretty cool... Ok we will form a band on day!

Ask Yacine to cosplay Eri for you <3
Oppai Purin? o_O

Yeah i love Hanazawa Kana's voice, but she has gotten too many seiyuu roles recently, so that you will hear her in almost every second series :/
Always listening to her voice makes her not that special anymore unfortunately :/
Reumy is hardcore Hanazawa Kana- Fan.
Everytime i click on a Hanazawa Kana picture on FB he has already liked it xD

I love my Imouto-Harem too <3

How is your Nichijou these days? :P
Lelouch_X Jan 11, 2013 10:36 AM
Yes, i mean the Phantom Troop Arc, which just ended :O
Kurapika was so badass *__*
Higashi no Eden? Okay i will put it on PTW then~

Hard Gay Fooooo! You don't like LiSA x(
I wouldn't say supercell anymore because all the good singers are now solo'ing (Yanagi Nagi and chelly as EGOIST). I love them too ^//^
Yeah i also listen to some J-Rock/ Visual Kei but not so much as before now D:
How about you? :P

GIRLFRIEND? Are you sure you didn't mean Boyfriend? xD (joke joke)
I only have a Yurippe Dakimakura since my last WGP trip in Japan but haven't bought a pillow yet, because i won't know the reaction of my mother xD

Nah i'm not as strong as Yurippe~

How can you forget:

Rikka is not a member but you forgot Nadeko-chan!
Lelouch_X Jan 10, 2013 12:11 PM
Yeah i haven't watched cliffhanger Anime for a while and i'm missing them already...
Last one i watched was Guilty Crown i think and of course H x H at the moment.
The Phantom Arc was too good and i hope the Greed Island Arc will continue like that :O
(Hey it's about a card game xD)

Yeah Mirai Nikki was a really awesome!
You start reading it and you just realized that you already have read like 10+ chapters lol
Too bad the anime wasn't as good as the manga (or it is because i read the manga first... shiranai xO)
Haha the better the manga the worse your nutrition lol

Yeah i also think that reading a novel isn't as great as reading manga, because you don't have a visual part and need your fantasy to form an image in your head.
Regarding imagination... i heard from Bea that you're bad at imagining things, so you need xxx to xxx xD

But there is a good point in novels.
You can fit much more details and information in lesser pages, so it satisfies the needs of a hard core fan much more as when you would leave out a lot of information you can't usually fit in some manga panels.

"Yeah, I want to punish someone in fapping too. :o "
No one stops you from doing so... xD
No i didn't read the novel~

Aaah i can't wait until 3rd of April, then LiSA will release her new single <3
Best day Best way~

Ah okay i now i know that she's from SF, i know i've seen her before!

Haha Eri is satisfying all your needs huh
Are there any Eri Dakimakuras available? :P

Nah i like Yurippe, because she is a strong leader person and can keep on going forward even after having experienced a very sad past.

Don't forget my Imouto Harem!
They satisfy all my needs and desires <3
One member will return soon, be ready for it kukuku~
Lelouch_X Jan 10, 2013 11:16 AM
I just read the name and i already knew that it is a very manly shounen Manga xD
I don't dislike it if you can read/ watch it fluently with all those cliffhangers, making you go on and on and on.
You watch a lot of cliffhanger Anime and Manga right?
Pokemon for example xD

Nah i can read manga in the train on my smartphone, but no motivation currently.
I'm already trying to read the SAO novels, so yeah maybe some day in the future if i want to read other manga ^_^

Yeah i already read Onani Master.
It had such a high score and it was a original work, so i got interested.
You like the Onani-part in the school? xD

Oh your picture didn't change until just now, so i didn't see the new Elly one.
I mean the one with the blonde girl you used in WeChat as well :O

You really like cute, strong girls huh xD