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08-21-14, 6:03 PM
September 10, 1995
British Columbia, Canada
Skype: Just ask :)
April 11, 2012
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Taking some signature requests for a little while for my own practice. If you want me to make one for you, message me for details. If you want to see some I have already made, check my blog :)

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M_F_M | 03-17-15, 7:47 AM
RIP bro

rinnie002 | 02-17-15, 12:43 PM

Hello Fabulous member of RACE!!
Thank you so much to rinnie002 for helping me send this out x_x
i think i would seriously die if i did it myself ._.
I really wanted to send it out but omg 1631 people @_@
*bows deeply* please know i wanted to send this to you in person and its from my heart conveyed through this beautiful person

I'm really sorry to not be sending out individual messages to you all, but unfortunately I don't know all of you ... and im lazy x'D
BUT i made this Valentines Day Event in order to get the chance to tell people how much they mean to me :)
Every single person in RACE means so much to me, I'm so happy you joined the club even if you aren't active (though you should be :P)
It means so much that you've stuck with me even when the club died for a bit.
I never imagined that my club would get so big. When i first started it I was hoping to even get 10 people. 20 was beyond my wildest dreams xD Now I'm above 1600!! I opened it just because i had joined mal and seen cards and wanted to try.
I probably shouldn't have made the club as early as i did .... but now I am so glad that I did C: Thank you to everyone that has joined the club, it's been such a pleasure to me watching the club grow and seeing the new people join.
Especially thank you to the people that joined at the very beginning. I'm not giving you a special message because i dont have time but I know who you are and you mean the world to me <3
Thank you all for joining my family ^^ And I hope you'll stick with me for much longer ^^ You're all the best C:

And Happy Belated Valentines Day!!
~ Le creator of RACE, Miyu (Rozzi)

Cigarette | 02-14-15, 6:12 AM

magji | 02-07-15, 10:50 PM

cruzateu | 02-06-15, 8:56 AM
jean valjean ;-;

Cigarette | 12-17-14, 5:51 AM
come back

MawaruHime | 12-14-14, 10:04 PM


freesyder | 11-30-14, 8:18 AM


ThisNameSucks | 11-26-14, 11:12 PM
I fucking love you, fatherfucker. Now suck my dick.

There, Yume. Happy?

freduy5 | 11-02-14, 12:21 PM


Magnolia | 10-13-14, 1:26 AM
You disappeared too :c

Everyone's leaving. </3

JOAOAA | 09-30-14, 12:35 AM
*mumble* Water, 35 litres. Carbon, 20kg. Ammonia, 4 litres. Lime, 1.5kg. Phosperus, 800g. Salt, 250 g. Niter, 100g. Sulphur, 80g. Fluorine, 7.5g. Iron, 5g. Silicon 3g. And fifteen other elements*mumble*

OK! HERE I GO!!!!!!

*Attempts human transmutation*

..............didn't work


Well Jeav, I tried but it didn't work :( But sacrificing my hand to try and bring you back was worth it :)


Bash107 | 09-28-14, 9:29 PM
i know somewhere deep down in my heart you'll still comeback.

Comeback plz we love you <3 ;(.

Zetrin | 09-24-14, 9:48 AM


MrHawkeye | 09-24-14, 7:42 AM
I never really knew you, but RIP! I am sure you were a good Man/Woman/Futa/Trap.

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