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08-25-14, 2:44 PM
March 25,
December 29, 2011
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Time (Days) 58.7
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Time (Days) 27.6
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Completed 48
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Plan to Read 96
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About JayCee122
I love anime and I love manga, its my way to kill time, and to escape reality.
I love cats and have had (and still have) one or more cats my entire life, they are more like family than pets.
My freetime goes with playing games, watching anime, reading manga and talking with friends about random things such as time travel and counter EMP's.
When it comes to music I dont have a particular favorite genre i just listen to whatever sounds good to me.

All favorites are in alphabetical order and not in order of/least most favorite.

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Akuto | 07-20-13, 9:58 AM

Click Here to Request Newsletter List Removal

Goobatron | 03-26-13, 5:22 AM
Tillykke med fødselsdagen!

MoonXArtemis | 03-20-13, 10:58 PM
Enter...Into the Inevitable quick Newsletter
Hello fellow club member! Here are some updates from the club!

General Updates
We are back and better than ever! :D jk, well we are back from a somewhat-hiatus state. We will be doing LE's now more often. Hopefully we will also get some new games in, and some forum activity. So visit us soon, k?!

Now Open LE's
Sukitte Ii Na Yo. LE
Eyes SE
K Project LE
Kamisama no Memochou LE

Banner Contests
We have a Contest in progress, please go and submit your vote for your favorite banner! -->> Here

What Is That Anime?
And many more!

Lastly, but not least, do you have any Anime/Character/Theme suggestions for an LE/SE/RE ? Please tell us >>here!<<

We also need staff! :D, if you are interested in joining us in making cards and/or other graphics, or card/newsletter deliverer, etc please go>> here!<<

~~ Thank you! And have a great day! ~~

LoveLessPain | 03-11-13, 11:15 AM

We wont be fully active until summer but we are still keeping the club updated with new layouts, contests, and le's.
*New Le's Coming soon
*Banner Sign Ups Open
*New Layout Is Up
*Staff Needed Plz Apply If Interested
Looking for forum monitors, newsletter senders, layout and card makers

musicalsushi | 01-12-13, 5:43 PM
Haha just like the tentacle monster in General Knoxx XD

musicalsushi | 01-11-13, 11:15 PM
I bet, does he drop good loot???

musicalsushi | 01-11-13, 2:26 PM
HAHA Have you beaten him????
I was gonna wait till I'm level 50 before taking that quest on

musicalsushi | 01-11-13, 1:45 PM
I know right!!!!
She's a siren as well!!! WTF!!!

No I haven't fought the tentacle monster yet
I'm only on level 33 with my Zero...haven't even started TVHM

musicalsushi | 01-11-13, 12:33 PM
ROTFL!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!
But Jack deserved it!!!!
I still couldn't believe that Angel was his daughter...and he treated her like such shit >_<

musicalsushi | 01-09-13, 1:04 PM
I was planning to start up the mechromanser after a max out Zero
I just finished my first playthrough yesterday
The Warrior was even easier to beat than the tentacle monster in the first one XD

musicalsushi | 01-07-13, 5:52 PM
I'm playing as Zero in Borderlands 2
I find myself using melee attacks the most anyway and I LOVE sniper rifles
Though Zero seems very under-powered =(
Have you played as the Mechromanser???

To tell you the truth, Bloodwing's death devastated me more than Roland's death did

musicalsushi | 01-06-13, 10:20 PM
I'm an achievement whore as well >_< so I feel you

Which character did you play with on Borderlands 2???
(Did you also play borderlands 1???)
I was a Mordecai player in Borderlands 1 and I made him invincible
My heart broke when Bloodwing died =(

musicalsushi | 01-06-13, 1:43 AM
Fear 2 is awesome!!! Though I've been hearing mixed things about Fear 3

Isn't Deus Ex just great
I ended up finishing the game 5 times and got every achievement (even downloaded the DLC)

I LOVE video games!!!
I'm playing Borderlands 2 right now
I think that Borderlands is a great game, I wrote a midterm paper for one of my classes on it XD
I would recommend:
Left 4 Dead
Dead Space

musicalsushi | 01-05-13, 5:48 PM
Just celebrated with family, nothing big
Made dinner and exchanged gifts

Which games are you playing?????

musicalsushi | 01-05-13, 1:34 PM
Oof, midterms are a bother...I got done with finals a few weeks ago
Nothing but stress
Happy New Year by the way! I hope that you had a nice celebration!!!

I've been alright, trying to relax before my next semester starts and all that jazz
Anything new other than midterms??? (hope the go over well btw)

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