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12-24-13, 3:14 AM
June 29, 1989
February 20, 2011
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About Jay689
Sup, the names Jay689. I love watching anime, I love gaming, and I enjoy meeting people who are into the same things I am. Right now, I'm working towards making my own 3D character models in hope of making something out of it. Anime and games help inspire me to create something new (Although I'm still a rookie at it...). Anyway, feel free to add me and we can talk all anime, games, or whatever. Peace.
PSN: Nocturne689

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Yonatay | 10-21-11, 2:55 PM
Its good read it :)!

Yonatay | 10-06-11, 1:18 AM
:p tis a manga I'm loving at the moment :)
You should check it out!

Smaster | 10-06-11, 12:07 AM
It IS huge but when you will reach a certain amount you won't see time passing till you will want more like us atm..xD
Where have you reached ?

Fibes | 10-05-11, 2:54 PM
Hey, that's a great idea! Having an extra buck in this economy always helps.

Yonatay | 09-23-11, 2:45 AM
Yeah same - I'm liking the Black Bird Manga!!

Smaster | 09-22-11, 11:01 PM
Like it happens from time to time you're tired from this education life and want to piss on everything and go enjoy..xD
Haha..what are you watching atm ?

Smaster | 09-21-11, 11:41 PM
How have you been lately ?
I'm always here. Less of work the past two weeks.
I kinda abused by enjoying a lot and really need to put my hand in university work now...xD

Yonatay | 09-19-11, 5:08 AM
I'm good ta hows you??
Need to catch up on my anime... falling behind :p

Smaster | 09-15-11, 11:02 PM
Ohayo dude !!
Don't mind..don't mind :)

I'm absolutely fine here ^ ^
And you ?

Fibes | 09-15-11, 6:29 PM
What made you do that? By the way, have you heard about the upcoming FFX remake? I'll bet you liked FF6 though :).

Fibes | 09-14-11, 6:38 PM
hey, whats up!

Yonatay | 07-18-11, 4:23 AM
Aye :)

Yonatay | 07-11-11, 2:51 AM
Yeah you will grow out of it I'm sure :)

Yonatay | 07-09-11, 4:05 AM
Darn :/
I like to live without regret if possible

Smaster | 07-08-11, 7:15 AM
What do you mean by "Without being hit" ??
You mean play the whole game without getting a single scratch!!

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