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03-26-10, 10:19 PM
August 15, 1993
In your house... watching you read this.
September 20, 2009
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MY name used to be CRYPSIS, now it is JYSTER, but it used to be CRYPSIS, its presesently JESTYR, It was CRYPSIS before I changed it to JESTYR, so I am no longer called CRYPSIS but JESTYR. Unless you are speaking in past pretense then it would be CRYPSIS, but it is (in present0 JESTYR.

I used to like the name CRYPSIS because it refers to an animals ability to avoid observation (eg. camoflagued) but then I discovered that it was the name of some gay band...yuck.

So I changed my name to JESTYR, spelt fashionably with a Y instead of an E, actually if you look closely it seems that the STYR are linked at the top, quite fascinating.

Im rambling about myself now, well thats about all there is about me.

Lets do a quick summary.

Used to be CRYPSIS, now called JESTYR after a name change which ocurred on the 26th of September 2009.

My Hobbies: Changing my name from CRYPSIS to JESTYR

My Interests: The name JESTYR after it has been changed from CRYPSIS


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nariko | 10-01-09, 4:57 AM
Hello Jestyr,nice of u to send me a message!!Hope to be friends!

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-09, 8:38 PM

Willowhitsuji | 09-26-09, 3:24 PM

Vudis | 09-26-09, 7:41 AM

Seight | 09-26-09, 7:40 AM

siverstorm | 09-26-09, 5:13 AM
Membah Card delivery

JESTYR | 09-21-09, 3:36 AM
You rule, you are my idol, I can only wish to be as cool as you.

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