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08-18-13, 11:17 AM
Velez Rubio
August 11, 2012
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ItaZura_YoroKobi | 08-15-12, 5:14 AM
This account will no longer be active because this account has gone awire so I will see ya guys around.

Animewolfguy | 08-14-12, 4:43 PM
Ya thats fine.

Animewolfguy | 08-14-12, 3:43 PM
Oh hey I got a very important thing to say. How about write your review on your microsoft word. So that way you'll still have them and you'll remembor everything you say about the anime. Trust me dude, I did this all the time.

Animewolfguy | 08-14-12, 3:33 PM
And I'll be supporting you until then. Oh and I sent you a friend request.

Animewolfguy | 08-14-12, 7:06 AM
Oh ok, its ok if you don't. I'm trying the same thing here as well. And I gotta ask this but what happen to the review you written? did you deleted them or something?

Nasty001 | 08-14-12, 1:12 AM
9pts 4 ur "Mayo Chiki" review.

Ozzey | 08-13-12, 5:07 PM
No problem,let me know if you liked them when your done

Nasty001 | 08-13-12, 1:51 PM
10 pts 4 ur "OT" review.

Animewolfguy | 08-13-12, 1:00 PM
Are you gonna read manga and if you are, I would like it if their are some review as most I've seen are sh#t

FurryLizard | 08-13-12, 3:17 AM
Nice reviews i like your taste in anime and hentai ;]

Ozzey | 08-12-12, 5:38 PM
Try some of these
Lovely Complex
Inu x boku
The world only god knows
Ano Hana
Ano natsu
Angel beats!
Spice and Wolf

vasplar | 08-11-12, 10:01 PM
I don't like to write reviews cause i suck at it but yeah, any anime above 8 on my list you should check out!

Animewolfguy | 08-11-12, 5:05 PM
Hey I was wondering if you can check my stories that I'm writing?Here are the links." target="_blank">, A person who gets it to the point, I wan't to know what you think about and tell me what you like and what you don't like.

Ozzey | 08-11-12, 4:13 PM
You got some pretty good reviews :D

vasplar | 08-11-12, 3:14 PM
Great reviews!:)

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