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April 14, 2014
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January 20, 2009
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01-15-10, 11:20 AM Edited 07-26-13, 6:33 AM

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Orii | 12-15-10, 3:18 PM
hey Lonnell I'm back, how ya doing?

O2djob | 10-10-10, 10:13 PM
its new
thats why you never seen it

O2djob | 10-10-10, 10:08 PM
im downloading Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

blkcatXIII | 10-04-10, 8:24 PM
well it depends if ur pc has a cd burner

blkcatXIII | 10-04-10, 6:44 PM
ahahaha how is that going for ya??

blkcatXIII | 10-03-10, 1:32 AM
ahaha long time no talk and ya I just noticed that right now hahahha

miLfeuiLLe | 10-02-10, 7:04 PM
thanks...nice to meet you too =)

tinglingsen | 08-19-10, 9:37 AM

blkcatXIII | 07-30-10, 9:07 PM
this is gonna be hard haha
looking at ur favorites u like shoujo ai, sports, and romance and maybe some dark stories so lets see
I dont read any shoujo ai so........

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Judge (Same creators of Doubt)
Mirai Nikki

Eyeshield 21
Area no Kishi

Eden no Ori (Cage of Eden)

if u read all of them or didnt like any of the titles tell me what other kind of mangas u read then Im sure I can find something that suits ur taste (maybe not shoujo ai haha)

blkcatXIII | 05-30-10, 11:45 PM
what ep are u on?
or did u finish all 9 eps that already aired?

Avaliax | 05-23-10, 4:24 PM
Hmmm, okay here are some tries XD

Orange Yane Chisana ei
Black Bird
99% Love
Red River (Anatolia Story)
Don't Stay Gold
Bijin Dorobou
hmm, tell me how this list goes, if it's not the types just tell me and i'll check some others, unless you dun want any more XD

blkcatXIII | 05-20-10, 12:52 PM
ooo HAHA
well I recently started doing the dvd thing I really prefer to buy the box sets
that anime was ok for me. haha

Luchixa | 05-16-10, 4:46 PM
well i haven't read the manga but iam guessing its really good if the anime is just so beautiful.^^
i hope the second season comes out soon...i miss it already.
right when i finished the last episode i wanted to cry cause it was over.

Daika-san | 05-15-10, 5:11 AM
Ok, I see. So I will finish it. :]

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