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November 18, 2007
October 30, 2012
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My favorite anime are not even my favorite anime

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iHateFeelings | 27 minutes ago
I think they are shorts.

iHateFeelings | 51 minutes ago
He is a reckless idiot. Only casuals like reckless idiots.

Hey, don't copy my about me that I copied from you.
Not that I copy.

iHateFeelings | 60 minutes ago


iHateFeelings | 1 hour ago
I would cri me a river, but it could never beat that.

iHateFeelings | 1 hour ago
ur smell like my smell

iLoveFeelings | 6 hours ago
I guess, now, that could've ended badly I suppose.

The more I read of the reviews the more I think I'll like him.

iLoveFeelings | 6 hours ago
Not for me bub. Out of curiosity which 1s?

It seems like a worthwhile read from what I can gather, I read a few random pages - it gives of Shigurui vibes, I think I might give this a go sometime, it might be a nice little gem.

iLoveFeelings | 10 hours ago
No, its ending is the saddest thing ever, overall it's not really that sad. The saddest for me would probably be either Hoshi no Koe (manga), NGE (manga) or Hourou Musuko (manga), they're all so potent.

I was that narrow minded, remember my anti-shounen stage?

Alright I'll take your word for it & read the manga 1st, I think I'll pick it up after I'm finished with Narutaru.

Which samurai manga?

iLoveFeelings | Today, 11:16 AM
> Melodramatic.

That's not very nice.
You should increase your sensitivity level to be more receptive of feelings. That ending is possibly the saddest 1 I ever saw - I cried buckets.

No 1 should take MAL ratings seriously, still though I'd be more inclined to watch something that's rated higher than lower, exceptions for those shorts that try to be artsy - they're always rated low.

> What's the point of watching something you probably won't like, anyways?

A lot of stuff I thought I wouldn't like but ended up doing so, 1 big 1 would be Ippo, if I were too be much more picky about this I probably would have forsaken shounen altogether, it's mostly pretty much a gamble though. I do see what you're saying though.

I actually had it on-hold at the 2nd volume for ages till I saw it in your recent updates & from there I decided to pick it up again. I don't really know why I put so many good 1s on-hold for so long, I should be more like people who are tunnel-visioned in their approach to this. I do like it, it's fun to read, good stuff, it's 1 of the few manga that I've found the action to actually be action-y, I really like the sci-fi element too - really well done stuff, all round really. It's cool.

Oh, I keep forgetting to ask: which manga is the girl with the empty head from?

Wyzdm | Yesterday, 1:42 PM
Lol what's that supposed to mean? What the hell did you have in your comments that it was bad for the kids?

Wyzdm | Yesterday, 12:53 PM
Come on answer the question. I'm curious.

Wyzdm | Yesterday, 12:26 PM

Wyzdm | Yesterday, 12:08 PM
Such a creepy about me you have there

By the way why did you delete most of your profile comments?

iHateFeelings | Yesterday, 10:16 AM
K-on would have been good if it had classical music and yang.

iHateFeelings | Yesterday, 10:07 AM
logh and alcoholism are the path to enlightenment.

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