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Jun 23, 4:25 AM
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June 5, 2008
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I never know what to write in these kinds of places.
I know a lot of MAL users take this space to fill it with spoilers, listing their favorite animes and characters; While I do wish the limit for favorites was higher [Why have one?] I still don't feel inclined to list every character and anime that I favor. I haven't had a chance to read much of any manga yet, the ones I have I haven't added to my MAL. Send me manga site links if you got 'em, Though! As for anime, my list is very outdated, and is missing most of the anime I have actually seen; I generally favor mahou shoujo stuff, as is probably evident from what I have listed. Studo Ghibli is by far my favorite animation studio, and I've seen most of their work. I'm not generally good with names or faces, let alone voices, So I really couldn't tell you my favorite people. As for characters, I favor all imouto, quiet, shy, protagonist, kawaii, or sweet females, and generally don't care much for males in any situation.

I'm always looking for more friends, so don't be shy! Send me some messages some time! Sorry if I don't respond right away, though, I don't check MAL much unless it's to update my list, which are generally old updates anyway.

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