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September 28, 1996
December 12, 2011
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Pyper123 | 12-20-13, 5:03 PM

cloudysmile | 03-25-13, 9:38 AM

Greetings from Kaleido Star Fans!~

The winner of the 2nd match of the KSF Character Tournament Semi-Finals is, Sora! Thanks for voting!
And now, it's time for the final match, the Finals! Who shall be the champion? The Angel or the Phoenix? You can vote here.

-KSF Admins and newsletter team

RazielZero | 03-13-13, 11:06 AM

Greetings from Kaleido Star Fans!~

The 1st match of the Semi-Finals of the KSF Character Tournament has ended and the winner is, Layla! Thanks to everyone who voted. The second and last SF match is available here.

-KSF Admins and newsletter team

Warner216 | 02-23-13, 1:53 PM
That's good, less time driving is always good XD Yeah its a curse in some respects, if I get a bad cut it grows out, and when I have a good cut it goes away XD that's cool then, I think it will look good on you ^^ I would assume you will be busy if you are getting yourself settled down here, but we are nearby so there isn't much of a rush really :P

Warner216 | 02-23-13, 7:19 AM
Damn a 9hr drive is going to suck just a bit, will be good to get to essex and stretch your legs :P I didn't get much of a haircut, just short enough to get it out of my face although it was cut a bit shorter than I wanted, I'm just glad my hair grows really quickly :3 that colour sounds pretty cool, you should make the red streaks brighter red, it would look really cool :) and yeah, it will be good to see you too :)

Warner216 | 02-17-13, 6:01 PM
How was time spent with your uncle? I haven't been up to much, just a few bits here and there but nothing major :P I like having money, although most of it was gone before I knew it, what with some clothing, a hair cut a little things here and there :P The summer is only nice for the warmth XD I dont like it hot :P And yeah, it will be nice seeing you after so long :) Chloe would be happy to see you :)

Warner216 | 02-12-13, 4:37 PM
^^ I like money because I have a few things I want :P but I do like presents too. I hate the cold weather, never stops me from complaining, but then the same goes for the hot, I like spring

Warner216 | 02-11-13, 2:23 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes ^^ it has been a nice day :) for christmas I got money and clothes and a few other bits, and for my birthday so far I just have money XD I know the feeling of random posts :P it takes up some time, and I cant stand the cold weather :P but at te same time I cant stand the heat of the summer XD

sasohina | 02-09-13, 10:37 AM

Greetings from Kaleido Star Fans!~

The winner of the 4th match of the KSF Character Tournament Quarter-Finals is, Sora! Thanks for voting!
And with this, we have arrived at the next round, the Semi-Finals. You can vote in the first match here.

-KSF Admins and newsletter team

Warner216 | 02-08-13, 1:15 PM
its good you had a nice christmas ^^ what did you get? yeah I amde that post on DA through boredom :P there was a bit of snow in southend but it was gone in a few days, but if its that cold in scotland its gotta suck XD

Warner216 | 02-07-13, 10:29 AM
it will be fun hopefully XD and damn that sounds like it sucks, but my friends get along with everyone pretty much so its all cool ^^ and I had a nice christmas yes :) although I came down with the noro virus but it went pretty quick :) how was your christmas?

Warner216 | 02-06-13, 1:37 PM
Hopefully i will be taking an ICT BTEC at sixth form so it should all be good ^^ and yeah, southend is pretty cool, its near the seafront and close to lots of different conveniences which makes buying something much easier XD and cool, my friends would get along with you really well as you're into anime and all that.
And my friends DA name is soulreaperZPT :3

Warner216 | 02-05-13, 3:56 PM
Yeah I know more than a few people who deviated away from minecraft after the thrill was lost :P and college is just stressing me out too much, so a school that's round the corner will be less stressful, and plus most of my friends are there, and that's cool that you'll be staying in Southend :) Chloe will be happy to hear ^^ and the flat seems like a good idea, just be sure to do your research so you know its in a good area :P and yeah comicon will be fun, we should al go as a group, it'll be fun :) one of my friends watches you on DA anyway :)

Warner216 | 02-05-13, 1:49 PM
Lol, I haven't been able to really get into minecraft, and the apprenticeship sounds good, will you be staying in southend for that? :) and I'll hopefully be going with some friends and my girlfriend ^^

Warner216 | 02-05-13, 12:14 PM
Yum cake sounds nice XD and don't mention minecraft around Callum, he'll never leave you alone XD And changing my hair is fun sometimes I guess XD Sounds pretty cool to be down here for that amount of time, where will you be staying? :) and funny you should mention comicon, I am planning to go in May :D

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