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May 17, 2011
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IamJuuni | 07-20-12, 8:22 AM
Code Geass is pretty good so far. Not my favorite but I am enjoying. To be honest in my opinion it is overhyped. But that still doesnt make it a bad series. I really really like it. What did you think of it??

Lovely Complex is in my ptw list. I will try to look for it at amazon.

I love Soul Eater. I love the characters and I connect alot with Death the Kid, my favorite character. He is awesome. I love the music too. Very addicting.

Well, I think you would enjoy Afro Samurai. It is a short series. Nothing much to it. In my opinion not a masterpiece but very solid. Great plot that could have become a masterpiece it would have been more developed. It is only 5 episodes. It is still worth watching.
Another I recommend is Welcome to the NHK. Its great. 26 episodes. Drama Drama Drama.

That quote is from a 1980's movie called Shogun Assasin. I thought it was an awesome quote. I'm glad you liked it as well.

EratiK | 07-20-12, 2:50 AM
Since Lucy hasn't replied to you yet, it's from the movie Shogun Assassin:

IamJuuni | 07-17-12, 7:19 AM
Hey there, I figured I stop by and check up on you. I see you are watching Soul Eater. How do u like it so far?? Who is ur fav character?
You finished Baccano.
btw.. I love ur list. We have the same taste in anime.
Anyway, how are you??

IamJuuni | 05-14-12, 6:44 AM
Oh Ok, in that case I would definitely read it. Like I told you before, I mean they are both pretty much bad ass assasins but I think I like Fujiki a little more. He is hott too Lol

IamJuuni | 05-11-12, 1:08 PM
Really??? Oh no, I dont know if I look forward to a sucky ending. I rather have an incomplete ending such as the anime series.

IamJuuni | 05-07-12, 7:15 AM
I finished Shigurui, I gotta say I loved it but it left me feeling so dissatisfied. Rushed ending that was not even an ending. I will read the manga next. I loved the art, it was pretty well done. I loved Fujiki Gennosuke :D He was hott Lol
Ouran started off really strong for me, but towards the end it kindoff went down hill for me.

Witeq | 05-05-12, 4:06 AM
Na magni się wybierasz?

IamJuuni | 04-27-12, 6:22 AM
Hey there, figured I should tell you I'm currently in the 3rd ep of Shigurui.... It is great so far, great plot, characters, it is fucken brutal!!!!! I can't wait to watch more.
You should watch Baccano, it has some similarities, not story of course but the way the plot just jumps and keeps you in ur toes. I highly recommend.
Anyway, how are you?

Witeq | 03-19-12, 8:34 AM
Może jako gatunek to jest tego niewiele, ale sam motyw występuje w większości serii z gatunku "akcji", a tego to już jest sporo ;)

Witeq | 03-18-12, 11:22 AM
Widzę że motywy samurai przeważają ;)

IamJuuni | 03-15-12, 6:47 AM
Hey. Sorry for the late reply! Can't keep up anymore :( I have no time to watch my series.
I am so glad you liked Jyo Oh Sei, yeah its pretty good, the ending lacked a little bit but I enjoyed it. I remember completing that in one day.
What are you upto now??

Witeq | 02-27-12, 8:28 AM
Cóż za aktywność xD Co chwile jakiś update

IamJuuni | 02-20-12, 3:05 PM
I added it to my ptw list. I looks very interesting.
Well I actually recommend Baccano! it is a short series but it is well made and very smart and different, you should pick up asap. You would like the story.
another short series I recommend would be Jyu-Oh-Sei: Planet of the beast king. It is not at a level of Baccano but is very decent for only 11 episodes. Very entertaining.

I am well, Im trying to learn some japanese so I will be putting some stuff on hold for a while to make some time for it.
How is everything going with you?

IamJuuni | 02-13-12, 8:50 AM
Hey. Hope all is well.
How are you enjoying Bakumatsu Kikansetsu? It looks interesting, I added to my PTW list. I been trying to find something similar to Basilisk for the longest. This is supposed to be historical with some fantasy. What do you think of it?

IamJuuni | 01-16-12, 9:55 AM
I know exactly how you feel. I'm not much for stupid girls, high pitch voices or overly dramactic trying to hard to make you sad series. For the most part I concentrate in my fav genre..mature, psychological or action (Bleach <3) .
Actually Clannad was hard to get thru the first 8 episodes but after that it became a nice series. Clannad After Story was amazing to me. I liked the real life situations and challenges. But they are not for eveyone. For some reason MAL friend kept suggesting Slice of life genres to me and gave them a try.
You do like comedy right? School Rumble?
How are you enjoying HSDKenichi?

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