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09-15-14, 12:06 AM
May 23, 1994
El Monte, California
July 30, 2008
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Time (Days) 63.3
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Time (Days) 39.3
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About Hinochi1994
Welcome to my page. Well... First of all, my name is Amy. As you can see, I'm a huge fan of anime and manga. However if you ask if I'm a collector and all that stuff, no I'm not. Anime is a hobby for me and a fun one too. It's because of anime and manga that I learned the culture of Japanese, however I can't speak Japanese. Always wanted to learn though, but lazy won over me.

Anyways, here's how I rate my anime and manga.

10-8 : loved it, would read it over and over again, unique plot, and good artwork

7-6: loved it, however didn't impact me enough to make me remember the story

5-4: enjoyed it a bit, with occasional boredom here and there. Wouldn't watch it again.

3-1: Horrible. Definitely would not watch it or remember anything that happen. Most likely, forgot all the important characters. lol

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Sugar- | 12-31-14, 6:45 PM

Setron510 | 03-06-13, 10:46 AM
hey, i like your anime list ^^

Sugar- | 12-31-12, 4:57 PM

Sugar- | 12-25-12, 6:05 PM

cutiep809 | 07-17-11, 9:52 AM
they're pretty good

cutiep809 | 07-16-11, 9:21 AM
Nope LOL, im a total addict aha

cutiep809 | 07-10-11, 9:06 PM
haha XD i know, i waste my time watching anime && manga :3

cutiep809 | 06-12-11, 8:28 PM
Thanks for the friend request!! (:

sairis | 08-05-10, 10:01 AM
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And also don't forget about other contests, they need active people too.
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Have a nice day!

asukai_kun | 07-20-10, 5:21 AM
~Shitsuji-sama no okiniiri FC~

hiii~ sorry for spamming your profile but messaging has been disabled so there is no other way to invite you guys
this is copy-paste

it seems you like Shitsuji-sama no okiniiri
so i thought you would like to join our FanCLub

have already invited you xDD
hope you will accept the invitation

HIMR | 07-19-10, 1:52 AM

Sweetlollipop | 11-11-09, 1:09 PM
lol xDD i'll check that out later

Sweetlollipop | 11-08-09, 12:00 PM
Itazura no Kiss?

Sweetlollipop | 11-05-09, 2:41 PM
well 11 eyes is prettty good but has childhood friend um.......... have some mangas but not that many romance anime sorry ^ ^

Sweetlollipop | 09-17-09, 4:00 PM

i see u read or on-hold of dear

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