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January 30, 1998
July 19, 2012
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Kirenisa | 08-19-14, 5:54 PM
yuh i knw its from love live

Kirenisa | 08-13-14, 10:16 AM

Kirenisa | 08-08-14, 1:28 AM

Kirenisa | 08-05-14, 7:53 PM
19 times were scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy

OrangeBattalion | 08-04-14, 3:30 PM
consuela why have you abandoned me ;w;

SoraKun13 | 06-13-14, 3:54 AM
No :P I'll finish tonight
I didn't want to last night because I wouldn't be able to sleep and we have exams o.o lol
But the things that happened in the last episode I watched o.o

SoraKun13 | 06-11-14, 8:54 AM
XD Yes it was important, I sent the Text and the Comment then I still had to wait till the next day to tell you in person :P
I was freaking out at the time and needed someone to talk too-
Now after that episode there's been dramatic changes in plot progression as I enter the last arc o.o For the first time the idea is presented that Ryuuji might actually like Taiga and I was like :o
Also I think Minorin may like Kitamura but that's just speculation, have to wait and see~

SoraKun13 | 06-10-14, 4:14 AM
XD It's terrible ><
I need a whole anime about Kitamura-kun though ;_;

SoraKun13 | 06-09-14, 8:51 AM
XD Sounds like a really big can't even
Jessica~ Toradora keeps on trying to make me like Ami ;_; Make it stop
She's annoying, but then everyone will call her adult like but then Ryuuji will just call her a child and she'll get that look ;( And then she'll sit in her corner and I'll be like "Aww" then I'm like "No :I You were a bitch before"
Jessica- Why? :c

SoraKun13 | 06-04-14, 6:15 PM
lol you're watching all this current ongoing stuff
And who's got two thumbs and is watching Toradora from way back in *Pause well I look up when it aired* 2008~
This guy- :3

SoraKun13 | 06-04-14, 6:11 PM
Well whenever I log on at school it shows Chocolat and I get excited ^^
Then she goes away and I get sad :c
I heard NGNL was good~

SoraKun13 | 06-04-14, 10:04 AM
:P So what's your profile pic from? :o
You had Chocolat ^^ But that's gone :(

Terrewee | 06-04-14, 1:59 AM
I'm not kind, I'm just me~ !

SoraKun13 | 06-03-14, 3:33 PM
lol :P
So o.o As individual words I knew Tora meant Tiger and Dora meant Dragon but yet, I couldn't grasp that the name of the anime was Tiger x Dragon until I looked at the translated name on here ._.
I thought of the ship title before I realized it was the title of the anime v.v
It's a Facepalm Carnival~ XD

SoraKun13 | 06-03-14, 10:08 AM
Counter Creeping~
You added Unbreakable Machine Doll to your plan to watch :o
It's great- mhm

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