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Aug 10, 8:15 AM
April 5, 1995
August 21, 2012
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Summer is hot. Too damn hot.

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Shuhan | Aug 10, 12:36 PM
I didnt think you would ever respond :')
You're never on anymore lol

Shuhan | Jul 24, 11:49 PM
Do you even anime?

Scatto | Jul 12, 12:53 PM
Yooo Chriis, wasap? Remember me?(Kira-oniisan was my old username, gosh was my name a little(or a little bit more awkward))

How, life treatin' ya?

bendalln | Apr 5, 11:31 AM
Hello Chris :)))))))))))))) Yay It's Your Birthday :O :D :D :D
It's Your Friend Nathan (^___^)
Happy Birthday 2 You :D *High 5* :D

Chris (Hidden_Joker) It's Your Birthday :O :O :O Yay O.O Awesome :D Have A Super Extra Special Day :D

I So 200% Hope That You Get Lots Of Yummy Birthday Cake, Amazing Birthday Presents, Birthday Cards, Birthday Money, Birthday Hugs *Birthday Hug From Me 2*, And A Super Special Birthday Just For You :D

I 100% So Hope That Your Having A Extra Fun Birthday :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :)
And Please Remember That Your A Extra Special Good Friend :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D

Take Lots Of Birthday Care :)))))))
Have A Awesome And Wild And Crazy Birthday Adventure :)))))
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))) :D :D :D (*__*)

cyruz | Apr 5, 7:48 AM
Happy Birthdayyy~

HaXXspetten | Apr 5, 2:00 AM
Happy Birthday ^^

hiddentest007 | Apr 1, 12:49 PM
Oooh you got hidden in your username too lol Nice!!!
You're the only person I've seen with the word hidden.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun had a nice OP :)

Kuma-Kuma | Mar 31, 5:20 PM
nice. how you like it there?
you miss Korea yet?

Kuma-Kuma | Mar 23, 4:57 PM
i see lol

where you at in the states?
so now you in college in the states?

spend more time on MAL lol

that's how life works lol

bendalln | Mar 22, 5:19 PM
Hello Chris :D (^_^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :))))))))))
Good Day 2 You :D

Today I Am So 100% Happy, 9% Tired, 0% Angry, 5% Scared, 91% In Energy And 97% In Health :P And That's So Today On Nathan's Official Emotion % Metre :D :D :D And Also How Are You Today?

Extra Extra Thank You For Telling Me Your Real Name, :D That Was So Very Nice Of You :)) Extra Thank You ^_^

And Thank You Even More For Saying That I'm Awesone....., :D :D :D ^_^ *Thank You Hug* But Your Even More Awesome, :D Your Way More Awesome Than I Am :D Extra Thank You :))

Musicals Are So Very Cool, I So Went 2 See A Lion King Musical With My Day Centre In November On A School Trip (Well Day Centre Trip Hehe) Musical's Are Really Cool :D Yay We Both Musicals :))

I Always Imagine That, I'm Living Through The Stories That I Write :) I So Even Have An Imaginary Friend :D, Her Name Is Daisy Froggy Kiss, Here She Is :)


Also I So Got Another Story For You :) Also It's So About A Magic Washing Machine, Also Here You Go :P

Do You Like It? Is It Good? And Would You Like A Magic Washing Machine Like The 1 In My Story? Extra Thank You :))

Take Lots Of Care :))
Please Remember Your So 200% Special :D
Your So More Awesome Than A Magic Piano That While Playing Makes People Cry Out Lemon Juice From There Eyes :O Extra Thank You :D :D
Thank You Bye Bye :D :)))))

Kuma-Kuma | Mar 20, 6:03 PM
it's been a year since we last chatted. what up with that? LOL

Joseito1875 | Feb 27, 9:59 AM

Playcool | Feb 20, 3:10 AM
Cute profile for sure. Sakura such a good girl~~~

bendalln | Feb 14, 5:35 PM
Hello Again Hidden_Joker :) :):)
It's Your Friend Nathan Again ^_^

Here Is Another Story I Done A Month Ago For Myanimelist Users Who Are Not Staff Members, :D Also Here You Go :)

Do You Like It? Also Who Is Your Favourite Elf? Mine Is Minnie The Elf, :P *Happy Special Hug* For You :)

Take Care :) Thank You Bye Bye :))

bendalln | Feb 14, 5:31 PM
Hello Hidden_Joker (^_^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :P
Good Day 2 You :D

Hello :D I Have So Very Missed You :D Also I Am So Very Very Happy Right Now, Also Today I Am So 100% Happy, 8% Scared, 31% Tired, 0% Angry, 97% In Health And 86% In Energy, :P Extra Thank You ^^

Also Hidden_Joker, I So Call That Nathan's Official Emotion % Metre :P

Also I'm So Very Very Sorry, I'm Sorry :( Sorry :C I'm So Saying Sorry Because On A Message, I Sent 2 You In October, I Told You, My Christmas List That I Was Asking Santa For, :D But I So Copied And Pasted That List From Snaxia's Page Instead Of Writing It All Again, So It Says Steins Gate Is In Your Favourites, When It Is Not :C But It's On Snaxia's Favourites And When I Copied And Pasted My Christmas List, I So Forgot 2 Delete That Part :C I'm So Very Sorry :(

Also Is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun Good? Sorry I Asked, But It's IN Your Favourites? And It Looks So Very Awesome, Also Sakura, The Main Character Looks So Very Amazing, *_* Extra Thank You :))

Also For Christmas From Santa I Had, A Naruto Poster, A Bleach Poster, Kiddy Grade Anime DVD, Steins Gate Anime DVD, Lots And Lots Of Moshi Monsters, Moshi Monsters Theme Park Play Set, Moshi Monsters Calendar, Some Dragon Ball Z Figures, Some Naruto Figures, Whisper Of The Heart Anime DVD, Princess Mononoke Anime DVD, Gundam Seed Anime DVD, Bleach Season 13 Anime DVD, Naruto Shippuden Season 2, 3 And 4 Anime DVD, Fairy Tail The Movie Anime DVD, Some Clothes, (Including A Naruto Jacket,) A Kenpachi Teddy, A Naruto Teddy, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 PS3 Game, Tales Of Xillia 2 PS3 Game,A Bleach Cup, Some Sponge Bob Toys And Lots Of Chocolate, And A Playstation 4 As A Special Present From Santa With Samurai Warriors Anime Edition For PS4, Minecraft For PS4 And On My PS4, I Got An App 2 Watch Anime On :))

And For My Birthday I So Had Sponge Bob Headphones, Some Moshi Monster Toys And A Phineas And Ferb DVD, Extra Thank You :))

Also These Are Moshi Monsters

You Buy Them In A Packet Like This :)

They Cost £3.00 A Packet And You Get 5 Moshi Monster Figures In A Packet, (4 And 1 Mystery 1 You Can't See Into You Open It) And There Are Over 10000 Of Them, :) I Got So Many, Because, I So Collect Them :P, I So Got Lots And Lots And Lots Of Moshi Monsters,

Also My Mam Lets Me Buy, 1 Packet Of Moshi Monsters A Week, Sometimes More, They Are So Much Very Fun 2 Play With, I So Love Playing With Them, Also There Is Also A Moshi Monsters Movie, :D

Also The Moshi Monsters Movie Is So Very Amazing ^^ It's Not As Fun As The Toys (I So Love Playing With Moshi Monster Toys) But The Moshi Monsters Movie Is Still So Very 100% Amazing, ^_^ Extra Thank You :))

Also Hiddden_Joker I So Got My New Support Worker, His Name Is Ashley And He So Became My Support Worker In September, Also Ashley Is 26 Years Old And His Wifes A Nurse In A Hospital And His 2 Children Are 4 And 6 Years Old :D

Also Ashley Gets Paid £6.00 An Hour For 10 Hours A Week 2 Look After Me And Take Me Places, And He So Takes Me In His Car And We Go For Walks And He Has 2 Teach Me How 2 Cross The Road Safely And Pay For Things Myself, Also He Also Looks After 6 Other Autistic Children And 3 Other Autistic Adult's As Well As Me And He Always Gives Me A High 5 ^_^ Extra Thank You :)

Also I Have Been Good Today, Also, I So Got My Yearly Review On Thursday :O Because I'm Autistic, I So Get A Yearly Review Every Year So On Thursday, My Social Worker, My Support Worker Ashley, My Nurse Who Sorts Out My Medication, A Teacher From Day Centre, Cath, Who Is In Charge Of The Support Workers, Are All Coming 2 My House For A Meeting With My Mammy, 2 See How I Am, And If I Am Happy With My Support Worker Ashley, And If I Am Happy In Day Centre And If I Am Happy At Home :O

Also I'm So Very Sorry :( I So Know You All Live 2 Far Away, :( But I So Wish A Staff Member From Myanimelist Could Go 2 My Yearly Review? Then They Could Say, How I Am On Myanimelist :)) Have I Been Good On Myanimelist? :D Extra Thank You ^_^

Also, I Have Been Good Today, Also Please Don't Be Sad T_T :( Please Be Happy :D I'm Just So Very Happy My Story Cheered You Up :D You Are Truly 10000000000000000000000000000000000000And Forever % Special, So Please Be Happy? Also It's So 100% Okay 2 Be Sad Sometimes *Hugs* But I So Very Promise 2 Be Your Friend Forever And Ever, No Matter What :D *Best Wishes Hug*

Also Hidden_Joker Here Is Another Story For You :))

Do You Like It? Extra Thank You ^^

Take Lots Of Care :) Have An Adventure ^^
I So Can't Wait 2 Hear From You, You Are So A 100% Special Friend :D Thank You Bye Bye :))

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