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05-27-15, 5:10 PM
March 2, 1930
Belém, Pará, Brazil
July 5, 2009
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Time (Days) 31.3
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Time (Days) 29.0
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Fujoshi now! Fujoshi tomorrow! Fujoshi forever! All hail yaoi.

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Razorback | 05-28-15, 1:27 AM
Olá, tudo bem com você?

BlackStarX791 | 04-02-15, 8:47 PM
Olá '-' o/

Camilla_Ferreira | 03-27-15, 11:33 AM
Olá o

Sugar- | 02-21-15, 6:13 PM

philipmht | 01-29-15, 8:34 AM
Olá, vários mangás hein :)

Batpuddingman | 12-28-14, 3:44 PM
Haha it's fine, thank you for accepting!

tiffanyhng | 12-15-13, 9:08 PM
The joke was that UtaPri is as bad as BroCon and I like it because it is so bad. It's similar to those jokes that say how some movies are so bad, they are hilariously good. (Kind of like Diabolik's not supposed to be comedic but I always die of laughter watching each episode.) Have you seen it?

In regards to UtaPri, I find it to be my guilty pleasure. Singing bishies that dance like robots? A MUST SEE. Same with BroCon or any reverse harem in general. Literally, I would be willing to read/watch anything as long as there are bishies. What can I say? I like beautiful boys. XD I did give it a negative image in my BroCon review because in my cynical point of view, it wasn't that good but I also probably overexaggerated how bad it is. For a reverse harem anime, it wasn't that bad. There are way worse reverse harem animes out there (Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers). By the way, who are your favorite guys in UtaPri?

I noticed that you liked the Fruits Basket anime. If you haven't read the manga, I strongly suggest you to read it because it has much more depth and story in it. Do you have a favorite couple in Fruits Basket? I personally really like Tohru and Yuki together.

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