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Favorite Anime
Matantei Loki Ragnarok
Matantei Loki Ragnarok add
Ookiku Furikabutte
Ookiku Furikabutte add
Denpa Teki na Kanojo
Denpa Teki na Kanojo add
Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini add
Jormungand add

Favorite Manga
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter add
Shiro Neko
Shiro Neko add
IS: Otoko demo Onna demo nai Sei
IS: Otoko demo Onna demo nai Sei add
flat add
Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari
Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari add

Favorite Characters
Itoshiki, Nozomu
Orihara, Izaya
Zoldyck, Killua
Sakura, Kyouko
Kida, Masaomi
Shinatsuhiko, Yuuhi
Prochainezo, Firo
Izumi, Konata
Oreki, Houtarou

Favorite People
Yumeka, Sumomo
Yumeka, Sumomo
School Food Punishment
School Food Punishment
Okuyama, Puku
Okuyama, Puku
Matsuo, Marta
Matsuo, Marta
Soon, Ki
Soon, Ki

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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 47.4
Watching 116
Completed 277
On Hold 15
Dropped 32
Plan to Watch 170
Total Entries 610

Anime compatibility with GumiChan is:
Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 53.1
Reading 209
Completed 392
On Hold 4
Dropped 18
Plan to Read 75
Total Entries 698

Manga compatibility with GumiChan is:
Unknown :(

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About GumiChan

Gumi's Profile ni youkoso~

I'm a professional Otaku, Fujoshi.
I'm in love with Konata ♥

Favorite Pairings:

Also Shizaya, Nezushi, NaruSasu,TigerxBunny,KageHina..

FIRST i'm a french fujoshi (Bonjour~). I accept everyone (mostly the fujoshis 'cause we run the world), i'm kind of crazy, i love drawing and i began to read yaoi a long time ago. I got a lot of nicknames: smexygal (haha just kidding), Kuma-Chan, Misa.. call me like you want. You can add me if we have a big compatibility. I'm actually into Haikyuu~


Examples of yaoi i liked:
Rutta to Kodama & Border Line (Fujitani Youko)
Kimi no Parade (Kojima Lalako)
Kimi ni Ageru (Maki Ebishi)
Shiro Neko (Tojitsuki Hajime)
Escape (Kyuugou)
Barairo no Hoo no Koro (NAKAMURA Asumiko)
Akiyama-kun (Nobara Aiko)
Junketsu Drop (Kisaragi Minami)
Caramel (Okuyama Puku)
Endou-kun no Kantatsu nikki (Nojiko Hayakawa)...

Examples of doujin authors:
Emi Rankai,Inumog,Kisaragi Manami,Dragon,Chaihane,Hobby Hobby,Yoneda Kou,Dragon Rider,Aoi Levin,Twinge,Minazuki Akira..

Favorite Animes:
Canaan,AnoHana, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Bounon no Xamdou, Durarara, Baccano, Bakemonogatari, Reborn, HunterxHunter, NHK, Hourou Musuko, Denpa Teki na Kanojo, Gintama, Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi, Jigoku Shoujo, Yozakura Quartet, No.6, Angel Beats, Kure-Nai, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Darker Than Black...

If you want to talk me you can:
Add my msn/skype
Visit MyAnimeList
Visit my Tumblr
My Facebook

Pour les français sachez que vous êtes les bienvenus, j'accepte tout le monde.
Je lis du yaoi depuis très longtemps.(je suis à fond sur Haikyuu en ce moment)
J'ai plusieurs surnoms mais appelez moi Yoza ou Misa.. c'est comme vous voulez. Je dessine beaucoup aussi.
BREF j'adore le yaoi mais à un point inimaginable, j'ai beaucoup d'auteurs préférés
En matière de doujins:
Emi Rankai,Inumog,Kisaragi Manami,Dragon,Chaihane,Hobby Hobby,Yoneda Kou,Dragon Rider,Aoi Levin,Twinge,Minazuki Akira..

Yaoi que j'ai aimé:
Rutta to Kodama et Border Line (Fujitani Youko)
Kimi no Parade (Kojima Lalako)
Kimi ni Ageru (Maki Ebishi)
Shiro Neko (Tojitsuki Hajime)
Escape (Kyuugou)
Caramel (Okuyama Puku)
Barairo no Hoo no Koro (NAKAMURA Asumiko)
Endou-kun no Kantatsu nikki (Nojiko Hayakawa)

J'aime me faire des amis (surtout entre yaoistes; on se comprend), donc n'hésitez pas à me parler et à m'ajouter si on a grande une grande compatibilité :jenemordpas:
Visit my Tumblr
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My face when i read yaoi:

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Akuto | 07-20-13, 10:11 AM

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Kiur | 04-25-13, 9:32 AM
Heres some fast cold wind, dno.. mybe because of the wind, i'll be fine sooner or later. For myself, have to catch up two seasons of animes, which already is going well :)

Kiur | 04-24-13, 5:44 AM
Oh wel as long you had some fun and good rest all should be good :) Yea i have annoying cold, cant even breath much thx to it it will go away sooner or later :) Hows your anime life been?

Kiur | 04-24-13, 4:31 AM
Sadly im sick and covered with loads of college home work but other than that im fine :) Where you haveing ur vacation?

Kiur | 04-24-13, 3:42 AM
Hello old friend, we havent talked for quite a long time.. my fault as i havent bee useing this site for chatting, trying to change that now, so how have you been :)

infactuation21 | 04-18-13, 1:37 PM

Join us! if you are already a member drop in and check us out..

MunnyMunster | 03-30-13, 11:04 AM
Your very welcome! :3

Neowu | 01-10-13, 5:39 PM
Money. I haven't watched anime in ages either. I'm gonna try and at least catch up on all the shows I was watching. And you still haven't watched One Piece Gumi-chan!

Neowu | 12-30-12, 1:53 PM
Wassap Gumi-chan?

Shounen93 | 11-18-12, 2:53 AM
you're always welcome :D!

PrincessBiso | 11-17-12, 2:43 AM
it depends .. i haven't read any actullay but would like to try it :o

Shounen93 | 11-14-12, 5:13 PM
you can see it Separately. click on Reading list or Completed list to see what I read or what I had finished.

Shounen93 | 11-13-12, 7:47 PM
yeah it happens a lot to me reading a whole Manga just for the H scene lol! or sometime I only jump to it :3!!
But I prefer reading soft Yaoi cause it have much story in it than the hard one which focus on sex the most.

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