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12-31-13, 1:46 AM
November 6, 1993
Alberta, Canada
September 29, 2010
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Kuma-Kuma | 09-30-12, 7:40 AM
it is an awesome site. i get all my wallpapers from Kona-chan which is just like Danbooru

i've been good :)

Kuma-Kuma | 09-29-12, 9:46 PM
i got it from Danbooru

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-12, 4:52 PM
i don't know

KuroiNine | 05-10-12, 3:47 AM
Well great that you can watch some anime again. I tried to mix it up like a few eps of the show that's airing. So I did watch a little.

This season does have some anime worth watching eventhough I thought the opposite a few weeks ago.

The title seems inviting so Imma give it a try when I get some time.

KuroiNine | 05-08-12, 2:49 PM
Yeah it has been a while. I've been good how about you?
Well I just finished ep 5 of Haiyoru! nyaroko-san. Pretty good for this season lol
Sick profiile pic dude. What anime is that?

xajrx | 05-07-12, 7:33 PM
Hey,welcome to 18+ club! ^^

Kuma-Kuma | 05-06-12, 3:45 PM
cool :D

it did take some time to create it

Kuma-Kuma | 05-05-12, 6:02 PM
i've been good.
how you been? what's new?

i have over 3 TB of anime

KuroiNine | 12-24-10, 12:44 PM
Hey :]

Dead-not_really | 11-06-10, 3:36 PM
Happy Birthday!! Here's some cake

Kuma-Kuma | 10-11-10, 6:57 AM
thanks :D

no i don't

Kuma-Kuma | 10-10-10, 9:00 PM
awesome :D

yes that is Cirno. enjoy it now since i'm changing it tomorrow

Kuma-Kuma | 10-10-10, 8:51 PM
yup :D

i have three 1 TB external hard drives so far

Kuma-Kuma | 10-03-10, 8:41 PM
my all-time favorite is Lucky Star...but other notables are Clannad, Kanon (2006), Baccano!, Toradora!, xxxHOLiC Kei, ef - a tale of memories, ef - a tale of melodies, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni...basically anything i rated a 9 or 10.

Kuma-Kuma | 10-03-10, 8:27 PM
i like all kinds of anime so long as it keeps me entertained

so do you have any favorite anime?

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