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Today, 2:18 AM
Welcome to the Rice Fields MOTHERFUCKER!
gibe de pusi b0ss!
can i habe pizza pls
March 3, 2013
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season add
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Death Parade add
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Tokyo Ghoul √A add
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Time (Days) 313.2
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Time (Days) 23.6
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I<3 Suikoden II
Suikoden II is mah childhood
Suikoden II 4 lyfe

Please sir! Let me polish your shoe sir!

Don't worry about it! It's FREE!

That's because...

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Only those who have GOOD TASTE can appreciate MASTERPIECE.

no loli
no pantsu
no moe-bullfuckingshit
no harem dogshit
no whinybitch-emo-punchworthy-shitty main characters
no highfuckingschool
no onii-chan
no imouto
no incest
no pedophile
no beta
no tsundere, yandere, shitdere
no massive boobs
no wierd fetishes
no nosebleed
no hentai
no bullshit


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Kokko | 7 hours ago
Do you have sexual intercourse with dogs or Yuasa, or both?

Kokko | Today, 12:14 AM
Oooh, a lurker. I never like those.

Kokko | Today, 12:00 AM

berserker15 | 03-20-15, 7:10 AM
MFW I received that video from you:

berserker15 | 03-19-15, 11:44 AM
Damn, you've got some good taste. Also, nice Filthy Frank reference in as your location.

regnum-dei | 03-19-15, 9:03 AM

mr_chang | 03-19-15, 9:02 AM

mr_chang | 03-19-15, 7:57 AM
fuck, Y U gave gintama a 10. dat wack shit deserves a 6 at best

OtakuKitteh | 03-07-15, 11:06 AM
I'm not saying I liked it or anything but it's better then a 1/10.

OtakuKitteh | 03-07-15, 7:16 AM
SAO isn't that bad.

Malfegor | 03-07-15, 5:40 AM
Oh Dio, such a cad.

I couldn't even decide which OP i like the most.

However ... Roundabout, best ED ever? Possibly.

Yesmo | 03-05-15, 7:09 AM

Malfegor | 03-05-15, 7:02 AM
More than you'd think.
All JoJo openings so far are absolutely top tier.

Yesmo | 03-05-15, 6:05 AM
knapa? sibuk kerjakah?

Yesmo | 03-05-15, 3:38 AM
So you're back. Why the hell you haven't finished Akame Ga Kill yet?

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