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4 hours ago
Welcome to the Rice Fields MOTHERFUCKER!
gibe de pusi b0ss!
can i habe pizza pls
March 3, 2013
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I<3 Suikoden II
Suikoden II is mah childhood
Suikoden II 4 lyfe


Learn JAPANESE... 'cuz #weeaboo

India ahh... such incredible place.


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Only those who have GOOD TASTE can appreciate MASTERPIECE.

no loli
no pantsu
no moe-bullfuckingshit
no harem dogshit
no whinybitch-emo-punchworthy-shitty main characters
no highfuckingschool
no onii-chan
no imouto
no incest
no pedophile
no beta
no tsundere, yandere, shitdere
no massive boobs
no wierd fetishes
no nosebleed
no hentai
no bullshit


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Play2X | 4 hours ago
Well, even though I won't change my opinion on this anime and stay true to myself, at least Kapodaco gave some good and constructive critics to improve. Also I'm quite happy to see there are people who dislike Ping Pong just as me.

JigsawTricycle | 07-11-14, 9:18 AM
Not random loli, genius heroine like Maria Ushiromiya

JigsawTricycle | 07-05-14, 8:00 AM
Unlike Madoka I wish to be a fag-loli like platinum the trinity from blazblue but actually she show more balls than ragna the bloodedge -engrish accent-
well yeah but I'm not interested in boobs anymore, I'm slowly becoming lolicon rofl
you don't have skype, but did you get a steam account ?
I like the ecchi aspect from Muv Luv the Anime when they going to the beach, I wish for something happen ahaha
but yeah Kimi nomi is a special bar of shit like school days

jhoanais | 07-03-14, 8:09 AM
What did you think of Aku no Hana?

Leptor | 06-24-14, 4:37 AM
God-tier profile you got there m8

Leptor | 06-19-14, 1:54 AM
Yep. salam kenal juga, alien berwujud beruang :D

Leptor | 06-18-14, 10:25 PM
Is "Lain means different" proof enough?

Leptor | 06-18-14, 7:21 AM
Hello there ^^

i was just curious, are you...

JigsawTricycle | 05-18-14, 10:35 AM
looks the novels Im actual reading, i'm gonna try sword fart offline

JigsawTricycle | 05-18-14, 4:29 AM
Don't watch it lol it hurts your heart bom bom.
Boobs chan can be cute, but I stand for the sex marriage between Akitto whatever and Asuna the bitch.
LLOL Idolmasturbation, don't know where I heard that..
Well now you convinced me to rewatch this piece of crappy shit.

Yeah dick-guy-face, well story of life I guess.
ii'm fucking motherfucker psycho, I love kiling goats with Winchester lol Like Rosa the crazy batshit.
Yeah Uzumaki Naruto is a piece of fuck crazy shit, even Uzumaki is normal. Snails yeah rofl. But you can go in the hairdresser of the town.
They are too much waifu in that mango bro, choose one for me lol.

JigsawTricycle | 05-18-14, 4:25 AM
She's cute with or not eyebrows she's the queen of anti-coformism.
I love girls personally
Fuck yaoi, love yuri like Sakura trick but it looks like Meduka..

JigsawTricycle | 05-14-14, 3:40 AM
Lol I hate so much the anime of Idolmasturbation but the game is rather a masterpice of weed. I love every character except Yayoi she's an ass at everything damn fuck.
Bwarg I gonna watching this later tho. Tell me why guys thinks only with they're Dick some time? :'(

Yah I know he played Idolmaster because Namco, this is Dark Souls production too bro !
Chihaya is like me, but I rather like Haruka and Makoto.
LOL Best friends, I love berserk, the best thing eveeeer with Silent Hill !

Umineko's so good, Anime sucks, except first move. Beato is the best woman, she looks like me too lol. Ishould stop my visual novel lists for a will.

JigsawTricycle | 05-14-14, 3:36 AM
Nininikiminass love her song but she's wasted her potentiel with her big ass.
Sailor moon seems boring with their short dresses bwargh.
Lol the shame was to take theses bras pictures. A Witch, Umineko Syndrome, if Urubullshit take the licence I don't know how I gonna feel in myself.
Yeah skip theses movies because this is just related to lesbianism.

JigsawTricycle | 05-12-14, 4:02 PM
Did you like iDOL M@STER ? The show tv anime was so boring but the game is kind a masterpiece. You can get in on PSP.
I love Makoto but I still can't unlocked Chihaya-chan ,_,
Oh I've seen your rather Umineko 2, the anime sucks balls but the VN, Holy shit never seen most beautiful series IML. Proof
Damn people on Facebroke are dumb are fuck or it's just me?

JigsawTricycle | 05-12-14, 3:53 PM
BOOOOOOOBS. I deleted all my bra pictures :( Must ask boyfriend to send me some, this bitch sucks balls.
Yeah Sailor Moon is the worst about short outfits dammit, worst than that just see Maduka with her pink eyes. She's reminds me of Nicki Minaj.

I knew people are really into that show but that shit is scary, Charlotte is kinda clean, except killing people I mean.
Oh you'll cried too, damn, the third movie, I gonna be lesbian soon I can sense my nipples glowing in the dark, I mean, dark Homura !

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