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Yesterday, 3:48 AM
May 6, 1993
Japanese Girls.
May 28, 2010
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ReasonDesu | 03-09-14, 6:55 AM
Long time no speak man. What have you been up to? I'm OK just about lol

ReasonDesu | 08-21-13, 4:34 AM
Yup, grats for understanding. Now watch it or get back to your fujoshi bait you closet dwelling fool.

Lupta | 07-25-13, 7:41 PM
what brought this on.

ReasonDesu | 07-25-13, 12:37 PM
So basically you are confessing you have mildly bad taste :P

I'd say watch Kaiji. It's one of my favorite anime that I feel confident about recommending to you.

ReasonDesu | 07-20-13, 4:56 AM
You wish. Thankfully I'm not into this man on man action like you.

Lupta | 07-20-13, 2:06 AM
ummm why

Lupta | 07-17-13, 5:36 PM
ugh what...

ReasonDesu | 07-17-13, 2:55 PM
She doesn't have pics of herself on there anyway, just tonnes of KnB related BL etc.

ReasonDesu | 07-17-13, 12:48 PM
No because you will stalk her like a scary neckbeard. Nah I haven't but to be honest sport anime isn't really my thing, I struggle to get into any of them. That show is a fujoshis wet dream though.

ReasonDesu | 07-17-13, 4:06 AM
You are the one who rated that homo-fest a 9. I haven't even watched it. That's off one of my female friends Tumblr. Free! go!

ReasonDesu | 07-16-13, 4:04 AM
Because you're worth it :P

ReasonDesu | 07-12-13, 4:21 PM
I love you babe! now go watch Free! You will love it, it's like KnB, but less in the closet.

cyberchicken9 | 07-12-13, 2:51 PM

ReasonDesu | 06-25-13, 4:17 AM
It's called trolling. If you don't get some attention you are doing it wrong.

Yeah well it's not easy being impeccable at English as much as me. At lease I was never called iNEEDfootjob.

ReasonDesu | 06-23-13, 5:23 AM
Lol your were a loser :P It was pretty fun though. IDK he never really started using MAL and I haven't spoke to him for ages.

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