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Favorite Anime
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter add
Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou add
Mushishi add
One Piece
One Piece add
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World add

Favorite Manga
Battle Royale
Battle Royale add
Liar Game
Liar Game add
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan add
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e add
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist add

Favorite Characters
Zoldyck, Killua
Freecss, Gon
Monkey D., Luffy
Natsume, Takashi
Muraki, Kazutaka
Akiyama, Shinichi
Takasu, Ryuuji

Favorite People
Hayami, Show
Hayami, Show
Atari, Kousuke
Atari, Kousuke
Takami, Koushun
Takami, Koushun
Kumeta, Kouji
Kumeta, Kouji
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Matsushita, Yoko
Matsushita, Yoko
Koyasu, Takehito
Koyasu, Takehito

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July 1988
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October 1, 2008
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Looshky | 03-20-15, 10:42 AM
Yes, give me more to add to my never-ending list. xD

Having an iPad is dangerous... there are a bunch of really good manga apps with pretty much every series imaginable, and it's great quality. I've been re-reading Mars, which is one of my favorites, in-between classes at school. I guess I could just download the PDF too, this is so much more convenient though.

Looshky | 03-16-15, 7:04 AM
Psycho Pass was great!! Shawn even watched it. xD You should definitely give it another chance.

I have so much to watch... I keeps saying I need to catch up on anime... but there is no catching up. There's always more!

Kemona No Souja Erin looks really cute. I'll have to see if it's on Crunchyroll :3

Looshky | 03-13-15, 8:26 AM

I think you will love this!! :3

Ekvi | 01-09-15, 1:50 PM
Its pretty fun :D I like it a lot.

My girlfriend said that it's so wierd (at some points) that it's hilarious xD

Ekvi | 10-25-14, 6:28 AM
Yeah, I think it's fun :D I thought the same thing when i saw it was about a shooter game, but it was just as fun as the first one :)

I liked the previous Mushishi special better aswell, but as you say any Mushishi is good Mushishi :D Looking forward to watch that second part of season 2 ^^

Yeah, only 5 favorites is just too cruel xD Evil MAL, grrrrr! :D

daflameking | 10-04-14, 7:03 AM
I'll probably check it HxH on Netflix when I have nothing else to watch. Is it good dubbed? I know they botched up Gurren Lagann and it is terrible with voices but ppl still love it.

Chromecast is pretty neat. Tech people like us are most likely to get the most out of it. You can "cast" whatever is on your Chrome browser or Mobile phone to the TV input. I have a smart tv but its a bit slow. The quality from streaming video of Desktop Chrome to TV is a bit stuttery and 720p but is better running saved video on your computer to TV to get 720 to 1080i. I find its better streaming from your phone since you can use it as a remote as well and getting another app "Webcaster" to stream any online video to your TV with the highest quality/resolution.

To sum up, its fairly new but very modifiable and has a lot of potential but if your current setup is fine, you should be good. It was $35 and has been out for a year so not that much risk. (what a mouthful) lol

daflameking | 09-27-14, 8:23 PM
So you finally finished your favorite anime of all time, Hunter x Hunter. How was it? I am getting into TV and anime once again after I got a Chromecast and a few other hackable gadgets to make my watching worthwhile.

Ekvi | 08-30-14, 4:53 PM
Btw, is Zankyou no Terror any good? Should be xD Since its Watanabe :D

Ekvi | 08-30-14, 4:49 PM
Yeah, I saw :D Gonna watch it one of these days ^^

Yeah she loves manga :D She forgets to update her manga list though, so it's pretty incomplete xD Ill tell her about that manga :3

Ekvi | 08-06-14, 2:11 PM
Ahh right, more Mushishi :D :D

Hihi, need to catch up on One Piece again soon :D

Ekvi | 08-03-14, 4:22 AM
We finished Mushishi a little while ago, it was really amazing :D Too bad its over, no anime draws me in like that xD

Ekvi | 06-20-14, 10:52 AM
And awesome figures :D Sorry it took me a while to respond xD

Ekvi | 06-20-14, 10:51 AM
We have seen 8 episodes of Mushishi now :D We'll see those last two the next time we're together. She lives 8 hours away so :p

Bummer that its only 10 eps :<

Ekvi | 04-22-14, 11:51 AM
Nagi is nice :D Watched it with my girlfriend xD

Also gonna watch Mushishi with her, so havent started it yet :O So cool to share that interest :D

daflameking | 03-29-14, 8:29 PM
At first I was looking at that link and thinking "What is this coming out and why did she link it to me" and then I read more and realized it was that manga you had me read. Parasyte omg. I dunno, it was really creepy and I'm not sure what to feel about this.

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