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11-30-14, 2:31 PM
March 9, 1993
Arizona, USA
July 8, 2008
1,003 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 79.0
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About Gin-iro
I watch anime at a slower pace than most people.

I typically watch shounen anime with lots of action but I can pretty much stand any genre as long as I'm entertained. I'm not really a fan of shoujo or 'harem' series.

50th Completed Anime: The Cat Returns
80th Completed Anime: Amatsuki
100th Completed Anime: Jyu-oh-sei (March 19, 2009)
120th Completed Anime: Monster
150th Completed Anime: Slayers

1st Completed Manga: Kanpai!
1st Manga Ever Bought: Fruits Basket vol. 1
Manga Book Count: 56

Things I have contributed to MAL Database


I was excited when I saw a Legend of the Galactic Heroes DVD Boxset for sale.
I was not so excited when I saw the price.


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04-26-13, 3:32 PM
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04-05-11, 3:09 PM

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Blares | 02-17-15, 8:09 PM
Hello, I would like to ask you a question. I was reading Ginga - Nagareboshi Gin but I couldn't find all of its chapters, and since you are the only one who wrote a review I was wondering where you read all of the chapters?

Kurt_Irving | 02-15-15, 7:10 PM
Hello, so you like Pokemon and do you happen to like Stadium and Stadium 2?

A0me | 07-27-14, 11:37 AM
Thank you for your nice reviews, I've seen them around quite often :>

jakachu | 06-24-14, 4:44 PM
You have really nice profile ^^ You have really watched lots of animes :D but as everyone else I would like to know is your profile pic from anime? It looks awesome!

Rance-sama | 09-29-13, 8:50 PM
The Repede is strong with this one.

Nozorashi | 07-16-13, 9:24 PM
domo~ i just watched She and Her Cat and I really liked your review. so pro, thumbs up! :3

Ruanna | 02-11-13, 11:46 AM
Sorry if im bothering you. But is your profile picture from an anime? If it is could you tell me, please? It's just that I love Dogs/wolfs, Thank you!

Still_Human | 12-24-12, 4:38 PM
Heey nice profile pic!
My favorite color is grey, almost the same huh :))

ToG25thBaam | 11-17-12, 1:12 AM
Hello, can you tell me whether or not wolf's rain has any romance in it or not. Thanks in advance :)

Aoi32Tori | 05-26-12, 10:45 PM
Hi, nice profile ^^ you have pretty good tastes.

NihonFalcom | 05-26-12, 4:12 PM
Nice Repede pic! ;D

93WolfFire93 | 05-21-12, 3:47 AM
Love your profile pic!

Nitalla | 04-20-12, 3:26 AM
What anime is your picture from?

xxbluebirdxx | 01-05-12, 5:08 PM
*random passer-by* couldn't agree more! After discovering the existence of anime I have literally abandoned TV (except for news).

IppoSRB | 04-06-11, 8:39 AM
Fighting games I see... They're cool, when you gotta friend to play with. Otherwise I get borred.

I'm more like RPG/FPS/TPS/Survival horror type :D

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