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08-29-12, 12:50 PM
March 18, 1986
Alone in the death :(
July 18, 2010
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About Genjitsu

Hey there o-o.

I am 26 || single father || Miku Hatsune fan || full-time worker. ain't pretty and pink here ! D:

But Kali(my daughtie) makes everything worth it ^-^ .

P.S.:I suck at abouts.

P.S.2:All Hail Miku Hatsune!

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ender95 | 08-16-12, 1:10 PM
How old is your daughter? :3

xRay-chanx | 11-18-11, 8:54 AM

Baka-Keb | 10-04-11, 3:29 PM

Hirune-chan | 09-15-11, 10:14 AM

allie-san | 09-09-11, 4:13 PM

The new Cards By Rookies Theme has been decided!

the next theme is forest!

pls post your cards until the 16th september. the request thread will be opened on the 17th september

allie-san | 09-03-11, 9:04 PM

Hello my fellow Rookies!

so far the admins have decided the Card By Rookies theme, but now you can decide!
Vote here for one of these themes:

and soon we will have a Okumura Rin LE so come by :D

another important note: the MCR is a club for rookies, but it seems like we became a normal card club
that's why i want to remind you of this three threads:

Tipps & Tricks Here you find tipps & tricks by profi card makers and if you have some good tipps you can post them there as well!

General Questions You have general questions about card making? Post them here! But pls take your time to try to answer the questions of your fellow rookies^^

Rookie Area You read the tipps and asked your questions and now you want to make cards on your own? Then post them here and receive feedback and tipps from other rookie card-makers :D but pls help the others as well

See you at MCR!

allie-san | 08-19-11, 7:07 PM

Hello my fellow Rookies!

Our current Cards By Rookies theme is:

you also want to make cards? then just click on the banner and post your cards there :D

you're not sure if your cards are already good enough to be requested? then get feedback on your cards in the Rookie Area!

The MCR is still searching for inviters, because we want our club to grow^^ so if you're interested to join our team post here

See you in the MCR^^

p.s.: the 200+ LE will open soon

xRay-chanx | 08-13-11, 2:42 PM

Hello my fellow rookies :D
we have nearly 200 members now and i need a little help^^
so are you interested in becoming

an inviter

a newsletter deliverer

a handyman/women (responsible for affiliates and opening/closing the Cards By Rookies Thread)

then click here for more information :3

i hope i can soon welcome you in my team

darklumina08 | 11-28-10, 8:07 AM

Please join! ^^
This is the new club made by Musician_Soul98 (liana) and Water_Lily (lilian) sister of Bluething (mira) and BVP club will become a comemorative club for bluething.

If you got any questions ask me ^^ thnx~

Eko | 11-06-10, 3:55 AM
hey um can I use this as a words for a song her your sister..please

"If I was selling my soul just to have you back I wouldn't care.

All I want is you back.
But now,all I can do is to hope that you are in heaven protecting me.

My tears will become your wings,and you wil find you peace flying around the sky.

Hope you look now at me,at my sufference,but don't cry,little sister.

I wish I could die in your place.

My eyes won't see the light anymore,because you was theyr light.

darklumina08 | 11-05-10, 9:19 PM
yea.. ly told it to me.. its like i can almost feel the emptiness in the club.

darklumina08 | 10-11-10, 6:10 AM

Green_Scythe | 08-09-10, 5:02 AM
Gone in a vacantion for about 4 days.Cya!Bluething,Amamia Mayuri,Genjitsu,won't also be online....

Green_Scythe | 08-05-10, 6:11 AM
Why?Just because I'm not a good person like her?
We are twins,but we are like yin and yang.
She is yin,and I am yang.

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