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07-06-09, 4:44 PM
September 6, 1997
October 9, 2008
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About Gaaralover1
MY name is Samantha West. If you know Spooky-Chan, she is my sister. Me ans her both go to Wilson Middle School in Exeter,CA. My best friend is Sarahi!!!
my fav animal is cats. They are so cute!!!!! I love the song Disturbia.

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Spooky13 | 04-12-09, 8:22 PM

Spooky13 | 04-12-09, 8:18 PM
You've been hit by,
You've been struck by,
A smooth criminal...........

Spooky13 | 03-31-09, 11:10 AM

Spooky13 | 03-09-09, 7:57 PM

Spooky13 | 01-25-09, 6:58 PM
*looks around your profile*
Maaaaaaaaaaan! This profile is almost blank. XD

Spooky13 | 01-19-09, 10:56 AM
You are Mrs. Vegeta!

Sharingan_Girl | 12-15-08, 3:37 PM
Why'd you have to go to Scicon?
Vegeta's gonna come get you! XD

Sharingan_Girl | 12-05-08, 8:38 PM
Seven people on your fave characters huh?
I'll go on your profile and add Vegeta!!

Sharingan_Girl | 12-02-08, 8:56 PM
Poopie doopie?
You love Vegeta!!!
Your level of love for Vegeta is.....OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Wathc, Vegeta will say it himself!
Hey Vegeta! How much does Samantha love you?

Sharingan_Girl | 11-30-08, 6:35 PM
what do you think of the video? XD

Sharingan_Girl | 11-30-08, 5:38 PM
Watch this video, Vegeta lover!!!!!!!!!!!

Gohanx | 11-26-08, 2:24 PM
awesome but it failed a bit during its filler arc where it brought the new captain in captain amagai i didnt like it was too cheesy

Sharingan_Girl | 11-23-08, 7:53 PM
Why did you take Vegeta off your favorite characters?

Sharingan_Girl | 11-02-08, 7:54 PM
Shut up! I'm gonna punch you!!! XD

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