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04-24-12, 7:24 AM
November 10, 2008
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had I not been born with the nose
the size of a mountain
I would've probably eaten an ice cream
because she was relatively attractive

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LulyPie | 04-25-12, 8:17 PM
............... >.< aw I hope you get better soon :(

LulyPie | 04-22-12, 11:55 PM
How have you been?m.m

LulyPie | 01-31-12, 2:49 PM
Hi Liam <3 m.m I had some smirnoff and stuff like that ;-; We missed you most =[
I hope life is treating you well <3

LulyPie | 01-07-12, 3:07 AM
darn that sucks.... I shall ask him for it then, I went out drinking *cough* 8D I am happy and dandy, I've missed you >.<
Maxi says hi, Muffin says hi, Asian says hi, Teng says hi, and everyone else does too <3 you should join our skype calls one of these days. m.m

LulyPie | 01-02-12, 11:25 PM
You got Uchi's e-mail? he has been online and he has been spamming me, though he has been playing more and I haven't gotten to talk to him that much. I hope you had a lovely year's end, and I hope to talk to you soon, take care Liam <3

LulyPie | 12-30-11, 1:55 AM
Hi lovely

Uchihaa | 12-07-11, 6:41 AM
I forgot your mail and I cant find it on msn either.. D:

Uchihaa | 10-22-11, 9:58 AM
Maureen ):

LulyPie | 09-24-11, 11:54 PM
gg girl *)* *Learns from the best of this business* rolleyes that sounded wrong --.-
m.m You'd look smexy in tight clothes :> <: go celty mode in halloween o:
I would rofl if RNPSDK went like a Kappa xD

LulyPie | 09-24-11, 10:47 PM
That's how you keep your men in check? *takes notes*
Indeed you're epic *)*
I always see DRRR on tv and think of you in a bike :>

LulyPie | 09-24-11, 4:03 PM

RNPSDK thinks of you when he see's this o:

Babokam says:
the short hair and glasses made me think of her

LulyPie | 09-21-11, 4:18 PM
That doesn't sound like a lot of group loving :'D I think I should just talk about it o:

I am going to follow your good example and do things I have to do, also if things don't work out I'll have a master secret plan >.> I shall start doing it :'D

How have you been? I haven't seen you in fooooooooooorever ;_;

LulyPie | 09-20-11, 4:38 PM
xD none have started and I already finished my part well it's a group of 8 and there is 4 q's so 1 Q for each pair :"D my partner seems like a procrastinator ;-;, I have to do the powerpoint too ... I am hoping they all finish before...... >.> I am so betting they're going to make me xD do it a day before.................... o:
Help ;-; <3

LulyPie | 09-20-11, 12:06 AM
what's new? m.m
I been doing a project... though I am not sure we'll finish ;_; group projects ftl

LulyPie | 09-16-11, 4:17 PM
how have you been? m.m

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