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March 6, 1989
Warsaw, Poland
May 19, 2009
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Furine | 12-27-12, 6:23 AM
this link will be helpful ;q

Furine | 12-26-12, 2:29 PM
little spoiler, but awesome anime ;D

gaco | 11-13-11, 9:50 AM
No problem, tomorrow I will do it

Furine | 05-23-11, 5:55 AM

PrometheusZero | 05-16-11, 3:27 PM
Ah no! It's Eikichi Onizuka from Great Teacher Onizuka!

Furine | 05-09-11, 1:21 PM
Kubo interview:

"The title wasn't Bleach when I decided to draw a story about Soul Reapers. This was before I drew the one-shot manga that appeared in Akamaru Jump. The weapon wasn't a sword, but a scythe. Only Rukia had a scythe and the other characters used guns. At that point, the title was Snipe (as in "sniper"). Right before I started drawing, I began to think that a sword would be better and realized I couldn't use Snipe as a title anymore. I began looking for a title that grasped the bigger picture. Soul Reapers are associated with the color black, but it would have been boring to use "black." "White", on the other hand, can suggest black as a complementary color. So I chose "bleach" to evoke the impression of the color white."

and another:

Furine | 02-09-11, 1:00 AM
Anime Bleach 308 - I could watch this episode over and over until world ends :D

Furine | 11-30-10, 3:38 AM

Furine | 11-30-10, 3:31 AM
When I was watching Bleach fillers, Naruto had main story. When fillers started in Naruto, Bleach started to move with main plot. Now both are stuffed with fillers... FUCK

oo7565 | 10-20-10, 12:55 PM
May i ask you a question what are you thoughts on the anime named Angel Beats!
how did you like and why or why not no reason for asking this just curious about how you feel please respond if you want ok also if you want to ask me a question look at my anime list and ask about one i am watching or have already seen and ask about if i like one or not if you want.

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