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August 29, 2009
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MelKaven | 06-07-13, 1:25 PM
Thank you, good sir. I cant get to everyone's post, but hopefully the few I can get to can be viewed by multiple people. You greatly surpass the amount of anime I've watched, lol. Have you taken akin to writing in your years of admiration of the arts?

Harunagi | 04-06-11, 8:40 PM

what a cool profile pic. of tomoya okazaki from clannad^6

it seems you are a big fan the anime Clannad^^

nice to meet you then^^.

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-31-10, 5:47 PM
KEV GOT ME INTO WATCHING THAT FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE ANIME --- great anime by the way I think you and opti would enjoy it but it's 52 episodes lol :P and now im watching love hina!!!!!!! my computer is fixed but i dont have any games on it :[ my sisters bf needs to transfer all the files i put on his external harddrive thingy onto my computer!! DW i kept borderlands but idk if you guys still play it!! and what PS3 game were you talking about?! i just got that message today lol.. i miss opti :[

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-19-10, 10:25 AM
It's your fault that you muted your AIM when you're away!!! BAKA!!!
I came on and said hi to opti but she wasn't on too :( What did you do to her?! She's sick!!! Make her feel better!! <3 opti ;)

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-17-10, 7:24 PM
It's fixed but I have finals all this week and next week too :( soooooooo busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-12-10, 11:23 PM
What?!!?! That's a South Park quote!?!!?! BS!

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-11-10, 10:16 PM

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-09-10, 10:42 PM
Of course you'd say that!!! My Ren Tsuruga has been TRES BIEN in the manga :D they just updated a few chapters this month!! :) I was soo happy!!!! I want more!!! Ouran probably stinks.. NOT WATCHING IT!
!!!!!!!!! guess what!? I'm watching TWILIGHT tomorrow :D well, all of them!! YAY. cant wait for the fourth one that comes out next year in november :[ bummer..

nkaujhnubmuas | 07-08-10, 10:28 PM
zilla!! my messages arent working!!
im reformatting my computer this weekend so it should work :D so excited!! YAY!

Kumiko11 | 07-03-10, 11:18 PM
U must be new~
So welcome to MAL~

Nekomancer | 06-02-10, 4:16 PM
ah nvmd then

Nekomancer | 05-26-10, 5:47 PM
what did you think of Secret of Cerulean Sand?

BerrySweet | 05-20-10, 4:23 PM
-pops out of nowhere-
Yayz<3 Clannad After Story is the best!
-goes away-

BakaYoshii | 05-20-10, 3:51 PM
We must be friends. lol

BakaYoshii | 05-20-10, 2:20 AM

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