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April 21,
Read the thing that is apprently a story below...
March 29, 2010
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Subconscious Me - A Story of my other brain

Now� I find my self in the gawkiest position of having to write in this thing called a �About Me�! Who invented these things, they should be shot! They are fowl! I�m sure from even being here you have already come to the conclusion I like anime, well no I actually don�t�

Did that get you thinking for a moment?
Well of course I like anime! What other possible reason could I be on here for! Now that the main �mysterious� point is settled, I am a breed of human and of the female gender. Female? Yes they often include boobs, and no not equate to the size and gelatine mass of quite a few anime counterparts. If you�re a male, are you disappointed? Well you should be, as you won�t be getting a harem scene of mountain muffins to climb over from me. If you�re female, well your female and have nothing to fear from me.

Now I would say there is no reason for me to tell you where I�m from� by gosh its splendidly simple, you�d be barmy if you didn�t know what land this bird came from. If you have figured it out, give yourself a pat on the back as you should be right chuffed. While I leave you a few minutes to contemplate, I�m going to pop to the local Chippie. Cheerio!

Note - While I'm away hold your breath for as long as you can then when almost at the end click this spoiler button.

Now if you didn�t figure that one out from my many hints with different words of my culture. I�m British, from the land of rain and rainbows that requires you to have an umbrella the size of a beach parasol� oh beaches� many memories of sand sandwiches and losing my unmentionables *cough* hmmm...

Now I guess next would be to announce my name, I think I might have that backwards? Isn�t that first thing� oh well *shrugs*. My farther rides the sky and loves his thunder, while my mother seemed to have a thing for swan costumes. Resulting in my hatching from an egg� yes it�s a long story� and in truth no ones really sure about my origins, but they don�t call me a beauty for nothing. There was a whole war over me.

>> (For the haters of mind games) >>

>> (For the lovers of mind games) >>

For now I'll leave my subconscious to rest peacefully till it feels like expressing it's self more.

At the moment its currently busy with telling me things like this -



How I Rate Anime and Manga:
10 - Wow! / Love it!
9 � Brilliant / Different / Way above Average
8 � Good / Bit different/ Above Average
7 � Normal / Nothing new or great done but still enjoyable / Average
6 - Somewhat bad...but not always terrible / Below Average
5 - This is terrible / Often stinks
Any lower is deadly XD

I like to rate more on a 5 star basis, I guess I just can't handle the 10 point rating system haha.

(Visual Novel) VN Database Profile:


- Clannad
- Tsukihime
- Fate/stay Night
- Kanon
- Katawa Shoujo
- Shuffle!
- Little Busters
- Clannad - The Past Path
- Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~
- Rewrite


- Vampire Knight Artbook
- Monster Hunter Illustrations
- Girl, Illustrated
- The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Watercolor Impressions (Studio Ghibli Library)
- The Art of Howl's Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli Library)
- Shigenori Soejima Artworks (2004 - 2010)
- Persona 3: Official Design Works
- Persona 4: Official Design Works

- Manga Moods: 40 Faces + 80 Phrases: 40 Faces and 80 Phrases
- Manga Sisters

- DragonArt: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures
- The Art of Drawing Manga
- Mecha Mania: How to Draw the Battling Robots, Cool Spaceships and Military Vehicles of Japanese Comics

Some Femshep action here -

Traynor Epic Stare, how I turn when people say my name "...Yes...that's me..." ¬¬ -

Leading lady's in my Borderlands game playthroughs -

Sexiest Borderlands man alive -

FAVORITE CHARATERS (Shows in Alphabetical Order) [Under Construction] -

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AnimistFvR | 09-10-14, 12:01 PM
No one pass this profile up. Everyone add her, she's a lot of fun.

nprice021 | 06-09-14, 8:16 PM
Hey! Your welcome and don't worry about the late accept. I don't mind.

I'm pretty good. Just living life I guess. Nothing too much going on. What about you? How are you doing? ^-^

kendil246 | 05-02-14, 5:51 AM
Boom! Finished FMA:B again, damn that show is just amazing, i look forward to the day that i watch it again. Next time it will be the original FMA, that one deserves a rewatch aswell.

kendil246 | 04-23-14, 8:07 AM
Yeah! :P I spent some time yesterday looking at lots of templates, managed to find a good one that has a bunch of the things i was looking for. I haven't used CSS before, so i started learning it yesterday and started dabbling with it. A friend is really good with CSS so he will be able to give me some pointers. ATM I'm working on making my background picks the way i want them. I'm going to have Kallen on one side of the page and Revy on the other, with different picks of them on each of the 5 pages. Going to look really good i think. Are you finished working on yours? Or do you have some modifications to make still?

BTW, i have a suggestion on yours. Your score is listed as "note". It was kinda confusing to me at first (but maybe I'm just an idiot), you may want to change that to say something else.

DaxHim | 03-13-14, 8:56 AM
I'm glad that you appreciate it :) . You need to generate covers for both of the lists.
The animelist already have one : @import "";
but not the mangalist.

Lilowny | 02-24-14, 9:32 AM
off-fff-ff c-coarse! o///o

I need to stalk your list... I must be missing something good

Lilowny | 02-20-14, 9:36 AM
=w= this be true.. does that mean someones watching o,.o? ....kinky x2...

cati-nyan | 02-20-14, 8:43 AM
haha :P I putting to watching but I'm sort of planning to watch...from the sounds of it seems good then

Lilowny | 02-18-14, 3:31 PM
69% Compatibility .... kinky T///T

cati-nyan | 10-03-13, 2:07 PM
i have so many to watch and in the past two months i've already finished about 10 animes...proud of myself? I THINK YES!

cati-nyan | 09-18-13, 1:05 PM
noticed you put Shingeki no Kyojin on your eeeeet naaoooooo

kendil246 | 06-30-13, 7:28 AM
Haha i really like the new animations you put on your wall! :P

chirale | 06-29-13, 2:41 PM
Hi FreakyGhost! I've noticed you're in the Canaan Fan Club club so I'm wondering if you want to join PA Works too. In any case, have a nice day! ^.^

cati-nyan | 05-12-13, 11:38 AM
I've missed you and watching anime so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!! xx hope you're well my dear!

kendil246 | 04-20-13, 12:36 PM
I see you've started watching Samurai Champloo, I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

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