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May 11, 1989
March 25, 2012
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Along with my partner I whistle around the world of anime, manga and other forms of art *waves tail*

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PlatonTz | 10-28-13, 3:14 PM
Perv devil loves you

SchrodingersMatt | 01-14-13, 12:38 PM
Saw your twitter comment. It really depends who you talk to about RahXephon, I know a lot of people who think it's great. I'm one of the Eva detractors (I don't think it's bad, in fact it's quite good, I just think it shoots itself in the foot near the end), but I don't consider it "Eva done right". It's very much its own thing, inspired by Eva on a superficial level but conveying its own themes in its own way. It doesn't really deliver as an action show, but that's not what it's trying to be so I'm not bothered by that at all, the character interactions are understated and excellent. Just throwing in my two cents.

SchrodingersMatt | 01-12-13, 1:31 PM
Actually, I gave the OVA a 6 (and those stupid stretching lessons a 5). The two seasons of the show proper I haven't rated because I'm not sure quite how I'd rate them. The OVA I felt was charming, but that's just about it. It didn't really have the subtle character exploration of the TV series, owing to its short length and lack of conflict... but it still had more of my favorite characters, which is always welcome. The TV series I'd rank much higher (probably a 9).

SchrodingersMatt | 01-12-13, 9:54 AM
Thanks, I'm only getting started, next review will be out tomorrow. I'm kinda trying to refine my page design, which is still pretty raw at this point, but as of my last review (Panty & Stocking) I'm starting to feel like I actually know what I'm doing ^~^; It's nice for a newbie like me to get some encouragement from a veteran.

I'll admit to having a personal bias toward Haibane Renmei due to the unique place I was at when I first watched it and I consider it probably the weakest of my top 5 (I do have some counterarguments to your points, but that's for another time). Fruits Basket gets the nostalgia award. I read awhile back and have been meaning to revisit to see if it lives up to what I remember it as (don't tell me it doesn't, I'll reach my own conclusion about that). The other big one is Penguindrum, whose ending I had a rather different reaction to.

Actually, I LOVE Spice & Wolf. I'd watched a few episodes of anime here and there back in Toonami's heyday, but it wasn't until I watched Spice & Wolf with a friend in college that I started to dive into anime as a whole, so I guess you could say it was kinda my gateway anime (along with FMA, but that's a different story). Great characters, definitely something I'll review in the future.

SchrodingersMatt | 01-11-13, 10:34 PM
You seem like an interesting lass, I've read your blog and you have some interesting ideas and opinions, and while I do find myself disagreeing with your opinions every now and again you always at least present your viewpoints interestingly.

Marina27 | 12-31-12, 12:15 AM
To the lovely Ayame! I hope you're hanging in there with work at home with the parents. I'll definitely keep you tuned in with all the info. about my big move :)

PlatonTz | 08-26-12, 2:47 AM
Perv devil during the night, Lawrence during the day, he is always there to get naughty with a manga.

PlatonTz | 08-25-12, 2:03 PM
My goodness, my girlfriend has watched more stuff than I have!

foshizzel | 06-08-12, 3:05 AM
yayyyy welcome

Marina27 | 05-26-12, 3:30 AM
Welcome to MAL :p

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