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February 4, 2013
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'Sup. I like cute anime girls and robots.

The Problem With Elitism
06-02-13, 7:56 PM Edited 03-02-15, 3:52 AM
Spring '13 First Impressions
05-10-13, 4:22 PM

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Kotori_Sonoda | 05-22-15, 3:04 AM
Makoto, huh? I go for Chihaya or Haruka, myself :D

You're not alone buddy, it's just me and and 2D-girls here too....

That is true, which is why I understand why LL had to resort to CGI for most of the dancing parts except for close-up shots, and why im@s had short dance sequence-well, except for the final ep anyway.

Elizashira | 05-20-15, 2:47 AM
Oh I can't see it because my connection is to slow.

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-19-15, 2:38 AM
Admittedly, yes. LL and Im@s are waifu bait. HOWEVER. Despite the fact that the show could have easily succeeded that fact, filling the episodes with nothing but moe, both shows actually have great stories that you can relate too even if you're not an idol.
Alright, which girls do you like? :D

Actually I don't mind it either. It's just one time I was watching Im@s and my brother (who's only seen LL) said that in comparison to LL, the designs are simpler. I thought that's logical since they're using traditional animation to animate dancing in Im@s-complicated costume design would be very difficult.

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-18-15, 8:33 PM
love live-I'm gonna be biased on this, but I love this series to the point of me watching this about five time already (not exaggerating). The girls all have different personalities and it's great to watch them aim for their dreams. And although I'm not an idol, I can sure relate to them making an effort to achieve their goals, or times when you do all the effort you can do and it seems to be all for nothing. Plus the songs are catchy and the CGI is okay for the most part. The only real jarring CGI I can find is in Susume Tomorrow, the song used as the ED for the first episode. Other times the CG's decent.
Muse, Music Start!

Idolmaster-Im@s has more girls than LL, and like LL their personalities all vary making them fun to watch on screen. The Producer is also a fun character as he tries to help the girls achieve their goal of being top idol. Also they're working to be proffesional idols, as part of a company called 765 productions. It also has a villain rival group, which although in LL Muse has a rival, they barely appear and don't even play a major role in S1. They did get more screentime in S2, but it's more of a friendly rival vibe. The Im@s rivals however act like jerks toward our main characters and their boss has a personal grudge against the president of 765 productions.
Also, this does NOT use CGI, but that comes at the expense of having simpler costumes, and the songs are very short-they're not even TV size, sometimes it's just a verse or two then the scene cuts.

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-17-15, 5:29 PM
Oh boy, LL VS Im@s. Hahaha, quite a fierce war in some parts of the fandom-and I don't want to be a part of it.
I've seen both seasons of LL and Im@s, and i loved both.
Hell even the VAs get along pretty well, at least Honoka's (LL) and Haruka's (Im@s) do.

Elizashira | 05-15-15, 11:13 PM
What are you doing?

Elizashira | 05-12-15, 1:42 AM
Kamille's a mans name! And I'm a man!!!!

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-12-15, 1:03 AM
This is the first time I've had the opportunity to change usernames. I love my new username though.

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-11-15, 7:24 AM
Yeah, the first remains the best among the four.

Agreed, the wait is killing me.

Yeah, I saw the change name feature and decided to try it out.
It's a mix of Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda from Love Live. I ship them so...

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-10-15, 5:56 AM
True, the movies have plenty of fault.
I can't bear to hate em though. They bought me back into the franchise.

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-08-15, 5:06 AM
To be fair the movies are not the best the franchise has to offer.
There are good cartoons such as Animated and Prime (which was worked on by the same guys who died the live action movies) that have good story lines and more memorable characters.

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-04-15, 4:57 PM
Amusingly, it was the movies that got me into Transformers. Agreed that Revenge of the Fallen wasn't such a good sequel, but I think Dark of the Moon is okay and Age of Extinction is a step in the right direction (more badass humans who do more than running around, more "human" transformers with personalities).

Kotori_Sonoda | 05-01-15, 6:21 PM
Yep! My very first was a 1/144 Blitz, but it's gone now. The oldest one I have is the FG 1/144 Virtue, and my first HG is the Forbidden Gundam. I build HGs and SDs.
Although right now I'm putting Gunpla on hold since I want to focus on Hasbro's Transformers: Combiner Wars series.

Kotori_Sonoda | 04-21-15, 7:10 PM
Hey, maybe if there's an S3 they'll touch upon that. Who knows?

Kotori_Sonoda | 04-16-15, 2:30 PM
Yeah, hopefully the OVA will answer it, although I think it will deal more with the gap between BF and Try.

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