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07-23-14, 2:48 AM
February 4, 1995
February 4, 2013
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About Fourteenthangel
Hello, I’m Manny and I have been into anime and manga for years now and I still love it till this day. I enjoy critiquing anime and I think is safe to consider myself and objective viewer if I do say so myself.

I am generally a nice person all around so don’t be afraid to be open around me. I will usually accept friend requests from whomever. However, I am firm believer in treating others how you would like to treated.

So if you too believe that than we are bound to become friends!

Live and Let Live
08-14-13, 9:17 PM
The Problem With Elitism
06-02-13, 7:56 PM Edited 08-06-13, 1:09 AM
Spring '13 First Impressions
05-10-13, 4:22 PM

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ex_necross | 07-20-14, 2:29 AM
I have sense changed my opinion about Argevollen. It is a very cheap cash grab. The quality is appalling. It was only a first episode impression anyway.

Knight_Artorias | 06-07-14, 3:30 PM

Knight_Artorias | 06-06-14, 2:40 AM
Thanks, haha. 86.2% compatibility; not bad. I wouldn't really consider myself an elitist though, as I just started anime around a year ago and I'm sometimes a bit too generous with scores about shows I really liked (Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Index/Railgun for example). Also I allow other people to have an opinion and don't look down on them for liking something I thought was bad. So I guess I'm not made to be a "real" elitist anyway.

I just try to be a bit more critical than the average Joe as anime consumes a lot of people's time and when they ask me what to watch I will of course try to recommend them the best stuff I can and not just everything because I gave all I watched a 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Yeah, Sawano is a fantastic composer in my opinion. His soundtracks made shows like Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill so much more entertaining for me. :)

Now that I checked your Hummingbird profile I realized that I saw you and your Persona 3 avatar quite a few times in the forums there. What a coincidence.

Vensito | 05-12-14, 4:07 AM
Well bones has always been really great at animating action sequences and they have some great talent for flashy fight-scenes. I might check it out sometime later on after finishing some other stuff.

By the way, what's your favorite anime studio?

Vensito | 05-07-14, 7:32 AM
What's Captain Earth like? I've been rather busy lately so I haven't had too many opportunities to check out the shows that I didn't pick up immediately at the start of the season and I've heard a lot of people checking that one out.

Vensito | 05-04-14, 9:52 PM
Not much lol. Just been trying to get through these busy weeks at work so I can relax x.x.
How about you? You been keeping up with the season still? Anything getting good that I should check out?

alucard789 | 04-26-14, 10:44 AM
That's true and I meant like Steam Games or ones you can download like OSU. Do you have a favorite genre of anime?

alucard789 | 04-23-14, 9:01 AM
Not everybody is good at sports. I played it and was decent but that was only because of my height.
Do you play any computer games then?

alucard789 | 04-22-14, 11:18 PM
Haha yea I want to watch as much anime as possible. Do you play basketball?

alucard789 | 04-21-14, 1:31 PM
Thanks for the suggestions I definitely watch them is not at least one of them school does consume a lot of my time.
What do you do to pass the time except watch anime and read manga?

alucard789 | 04-21-14, 1:02 AM
I tend to be an all rounder when it comes to anime so long as people have a reason for reason why the anime they want me to watch is good then I don't mind at all.

alucard789 | 04-19-14, 10:42 AM
Man you are the coolest guy I know most people I have chatted to are just one minded and don't consider other opinions.

I also see you have watched quite the amount of anime do you have any recommendations for me?

Vensito | 04-18-14, 10:09 PM
I guess I"m just more into simpler tales. I love the beginning arcs of the series because things are kept very tight and the story is simple. I guess I'm just not a fan anymore of shounen series that keep throwing obstacles in the main character's way and calling them villains. I do love how in Yu Yu Hakusho, none of the villains are truly evil and everyone just wants a good fight. Though I felt like as far as the story goes, Yusuke had no real goal past getting his body back. Which is interesting given that he's a teenager who has no goal for his actual real life, but it doesn't make for a strong story structure since we're left with a "happily ever after" kind of ending instead of an epic conclusion.

alucard789 | 04-18-14, 4:48 PM
Exactly people who watch anime tend to only like the Subbed version without even wanting to be open to watching an anime with a really good dub and example of a good dubbed anime would be Cowboy Bebop.

Recently Attack on Titan got a dub and people are now bashing it before they even get to see the first episode.
Do you have any opinion on anime elitists you know the ones that don't like you for liking an anime that they think is bad or vice verse?

alucard789 | 04-18-14, 2:30 PM
With Code Geass did you watch it Sub or Dubbed and if both then which one did you prefer more?

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