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DemonHunterSaya | 09-21-12, 9:04 PM
I didn't think C was nearly as bad all the reviewers tend to say.

Although I don't agree that it was a 10/10 masterpiece, I did appreciate reading a positive review of it.

Moimy | 09-21-12, 8:46 PM
It's weird, because C was horrible.

Rrgrg | 09-05-12, 6:30 PM
So do I :) I don't really have that much time to watch anime these days, but I'm sure I'll be able to watch it eventually

Rrgrg | 09-05-12, 6:28 PM
:D I'm definitely going to watch it xP I just want it to finish first lol

Rrgrg | 09-05-12, 6:26 PM
I think I'm gonna watch Hyouka when it finishes airing xD

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 6:23 PM
TY :)

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 6:20 PM
Ah I see :D Ano Natsu seems interesting and the art is nice~ I'm definitely watching it soon when i have time ^^
I'd definitely rewatch Eden of the East again~ It was so amazing :)

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 6:18 PM
Thanks for the info :D ^_^

Rrgrg | 09-05-12, 6:17 PM
I'm doing well! :D I'm watching Seitokai no Ichizon right now lol

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 6:09 PM
Ah I see XD

Btw, how is Ano Natsu de Matteru? I saw it on your favorite list and it's something I'm considering :)
And how were the Eden of the East movies? I recently finished the amazing series but I wanna know how the movie was :D

Rrgrg | 09-05-12, 6:09 PM
No Problem! :D
So how are you today?

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 6:07 PM
Ah yeah. The beginning of the series isn't that strong. It gets better after episode 13. I can't say that you'll like it or not but it's not the worst I've seen.

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 5:39 PM
Np! XD

How is it so far? I'm at episode 20.

mayukachan | 09-05-12, 5:36 PM
Why is your Steins;Gate on hold if you completed it? LOL

Rrgrg | 09-05-12, 6:40 AM
Hi! I guess your not new to MAL, but welcome anyways :D

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