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February 14, 2012
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Time (Days) 205.3
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Total Entries 1330

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Time (Days) 32.5
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My twitter:!/MrFlawfinder

Believes in grading based on the overall experience rather than the individual parts.

100th Completed Anime: Probably some porno
200th Completed Anime: Probably another porno
300th Completed Anime: Crimson Wolf, which is basically a porno.
400th Completed Anime: Goddamn porn!
500th Completed Anime: Not a porno. YES!
600th Completed Anime: Kagaku na Yatsura (yes, it's a porno)
700th Completed Anime: Yona Yona Penguin
800th Completed Anime: Hajime no Ippo New Challenger
900th Completed Anime: Lily C.A.T.

200 Days of Anime Reached: May 22, 2014

My MAL ratings explained in a single word:

10- WOW!
9- Awesome
8- Love
7- Like
6- Okay
5- Indifferent
4- Dislike
3- Hate
2- Bleh!
1- Hell

I do not accept random friend requests, so please don't bother if I don't know you.

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phs_togusa | 08-04-14, 7:12 PM
Someone who likes your taste.

phs_togusa | 08-04-14, 3:21 PM
Hey Janey.

Myna | 06-01-14, 8:18 PM
What are your favorite movies of 2014 so far?

jiwoo1024 | 05-26-14, 3:09 AM
Love your reviews but they give you so much shit. Keep it up ^^

FestinaLente | 05-22-14, 10:35 AM
Daria? Hell, yes! ^-^

Nyron | 05-18-14, 10:14 AM
You're a good guy, I like you.

kokkoderrisch | 05-18-14, 9:40 AM
Well your review just killed my interest in Akame Ga Kill. Thanks for the warning.

Arfbarf | 03-19-14, 5:20 PM
sex is bad

Xenograft | 03-06-14, 4:21 PM
Enjoyed your soremachi review

maddynamite | 03-02-14, 6:07 AM
Your review for The Wind Rises was funny :) You hit all the major complaints I had with the movie also.

SnowWind | 03-01-14, 2:51 PM
lol.... (how does it feel to be infamous for being ignored)

gedata | 03-01-14, 10:22 AM
1/18 people found your Stein;s Gate movie review helpful

Myna | 02-27-14, 7:51 PM
Yeah, I just deleted it a few days ago. It was kind of an instantaneous decision. I got bored and decided to delete it. Blogging started to get monotonous for me, too.

AmberFebruary | 01-31-14, 10:08 PM
my point is he didn't fuck any canon material which clearly your review have said

AmberFebruary | 01-31-14, 6:10 AM
well the point is you said in your review he put his own spice of things in the Patlabor Movie 2 where in fact its present since the beginning of the Patlabor franchise

and yes, HE is part, they're headgear

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