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Vanessa Jun 11, 11:14 AM
Thanks to you I stumbled upon harmony, which I just decided to download (the trailer looks awesome!), so I thank you for your review:)

Although I think our tastes are still super different, as I personally also love mono no aware series *coughs*Uchouten Kazoku*coughs*, I'm looking forward to more reviews of anime that you actually like. Especially when it comes to the psychological genre, as we both seem to enjoy that a lot;)

Anyway, no need to reply to this message - just felt like saying that.
TheKillerAngel Jun 7, 12:16 PM
So in your words, what is your type of show? I can get a sense of your preferences based on your favorites, but I'd like to hear what you think.
AnotherFreeSoul Jun 5, 2:10 AM
Nana review
"Nana is one of those acclaimed anime that everyone seems to know the existence of, but very few people have ever actually watched. Very few “favorite anime” lists that I’ve read actually include it. It’s up there with Great Teacher Onizuka, Hajime no Ippo, and most of the Major anime in terms of high-ranking MAL darlings that the majority of MAL users will go “oh yeah, I’ve heard how good this thing is. Better put it on my PTW list that I’m never going to clear out” or “that was a really good show. *Forgets about it after a few months*”."

GTO popularity position 122
Nana's one: 215
HnH's one: 312

And there are all between the most favorited anime too, GTO and Nana with more or less 10000 people, and HnH with nearly 8000 people.

You didn't check your statistics mate. :/
Altaria-chan Jun 3, 12:07 AM
Too much seriousness in one made up online persona.
Too much time on their hands.

Smh. I don't even. I'm like just fed up with the likes of you roaming around the interwebs blowing out top-tier prophetic wisdom on people.
Every single damn time i log in recently, this kind of special pretentious bullshit often comes up on my panel right away. I don't know why. Talk about bad timing. Maybe i'm just unlucky these past recent months.

Still shocked that the likes of you continues to thrive in this cancerous cesspool of a never ending nonsensical circlejerk. Meh.
north1085 May 31, 9:28 PM
I thought that might be the case. I have to agree with you there--it was even worse of a non-ending than the first season. The author has gone on hiatus for a while, too, leaving volume 11 as the only novel not adapted into anime form so far. Hopefully, Watari Wataru will actually come back from his hiatus and finish the series. Well, it does seem too popular to simply abandon.
north1085 May 29, 11:17 PM
Your Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Review

Hey, I wouldn't say I'm an avid follower of yours, but I do enjoy the majority of your content on your Wordpress site and your reviews when I give them the occasional read. I disagree frequently with your opinions, naturally, but I do respect and appreciate your perspective. This is one of those, 'You don't know me but I know you' type deals. As it so happens, I was reading one of your reviews--Oregairu's review, to be precise--and I found issue with some of what you were saying, so I thought I would bring that to your attention. If you don't care one way or the other and feel that I'm being somewhat pedantic here, by all means, feel no need to respond--not that I have to tell you that.

With that out of the way, I'll dive right in:

You may be thinking “wait, that sounds f*cking stupid”, and that’s what I said with the majority of the season minus the f-word. It was impossible for me to hold student council elections on the same level as the highschool version of Jesus’s sacrifice because A) it didn’t work when Degrassi* did it B) you can still hang out with each other and stuff if the club doesn’t exist anymore. There isn’t any sacrificing schoolwork and your future for the club with no guarantee that you’ll succeed. It’s just really personal conflicts that aren’t given enough grounding to make any sense, and it dragged out far longer than it should have.

I don't disagree that Zoku did drag out said conflicts for way longer than it should have and far too melodramatically, but I disagree with the one of the inconsistencies you presented:

B) you can still hang out with each other and stuff if the club doesn’t exist anymore.

For Hachiman, Yuigahama and Yukinoshita, the Service Club is a place where they can unwind, be themselves, and hang out. If the Service Club did end up disbanding, Yukinoshita would have had to do lots of Student Council work after school and I can't really see Hachiman/Yui hanging out at a park or cafe or something after school--maybe occasionally, but not regularly (and Yukinoshita would only get the rare chance to tag along). Yukinoshita is left almost entirely out of the loop here, left with the occasional group meetup on the weekend or the like. They can still hang out, but nowhere near as regularly or as easily as before. I think you underestimate just how perfect a set-up the Service Club is. Undoubtedly, if the club had ended up disbanding, they would probably end up drifting slowly away from Yukinoshita, which neither of them wants. Yui and Hachiman would still have a lot of free time to hang out and catch up and whatnot because they don't have Student Council duties, but the group dynamic would be significantly altered.

Think of it like the transition from school to the adult working world, but to a lesser degree. School is the perfect place to make new friends and catch-up and maintain your current friendships, but once you graduate and pursue different interests, you have to make time to hang out when you aren't busy. It's bothersome to do, so you end up typically only doing it on the odd occasion; maybe when something special like a wedding happens. Naturally, you gradually drift apart from each other, but you still enjoy the time you spend together occasionally, so you end up staying good friends. Yukinoshita is that type of friend. She's not in any of their classes, she has work to do a good deal of the time and it's hard to make time. At best, she might end up texting/calling Yuigahama and Hachiman at night.

Even Yui and Hachiman's relationship is liable to become more distant than before because of less interaction, though this may actually balance out if they end up spending a lot of time alone together without Yukino. I don't see them hanging out at a cafe or something every day. Even then, it would be less valuable time because of the massive shift in atmosphere from the quiet, serene clubroom to the noisy and crowded cafe. Most of their interaction would probably boil down to awkward text conversations or calls at night. They don't hang out together at school, after all. I can easily see them drifting away from each other.

Maybe that wasn't the most articulate explanation, but I hope you can see where I was going with this. I even think that the show would have been taken in an interesting direction if this situation actually came about. Feel free to point out any inconsistent logic here.
TheKillerAngel May 29, 9:45 PM
As one of the more unusual titles from J.C. Staff, you may want to look at Yomigaeru Sora (http://myanimelist.net/anime/798/Yomigaeru_Sora__Rescue_Wings) if a more serious anime is your thing. I'd loosely compare it to the 2006 film The Guardian in subject matter, but that's where the similarities end. Where The Guardian veers into unbridled sentimentality and cliches, I'd say Rescue Wings remains is fairly sober.
TheKillerAngel May 29, 9:11 PM
I saw that you recently finished Shokugeki no Soma. I thought it was highly entertaining, but being that our tastes are rather different, I'd be curious to hear your take on it. Will you be writing a review?
purerogue May 27, 1:41 AM
Another reason to think that you are just silly person!
You are not qualified to make reviews because your opinion is bs!
Your scores shows exactly how dumb you are 2-3 or 8-9!
If you think that most of them are so bad then why do you even watch anime in a first place!
sockerdricka May 23, 2:59 PM
You're flawed
TheKillerAngel May 23, 1:13 PM
Do you think that a large number of people who didn't like Harmony were just incapable of understanding some of the ideas the author wanted to convey?
TheKillerAngel May 20, 5:07 PM
Glad to hear you enjoyed Harmony; I personally think a strong Japanese sci-fi anime film that explores heavy topics has been long overdue since Ghost in the Shell.
purerogue May 20, 11:52 AM
I think that you are ignorant turd who rants about things that has nothing to do with anime it self, or you simply give bad score and write lame review when you simply do not like genre, thought your 8-9 star anime are all nothing special and more on a boring side
Only ignorant person would give them such score compare to others when they fall far back in all aspects!
Also Clannada is nothing special , you must be sad guy!
Thank you!
TheKillerAngel May 16, 7:57 PM
What did you think of the Harmony film adaptation? Having read the novel, I thought it was pretty faithful. I think one's enjoyment of it would highly depend on the quality of the subtitles, since it's a very dialogue and idea-heavy film.