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06-27-08, 11:45 AM
September 28, 1993
November 9, 2007
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About Fiore
Hey *waves*

Thanks for visiting me ^_^ I feel like doing this to meet new people and such.... and so far its worked

-Im a city girl [london] and absolutely adore my views from my window :3
-I like multicoloured objects
-I love celery [vege]
-my favourite seasons are autumn and winter
-I love snow because it makes everything seem more beautiful <3
-My favourite genre of films/books/animes/mangas are romantic comedy's
-Chrono Crusade manga is AWESOME!
-Fruits basket manga and anime is supeeeer :3
-Strawberry panic anime is fantastic *dreams*

If you would like to add me as a friend i would be very happy, i love chatting about anime, manga, music and everything!

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queenofautumn | 09-28-08, 1:59 PM
happy b-day ^_^

Theorys | 07-07-08, 7:12 PM
Just dropping by to say HI!

Theorys | 02-14-08, 9:44 PM
Thanks for accepting my friend invite!

notanormalchild | 12-20-07, 2:07 PM
Not really =]

Just getting ready for Christmas, you know =]

notanormalchild | 12-07-07, 4:29 PM
Not really =]

Where are you going?

notanormalchild | 12-05-07, 2:33 PM
Same here! I can't wait for christmas!!! =]

TaraB | 12-02-07, 8:15 AM
Hey~How are you?
Whatcha been up to lately~?
I'm pretty fine~Can't wait till the end of term~&& the Christmas hols~Doing anything special for Christmas?
Well cya~<3

minime23 | 12-01-07, 3:29 PM

notanormalchild | 12-01-07, 2:24 PM
Hey =]

You seem cool, what's up?

chibifox27 | 11-25-07, 3:58 PM
Hehe thanks, dunno why it took me so long to reply...gomen are you?

TaraB | 11-23-07, 11:53 AM

TaraB | 11-22-07, 12:27 PM
Tara B~You could also try and type in
and maybe I'd come up lol~My display picture is this girl, background white, green eyes. xDD

TaraB | 11-22-07, 12:01 PM
Hahaha~Why does everyone find it confusing hahahaa~Okay, er...just play around with the whole thing, I'm sure you'll get it, that's what I did~!! xDDD
Hahaha~Erm, if you go to edit [ profile ] its on the top left-ish side, you can put in some stuff about you, whatcha call yourself, I'll add you now~!! Yaaaay~!! xDDD

minime23 | 11-22-07, 4:06 AM
yeha!!!! ^_^

TaraB | 11-21-07, 12:26 PM
Hii, yea I'm loaded with homework, I get more homework than Koji-sama~And he's in college!!! ><
Erm, anime atm, err..lets see...Myself;Yourself, thats a nice one ^^, D.Grey-man,Bleach,Naruto, Shana [ Shakagun No Shana Series 2 ] xDD
Why'd you ask?Thinking of starting one, then I'd say Myself;Yourself, though Shana and D.Grey man are awesome~!! But you like the romantic comedy thing right, so go for Myself;Yourself, though you really should ask Koji-sama first, because he's better at this kinda thing than I am~He's watched more hahaa~ ^^
Well, bye then xDDD

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