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02-19-14, 6:03 PM
May 18, 1990
August 12, 2011
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Time (Days) 80.4
Watching 9
Completed 216
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Dropped 20
Plan to Watch 148
Total Entries 410

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Time (Days) 5.6
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Plan to Read 13
Total Entries 29

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About Felkes
I'm a young artist with a degree in Visual Communications. I'm happily married to a good man and want to devote my life to being a stay at home wife and mother while I do commissions and contract work from home.

I've been into anime since around 1995 (so I was about 5 years old). My mother use to hate it and I would have to sneak away to friend's houses to get my daily fix of Sailor Moon and DBZ. I've grown up a lot since then and have for the most part shed my old anime skin to don new garments as I've entered into the furry community.

I don't really draw in the anime style anymore either but have rather tried to branch out and develope a diverse art style of my own. In my free time I love to draw, lurk around on the internet, play games (PS3 and MMOs), and do a bit of cleaning around the house.

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yazio | 06-07-13, 6:48 AM
Ever read Oretama? It's not Horror, well maybe, or Furry, a little kemonomimi though; but it's also a Comedy, Hentai manga. It doesn't get to Megami Kyouju's level in any category, possibly excluding the Hentai, but it's quite entertaining to read ^_^.

yazio | 06-06-13, 6:40 AM
Finally got to see Megami Kyouju. Can't believe there's such a thing as a Comedy, Horror, Hentai anime where the comedy is not on a black humor kind of way o_o.

yazio | 05-23-13, 6:05 PM
Really? Ok, thank you for the info. Time to search for some female werewolves!

yazio | 05-23-13, 6:55 AM
Hey, since you didn't answer me on the club I came here to ask, hope that's not a problem.

About Megami Kyouju, how gory is it? I mean, it's a werewolf horror series and I'd like to be prepared in case I watch it.

InuyashaKurosaki | 11-27-12, 8:55 PM
Yeah ^_^
How are ya?

InuyashaKurosaki | 11-24-12, 6:24 PM
Hi there. I saw you on the Furry club and thought i'd say hi :)

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